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Score 9 out of 10
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Our University Conference Center department uses Social Tables to create floor plan layouts for our meeting and event space. Event Planners and I use the software to develop and share with clients accurate depictions of how an event space can be setup and what it will look like. Social Tables makes the challenge of communicating vision of an event with a client an easy challenge to overcome and thrive through.
  • Great user interface: seamless, aesthetically pleasing, and high functionality design.
  • Well developed features: the developers of the software clearly understand event planning and conference centers, as made evident by the rich inventory of equipment/features to add to floor plans and the tools provided to communicate and track space needs, i.e. easy to use and interpret dimension lines to ensure proper aisle-ways, etc..
  • Strong Event/Floor Plan Database: well thought out interface organizing facility rooms and events.
  • Seamless, simple, quick process for uploading space designs: simply provide a blueprint or CAD file and they can get the space created as a floor plan in no time.
  • Some of the finer features of the new update are limiting, such as the inability to customize standard equipment features, e.g. inability to set a standard podium size.
  • Inability to integrate with other events platforms such as EMS, it would be great if the maps could automatically be linked to Reservations in our booking software.
  • It's hard to think of many areas for improvement, it's a great software!
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Aquinov Mathappan profile photo
December 28, 2018

Great Product Overall

Score 8 out of 10
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Social Tables is used in our organization for creating an event setup diagram and for the operational team to prepare the event according to the client's requests. It is also being used to determine possible setups for the particular locations.
  • Cloud platform provides peace of mind for any IT Administrators that support Social Tables at their organization.
  • Reliable application, never lost a diagram (accidentally deleted) created by users.
  • Customers service is quick and helpful.
  • The new platform is still buggy, but performance is slightly improving day by day.
  • Should announce new upgrades to customers
  • Needs to have global features
One of the best products for event diagraming in the market.
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Score 10 out of 10
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At our organization, we utilize Social Tables to help sell, detail and execute events. It is very helpful in the negotiation process, as it's used as a visual tool. During the detailing process, it helps give the customer more control over their event. During the execution portion, our staff uses our diagrams for placement within our event spaces which helps execute a flawless event.
  • Customization of items
  • To scale sizing for complete accuracy
  • Detailed items such as power outlets
  • Nothing to share!
Social Tables has been an incredibly useful tool in our day to day operations at our hotel. From the customer, the staff, to our sales team there is something in it for everyone. I would highly recommend using Social Tables for your event planning needs! There is nothing negative to share.
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Score 9 out of 10
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We use Social Tables for two reasons. The first and most important is to seat people for our larger events. It is easy to use and allows us to report out information both alphabetically and by the table. We also use Social Tables to check people in. One of the registration systems we use does not have a user-friendly check-in system, so before the event, we will then import the list into Social Tables and use the app to check folks in at the event. It allows us to export that information after the event to see who actually attended. We also like that people who don't have a license for Social Tables can be invited to edit seating.
  • The check-in feature on the app is wonderful. It allows you to see multiple fields of information, sort by different fields and is incredibly easy to teach someone how to use when you are asking volunteers with no Social Tables experience to help with check-in.
  • Being able to create your own floor plans is really useful. We use a lot of venues that are not already in social tables, so if you know the dimensions of the room it is easy to put in and scale the room. They also uploaded all our commonly used floor plans from the university and that was also extremely helpful.
  • Being able to duplicate events for spaces we use frequently is a huge time saver.
  • It is very easy to seat people and being able to pair or group them makes it even easier.
  • We haven't used the new upgraded version of Social Tables much, so this review may not be as accurate because we are still very used to the old system. Any time you switch functionality there is a learning curve and we are experiencing that now.
  • To be honest, I don't often say I wish on Social Tables, it can usually be done. The support is very helpful, especially the chat feature.
  • I would say adding more venues is always useful for creating more robust floor plans.
Social Tables is helpful for any event where there is a check in process that your current registration system does not support. We have several events in Social Tables that have no layouts because we just use them for check in because we find the app so useful. It is also wonderful for large events that have hard seating as it gives you a view of the room so you to seat people. The diagrams also help to show your constituents a visual representation of what you are thinking and can help them buy into your overall plan.
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Score 9 out of 10
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Social Tables is used every day in our company. We work with many different vendors and companies and it is the one program we all share. It makes it easy to design setup for a venue and have everyone access it at once.
  • Saving past venues so you don't have to upload them again.
  • The scaling feature is awesome especially when you're trying to decide if a particular thing will fit in a certain space.
  • Being able to work on a project while someone else is working in the same project is really convenient.
  • Often you are unable to place objects exactly where you want them. It can be frustrating.
  • Not being able to see or visualize items in 3D makes you have to use your imagination a lot. Example, if you add a column, it just shows up as a circle.
  • It is tedious when you have to use the heading boxes to adjust sizes.
Social Tables is perfect for planning a basic party or wedding. I would not recommend it for planning a corporate event or an event that requires lots of AV and lighting.
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Score 9 out of 10
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We utilize Social Tables on-site at your building, which is used frequently to host meetings with different, unique room designs and set-ups. In addition, we host many off-site meetings in convention centers, hotels, special event venues, etc. and Social Tables allows us to provide our requirements visually and share the details with stakeholders. So far, I enjoy using the software because it has many time-saving features, such as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste the same icons/objects. I enjoy the PDF booklet feature, that allows me to share all of my floor plans in one file. I would not consider myself a "super user", but will continue to learn the capabilities of the software.
  • Seating charts
  • Floor plans
  • Time savings and no paper use
  • Entering text on floor plans for specific notes is limited to one type of text. It would be nice to have additional fonts to highlight/differentiate.
  • Need for additional objects, like double-sided poster boards.
  • More venues and hotels need to upload their floor plans.
Social Tables is suited best for floor plans and room design. A great feature is that the software allows you to create and save room templates, so if you have recurring meetings with the same room set, you can take the template and be done with your floor plan in a few minutes. You can modify the number of seats at tables, rounds, squares, etc., so it's great for assigned seating and numbers.
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Score 8 out of 10
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Our organization currently uses Social Tables primarily for the Awards Gala that takes place at our annual National Conference event. It is solely used within our event team within the Marketing Department. It allows us to eliminate the very manual process of assigning all (nearly 600) attendees seats for the evening. It also provides valuable reporting and exporting features allowing us quick access to the information on-site.
  • User Interface: Very user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Integration/exporting: Allows you to connect with your existing registration as well as export information into your needed format.
  • Data Tags - you can apply data tags that can be used to communicate important details to vendors such as dietary restrictions, meal selection, etc.
  • Stacking Data/Diagrams: Grouping diagrams together into one event would be helpful, or being able to create a couple different versions within the same event/diagram.
  • Diagram Library: Continue to add to the library of diagrams they have stored from venues.
Social Tables offers a great, user-friendly interface to solve many diagram/seating problems that are considered low-hanging fruit. If there are few levels of complexity to the diagram need, Social Tables is well suited. If there are many levels of complexity and data integration, it can get a bit tricky. However, working with their support team there is almost always a solution.
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Susan Wiley, CMP profile photo
December 22, 2017

