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What is Calibre?

Calibre is call center recording software from HigherGround, Inc..

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What is Calibre?

Calibre is call center recording software from HigherGround, Inc..

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What is Calibre?

Calibre Video

Overview of HigherGround Data Capture Optimizes Operations

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Richard Jassel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using this software to monitor the calls made by our agents to customers, potential customers, external employees, and suppliers. We can know with the call recordings the performance of the agents, thanks to the analysis and reports that the platform gives us. It is very useful and has significantly improved the work of our agents.
  • It allows us to record calls for customer service, as well as to record radio communications with the various employees in the field, ensuring that everything is recorded and nothing is overlooked.
  • It also saves the files of these recordings in an easily accessible file library, so that they can be retrieved and listened to whenever necessary.
  • It also allows for mobile recordings, for better and greater monitoring of employee calls on the road.
  • We had problems installing the software and adapting it to our computers, it was a bit of a long process because we had to try several times.
  • The radio recording sometimes does not sound very good, maybe it is when the radio loses coverage or range, but the quality of those recordings is not so optimal.
  • We have tried to contact technical support several times, including for the software installation, and never got through.
Without a doubt, we have loved this software because of how easy it is to use and how useful it has been for us. We have been able to supervise communications between employees, customers, and suppliers, monitoring that our rules and policies are met at all scales, improving performance and productivity at work.
  • Makes recordings of phone calls, radio calls, and text messages, to closely monitor interactions with customers, employees, and suppliers.
  • Features a file library, which stores each recording in an organized and easily searchable manner.
  • Provides scheduled reports and analysis to track agent performance, determine call failures, and correct errors being made.
  • This software has been a great help to keep in control of all communications in the company, achieving better attention to customers and suppliers and better communication between employees. We have been able to effectively monitor communications with our suppliers, being able to meet deadlines and deliveries, which has benefited the company economically.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Calibre to manage our eBook libraries and to edit and produce new publications. I am the organization's primary user, although others throughout the organization use it occasionally as well. It allows us to keep our documents and publications organized, coherent, and current, even with multiple sources and devices. It's pretty indispensable.
  • Reformatting publications.
  • eBook editing.
  • Publication organization.
  • I'd like to see more customization.
  • More plugins and plugin notifications.
I don't know of any other product that does what Calibre does without costing an arm and a leg. If you have an .epub that you need to convert to .mobi or .pdf or many other formats, while having the ability to customize the metadata and even the source code, Calibre is the best tool out there.
  • Saves hours of time each week.
  • Updates as we need so we're always at the industry standard.
The most obvious difference between Calibre and InDesign is the price, and Calibre certainly wins in this area. InDesign remains dominant in design, naturally, but when saving in eBook form can't convert to all formats, and has some coding quirks that can cause the outputted file to crash. Calibre makes it easy to find and fix the issues that develop out of Adobe's export functions.
Excellent documentation, both from the company and from the community of users, which is robust. Frequent updates to the software and its optional plugins.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Calibre is a niche application we use for knowledge management. Being in a technical field, we often purchase technical books for training or improving our knowledge on something. More and more, users want digital copies of these books, and they become difficult to manage from a format perspective. Calibre and it's corresponding server help us manage our digital knowledge in an accessible way that all our users can access. Calibre handles multiple ebook formats with ease, and lets users select the one that they want that is of value on their device. As a result, our users now have a centralized spot to look for a particular ebook, without having to resort to word-of-mouth management.
  • Management of multiple formats - Calibre does an excellent job handling multiple copies of digital media in different formats, making it available to users in their choice of format.
  • Robust plug-in system - Calibre has a robust plugin system that support extensibility from it's wide user base. Anything from managing metadata to integration with other applications.
  • Built in reader - Calibre has a built in reader for digital media files, enabling users to view the content before deciding to download the content to their device.
  • User Interface - Calibre's user interface is pretty out of date looking, and the icons are often confusing. If not for the text labels, it would probably be a pretty hard interface to navigate.
  • Calibre doesn't warn you about digital rights management until you try to open digital media containing it. It would nice to have that flagged ahead of time to remove the offending content and any chance of it being propagated amongst users.
  • Calibre's metadata management system is fine, but doesn't always make the best choices when choosing to preserve or replace metadata depending on what it found online. It'd be preferable to have it present both the "before" and "after" metadata options prior to replacing the metadata.
Calibre is the right tool if you have a a need for a shared knowledge management system whereby users can collectively access a shared pool of digital content. It eliminates scattered resources that your user base may have and replaces them with a single repository with version management that serves all major devices. The only situation I wouldn't suggest using library is when you have vast digital media libraries that contain DRM. Calibre doesn't handle DRM well. We've largely avoided this problem because our library is from DRM free publishers.
  • Enables technical engineers to share a pool of technical resources without needing to purchase physical copies. This makes it simpler for sharing digital media amongst users who prefer to consume it digitally.
  • Calibre has enabled us to avoid the informal and confusing lending library approach by having one centralized system where users can obtain content in their preferred format.
  • Calibre has also been seen as a value add by our employees as they see it as an investment in our knowledge resources.
FoxitPhantom PDF is not a direct 1 for 1 comparison to Calibre, but I called it out because some of what we'd use FoxitPhanton for is supplanted by Calibre. Calibre has built in meta-data editing tools, and that applies to PDFs as well, which is a huge benefit as we don't need to access multiple different applications to ensure our digital media has its metadata properly filled out. Previously, any digital media in PDF format would have required a PDF editor to update its metadata.
Not only has the customer support for Calibre been great, but the community surrounding it is great too. Users are ready and willing to jump in to help you solve a particular issue you're encountering with Calibre. As a result, I've expanded what we do with Calibre quite a bit through community support of its plugin infrastructure.
Randolph Ramirez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
While I've been using Calibre independently for years, my team has recently (in the past 3 years or so) adopted it as well. It has the ability to easily convert PDFs and non-compatible ebook formats into a format readable by your device of choice. This allows my team to trade off on older technical books and small press industry books without having to jump through too many hoops to find a device or software to read it on.

