Bright Gauge is a business intelligence software offering from Bright Gauge. look into Bright GaugeWe are a managed service provider based in Indiana. We have a lot of data flowing into our company in the form of tickets, endpoint devices (switches, routers, computers, etc.) that we need to see. Bright Gauge has allowed us to quickly identify our profitability on contracts, time spent by technicians on tickets, we even have a gauge to help us track the number of Windows 7 machines we manage that need replaced/upgraded. Bright Gauge integrates with a lot of the systems we manage, Datto, Webroot, etc. which aide us in building really informative gauges.,Displaying data in a friendly graphs Easy to implement and deploy Clean interface,Needs to add more Data sources Ways to combine data sources Some gauges are rigid looking,9,SolarWinds MSP Manager,7,6,Datto, ECI e-automate, Continuum CommandBrightGauge - Very Useful for Managed IT Service ProvidersWe use BrightGauge to tie into our ConnectWise, LabTech/Automate and Customer Thermometer data sources to glean the important data we want to focus on. It has been immensely useful for our operations and helpful for us to keep track of key metrics and trends, and set goals around them. We've had fantastic success with their support team for customizations, and I can't imagine how we'd function how we do without Bright Gauge.,Robust and flexible kinds of dashboards and gauges Great customer support that often leaves custom video recordings answering your question, showing you how to do what you're asking Good ability to tie into critical data sources for our company's operations,They might be able to have some documentation on some of the more advanced tweaks you can make to gauges It could be useful if they added more dataset integrations, though it seems they've been heading in that direction Maybe a bit more ability to customize certain datasets more easily would be welcomed,10,,9,8Without it we'd be lost in ConnectWise Manage reportsWe use BrightGauge all throughout our organization. We use datasets from Connectwise Manage, Connectwise Automate, IT Glue, Datto, and Customer Thermometer. We keep track of our Traction scorecards in BrightGauge's Goals. Our Service Delivery department provides dashboards and reports to our clients to deliver metrics about our ticket SLAs and much more. Our Sales team also uses this data to assist in QBRs. We are able to monitor our ticket inflows across multiple teams in near real-time so we can divert resources as needed. We're able to predict SLA bottlenecks before they happen. Each department manager receives a custom report every morning that allows them to manage exceptions, work through challenges from the day before, and predict issues that may arise.,It is a simple and powerful way to visualize data with no SQL experience necessary. The interfaces are largely drag-and-drop and it's easy to put together dashboards, gauges, internal reports, and external reports. BrightGauge's support team is the best I've ever encountered. Their response time is usually within an hour for all my requests, whether they be simple dataset field additions or large scale projects. Every support rep I have worked with has been friendly and beyond helpful. Their blog, webinars, and podcast are full of useful information about metrics, business practices, gauge suggestions, and more.,There are some minor UI features that are missing, particularly when it comes to organizing reports and gauges. The list screens could use more columns and sorting features. When creating complex, multi-layered gauges it is currently not possible to label each layer or rearrange the column order unless you clone, reformat, and delete existing layers. It tends to drop existing layer (column) names and formatting when adding or removing layers, and worse -- sometimes it incorrectly renames layers. The workaround is to keep track of your layers externally (I use Excel or OneNote) and leave the labeling and formatting for the very end. The only way to show trending is to use reports to take snapshots in time of the data you need. Goals can be used for this as well, but it could use much more in the way of tracking historical data.,10,9,2,ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech), IT GlueI can't live without itWe use BrightGauge for all our client reporting, internal reporting and dashboards. It allows us to combine data from 8 different sources into one very easy to read report that looks fantastic.,Manipulating data is very easy. Great user experience design Dashboards that rotate around the office is extremely helpful Client and internal reporting is a breeze and it automatically emails it on our behalf BG is very helpful when trying to understand how to get the visuals I want.,Datasets can be a bit tough to understand. It's helpful to have someone on staff that understands select statements,10,connectsmart,10,10Unspecified
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15 Ratings
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Score 9.0 out of 101

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It's easy to specify dashboard users and send them invite links that are protected with an e-mail address username and password. We build these for our clients when they are onboarded so they can see the managed workstation and service metric data that we focus on to keep their operations running as efficiently as possible.
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Bright Gauge is a business intelligence software offering from Bright Gauge.

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