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Sampler, Peekage, Samplits and Connections.

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The Bazaarvoice platform provides businesses with the ability to collect and publish authentic feedback from their customers, who can review products and services, ask questions, and post photos and videos of their experiences with products. The vendor says that leveraging user-generated…


PowerReviews helps companies gather ratings and reviews from customers, build Q&A content, syndicate reviews across retailers and search engines, and measure results from these endeavors. The company also offers managed services to help businesses improve customer engagement. The…


Sampler is a direct-to-consumer product sampling platform helping brands deliver samples online and gather the insights with consumers.


IZEA headquartered in Winter Park offers their enterprise influencer marketing suite of applications and service, including IZEAx Discovery for locating influencers and content creators, the IZEAx Unity Suite for influencer location and content management, and managed service if…


Peekage is an online product sampling platform that helps CPG companies with brand awareness, boost sales, fetch early market feedback and build brand loyalty.


Connections allows clients to connect with brands that are looking to reach their clients' community in an easy and efficient way.

SG360, a Segerdahl company

SG360 specializes in automated direct mail marketing. Capabilities include commercial, digital, and sheet-fed offset printing. Logistics, mailing, and fulfillment services are also offered. Personalized and automated campaign solutions are designed to complement digital marketing…

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Samplites is a small product sampling platform.

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Purity is a brand experience agency that creates, delivers and supports projects worldwide. The company uses insights, creativity and planning tools alongside processes in project management, operations, logistics and promotional staffing,

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PrizeLogic is an independent digital engagement company which combines incentives, experience, and insight to influence customer behavior.

Learn More About Product Sampling Software

What is Product Sampling Software?

Product Sampling Software combines software with marketing services that get products into consumers’ hands using free samples, sometimes in exchange for providing a review of the product. These vendors specialize in customer targeting, promoting user-generated content (UGC), and analytics for product sampling. They are used for product testing and to launch new or improved products. Many services help with the packaging and distribution of product samples.

The services incentivize customer feedback to generate comments and reviews, accelerating and expanding user-generated product content on eCommerce sites, business websites, and social media. Product Sampling Software also helps leverage online influencers and eCommerce to encourage consumers to try products.

Their shopper community demographics and analytic capabilities help target the most likely users of a product or service. Digital coupons or “Try Me” texts are options offered to request samples. Buyers can also opt-in for samples on customer apps and websites, where they'll sometimes have to meet consumer profile criteria before receiving the samples.

Predictive analytics determine which current products would benefit from sampling campaigns based on product coverage and their current average star rating. Some providers connect vendors with retailers to have their products included in retailer sample boxes.

Product Sampling Software Features

Product Sampling Software will include many of the following features.

  • End-to-end consumer product sampling
  • Targeting based on consumer profiles and customer demographics
  • Packaging and print collateral
  • Warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment
  • Customer product review incentivization
  • Customer feedback, customer product sample sentiment, and Impact tracking
  • Sample discovery and opt-in apps
  • Product trials
  • Promotional offers
  • Digital coupons and redemption tracking
  • Follow up product samples
  • Execute multi-channel sampling campaigns
  • Shopper profiles and database
  • Consumer insights, response analytics, and retargeting
  • Performance dashboards
  • Predictive capabilities for sample campaigns
  • CRM capabilities
  • Integration with digital ads

Product Sampling Software Comparison

When purchasing Product Sampling Software consider the following.

Many Product Sampling Software Providers support end-to-end product sampling management, however, some have more robust features that emphasize specific aspects of product sampling.

  • BazaarVoice combines UGC (User Generated Content) features with influencer marketing to expand a product’s online presence and engage a target audience.
  • PowerReviews specializes in expanding user-generated product content and reviews on websites and social media.
  • Peekage provides an app for customers to discover product sample opportunities and to opt-in to receive them.
  • Samplits handles sample packaging and distribution.
  • Connections bring together business products and retailers for product inclusion inside retailer sample boxes.
  • IZEA leverages influencer marketing with product sampling to elevate product profiles and consumer engagement.

Pricing Information

Depending on your product, sample volume, packaging and distribution requirements, and desired targeting and analytics features, Product Sampling Software vendors will provide a custom price quote. Product demos and free trials are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Product Sampling Software do?

Product Sampling Software helps get new and improved products to the right consumers using free samples. Shopper profiles and demographics target the best audience for product samples. They facilitate sample creation, packaging, and distribution, capture customer feedback, and promote user-generated product content on websites and social media.

What are the benefits of using Product Sampling Software?

Product Sampling Software help sample products reach the best customers, increase brand awareness and customer engagement. Their analytics optimize marketing strategy and inform product development. They provide a competitive edge and help generate fresh user-generated product content online and on social media. Their use reduces product waste, increases conversions, lowers customer acquisition costs, and enhances revenue.

What are the best Product Sampling Software products?

How much does Product Sampling Software cost?

Product Sampling Software will provide a price quote for their services based on your requirements. Free demos and trials are available.