Social Tables?? A MUST!

Score 10 out of 10
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Social Tables is mostly used by the Events Department at our hotel, but our Event Services & Event Set Up Teams have access to it as well and utilize the diagrams that we produce with our clients.
  • Collaboration is one of my FAVORITE things about social tables. It's so easy to work with our meeting planners and actually show them in real time what I mean when I suggest we move something.
  • I love that it is web-based so I can access it from anywhere--including walking the meeting space with a client.
  • I love that it is web-based, but sometimes it does seem to lag a bit and I don't know if it is my internet or the program.
  • When you collaborate, it would be nice if the automated email included a quick tutorial for the person being invited to participate.
Social Tables is great when you need to collaborate with someone who isn't in the same space as you are. It's also great because they have partnered with a furniture rental company so you can actually place the specific items you are going to be renting, in the space. It's sometimes difficult for a person who's never used social tables to feel comfortable collaborating.
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Tiffany Rachann profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Social Tables is primarily used by the event planning firm I consult for. We use the software to establish and devise event plans and procedures for our pre-planning and layout meetings with our clients. It is presently being used by the principle and myself, occasionally a few of our staff employees use it. As the firm has grown tremendously, Social Tables allows us to customize planning without bombarding our client's time and space. We can illustrate all of our logistics in a "secret" manner so that the client can view and collaborate. It saves us from having to repeatedly visit the space and create new plans every time there is a modification.
  • Illustrate live 2D and 3D layouts
  • Create and position structures and landmarks in the system effortlessly using the key
  • Drag and drop is priceless
  • The Share feature is incredible for collaboration
  • Social Tables could totally be more tablet friendly. When onsite, it can be difficult to tote a laptop that may be in use at the office.
  • They could also invest in more of a colorful key system, helping to distinguish positioning better.
  • They could add a note feature for some of the updated layouts being emailed back and forth.
It's well-suited for outdoor events, expos, conferences and stadium events. Because of the scaling of the software, it's probably not going to be ideal for events taking place in/on smaller grounds. I.E. 500 [square feet] or less.
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Social Tables is cloud-based hospitality software that positions event properties to work more collaboratively and efficiently with their event and meeting customers. Social Tables was acquired by Cvent in late 2018.

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