In addition, the news feature, when coupled with the magazine collection, helps the entire team stay on top of the industry and in sync with one another.
  • eReader format conversion.
  • Digital eBook library collection.
  • Metadata gathering for books and magazines.
  • Easy news collecting for regular reading.
  • The UI is ancient and was cumbersome even then.
  • The intelligence of the converter for PDF to ebook is very hit or miss and doesn't always produce satisfactory results.
  • It requires a physical connection to your machine. This would be the perfect tool if it had remote cloud-based operation.
Calibre is perfect for anywhere you need to maintain and organize a digital reading library that relies on multiple sources, formats and/or user devices. If you read on a single device and only obtain material through, say Amazon, this is a superfluous bit of software for you.
  • Increased the learning time of my team.
  • Allowed for easy exchange of lengthy documents.
  • Provided more up to date general knowledge for the departments.
Paul Li | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Calibre is used personally by me. It provides an ideal platform for me to store various ebook formats, and converts them all to a common format that can be read by various digital readers.
  • Calibre supports various import format file types. After importing a particular digital ebook format, Calibre can be used to convert the ebook to a format preferred without loss of data.
  • Calibre offers a batch conversion routine. As the end user, I don't have to waste time manually converting one ebook at a time. Instead, I can select multiple ebooks and choose the "Bulk Convert" option.
  • With Calibre I have a digital library where all my ebooks are categorized and stored. I no longer have to search for their locations in my hard drive.
  • The Calibre ribbon interface could use some updating. When space is limited the ribbon menu ends with a set of arrows requiring the user to click on to drop down and see the rest of the menu. There should be an option to automatically shrink the ribbon to fit within the width of the Calibre window.
  • Calibre's Help command directs you to an online website for assistance. It would be great if there was an option to have a built-in help file that does not require an online presence.
Calibre is excellent for those who want to just use one format to store all their ebooks. This way you can just rely on one program to view your ebooks instead of needing to install various digital viewers.
  • The greatest positive impact of Calibre is the time it saves in being a virtual digital library manager. Now I don't have to waste time searching for files stored all over my digital network. I can just open Calibre and search for them all from a single location.
  • Another excellent ROI is Calibre's ability to convert various digital ebook formats into a format I prefer to store the file. Now I no longer need to have installed various digital readers to be able to enjoy reading my digital ebooks.
Calibre, like Acrobat, offers the user the ability to be able to view a digital ebook whether from online or off-line. But Acrobat can only open PDF files. Calibre can open & convert multiple digital file formats.
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