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Attribution in Google Analytics

Attribution in Google Analytics
Formerly Adometry


What is Attribution in Google Analytics?

Attribution in Analytics is Google's free cross-channel, multi-touch attribution solution. It's currently released as a beta feature and is based on the former Adometry, a cross-channel marketing analytics and attribution platform that was acquired by Google in May 2014.

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What is Attribution in Google Analytics?

Attribution in Analytics is Google's free cross-channel, multi-touch attribution solution. It's currently released as a beta feature and is based on the former Adometry, a cross-channel marketing analytics and attribution platform that was acquired by Google in May 2014.

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Data Driven Attribution Ga4


What's Last Click Attribution in Google Analytics?

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What is Attribution in Google Analytics?

Attribution in Google Analytics Technical Details

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Shelby Kolb | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I utilize Attribution in GA for our website tracking and monitoring. This helps me understand where users are coming from and learn more about their behavior.
  • Data Dashboard.
  • Connects directly to Google Ads.
  • Can export data.
  • Actual customer service agents that can help and answer questions.
  • Better explanation of each and every datapoint.
  • More user-friendly interface and experience.
I use Google Analytics daily for monitoring and tracking performance for our website and mobile app. It is suited for both but causes a lot of frustration with unidentifiable pages, data points that are not properly defined lack of customer support, and the new GA4 workflow. Additionally, I cannot make any dashboards in GA directly, it has to be done through Google Data Studio which is also not very user-friendly or easy to use in direct coordination with GA.
  • Ability to access complete site data.
  • Ability to access holistic view of app performance.
  • UTM tracking.
  • Understanding purchase button clicks.
  • Acquisition sources.
  • Areas of the site that are underperforming or showing signs of disruption.
I have not recently used any similar products.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My organization utilizes google analytics for a variety of purposes relating to tracking cross-channel efficiency of search, display, social, & email marketing effectiveness. It simplifies the process of analyzing what channel is the most efficient
  • It provides reliable & detailed post click & post view installs or acquisitions
  • It provides insights into our customer journey
  • It determines broader trends like demographics/personas of our conversions, refining our definition of target audiences
  • There is a large learning curve for coming up to speed on ensuring proper setup, reviewing data sets, & understanding the user interface
  • custom reports take expertise to set up for all of our needs
  • default last-click attribution isn't what should be considered the standard. I would expect google's default to be more well-rounded
This is a key tool when working between clients & their advertising. We provide amazing value when these reports are set up properly (tagging, sound analysis, & QA'ing the data). It isn't a report we would trust to send directly to clients, as we need to do frequent data cleansing.
  • Reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Planning
  • It's not necessarily providing ROI directly, but it's providing insight into how to identify ROI from advertising efforts.
GA is less user-friendly, and organizations with fewer resources benefit from more intuitive platforms.
Gulam Gaus Warsi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Google Analytics for measuring the performance of our web based SAAS application among other web based products such as website and woocommerce portal. It provide accurate summary of the visitors which acts as an input in calculating the percentage of conversions. The analytics gives us an idea when to push the marketing campaigns in order to generate more traffic.
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Geo Analytics
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Accuracy
  • Robots
  • Missing Information
The very first point where Google Analytics is well suited is it's ease of implementation as it does not require a developer to integrate it with the source. The real time reporting is very beneficial. Accuracy (too many robot clicks) and missing information are areas where Google Analytics has a room for improvement.
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Campaign Traffic Monitoring
  • Real time tracking
  • Better insights
  • Plan accurate campaign timings
  • Realtime results
Google Analytics was way quick and way too easy to implement. For marketing purposes Google Analytics is a better tool when compared to similar tools available in the market. Google Analytics also supports complete integration to various marketing tools from Google such as Ads, Ads 360. Ease of access is a huge benefit with Google Analytics.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
To get a more multi-funnel attribution view of our paid and organic marketing campaigns. With so many users having multiple touch points, it's nice to have better reporting to show the impact of our marketing campaigns. The graphs are also a nice touch and helpful when doing quarterly and year end reviews.
  • campaign performance
  • data modeling
  • attribution
  • more resources
If you have multiple campaigns going on, it's helpful to see which is working best. Knowing that a user can come in through a paid campaign but then doesn't perform an action until receiving email marketing, it's helpful to see that journey and have better insight into which campaigns really produce an ROI
  • cross channel attribution
  • giving more insight into our ROI
  • i can trust what i see in GA
Better reporting options and integration with our website
AdRoll is great to create campaigns but i like the reporting that Google provides and the ability to add users to our account so different depts can see the data and reporting

AdRoll is starting to do more reporting related to attribution though, which is good
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