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What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is a SEO software tookit that includes 4 applications - Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant. Each application helps website owners and SEOs focus on a specific aspect of search engine optimization. With Rank Tracker, the...
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Good but far from the best

4 out of 10
August 03, 2021
We use it daily, mostly to track keywords and stay up to day with all our OFF-Page SEO efforts.
It's used for many projects.
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Best in class product

10 out of 10
July 22, 2021
I love this product because of it gives a very deep insight into any aspect of the website in a very short time. Compared to competitors, …
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  • SERP ranking tracking (13)
  • Keyword analysis (13)
  • Competitive analysis (13)
  • Page grader (13)

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On Premise
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  • Free Trial
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  • Premium Consulting / Integration Services

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  • $299 per year
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Product Demos

How to Use Rank Tracker for SEO in 2022
How to Use WebSite Auditor for SEO in 2022
SEO PowerSuite Tools Overview [2021 Webinar]
9 Free Keyword Research Tools in Rank Tracker
SEO SpyGlass Webinar [SEO PowerSuite Webinar Series]
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Core features related to search engine optimization

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SEO Platform & Account Management

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Product Details

What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is a SEO software tookit that includes 4 applications - Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant. Each application helps website owners and SEOs focus on a specific aspect of search engine optimization. With Rank Tracker, the user can set up rank monitoring, analyze competitors, look for new keyword ideas and organize them in relevant keyword groups. WebSite Auditor helps to run sitewide audits for technical issues, as well as get actionable recommendation for any landing page. SEO SpyGlass helps to find and analyze backlink opportunities -for any website on the web. Finally, with LinkAssistant one can run link outeach campaigns, from looking for the prospects to sending out personalized outreach emails.

SEO PowerSuite Features

SEO Features

  • Supported: Keyword analysis
  • Supported: Backlink management
  • Supported: SERP ranking tracking
  • Supported: Page grader
  • Supported: Competitive analysis
  • Supported: Site audit / diagnostics
  • Supported: Site recommendations
  • Supported: Task management

SEO Channels Features

  • Supported: Local SEO
  • Supported: Social SEO
  • Supported: Mobile SEO
  • Supported: Global SEO

SEO Platform & Account Management Features

  • Supported: Multi-domain support
  • Supported: Integration with web analytics tools

Additional Features

  • Supported: Content and HTML Optimization
  • Supported: SEO reports

SEO PowerSuite Screenshots

Screenshot of Rank Tracker is the most customizable rank checker tool you'll come across. Whether you need to check positions globally or in local search, in Google SERPs or any of the tool's 400+ search engines — Rank Tracker's got you covered. Whether you need to scan the top 50 or 1,000 search results, track keyword rankings once a week or daily, monitor Universal and Map listings, and track competitor keyword ranks — you can do that even with the software's free trial. Monitor your site average position and visibility score. Observe how your ranking position changes, notice when your keyword enters the top position or gets a featured snippet on Google SERPs. The best part is, everything is unlimited in this keyword position checker — including websites, search engines, and keywords to track.Screenshot of WebSite Auditor does more than analyzing your content. It lets you optimize pages in-app with step-by-step SEO advice as you type. In a separate tab, you can create and edit your pages' title and meta description tags, and preview your Google snippet right below. Done optimizing? A single click will save the SEO-perfect HTML to your hard drive, ready for upload.Screenshot of All your favorite keyword research tools are integrated right into the Rank Tracker keyword rank tool: Google Ads Keyword Planner; Competition research; Domain Research; Related Searches; Autocomplete tools; Related Questions; Google Analytics and Search Console for terms you already rank for. Used together, these sources will give you thousands of keywords you wouldn't have found elsewhere on the web. As you find keyword ideas, the tool will automatically group them by topic, so you can analyze and target entire keyword groups instead of going through bulks of terms one by one.Screenshot of WebSite Auditor will run an SEO audit and quickly reveal every issue on your site that can affect search engine indexation, rankings, and user experience. The audit tool looks for tech SEO issues such as broken links and images, duplicate content, crawling errors, poor mobile usability, site speed, redirect chains, internal linking problems, heavy pages and scripts, W3C validation errors, thin content, and more.Screenshot of Check the exact backlinks your site has — or spy on your competitor's backlinks with SEO SpyGlass. In a matter of minutes, this smart tool will calculate the total number of backlinks the site has and show the exact URL of each and every backlink. Since today's search engines place a huge value on links, this is the number one factor for ranking well.Screenshot of Acquiring that new backlink is often a numbers game — you need link building tools that will provide tons of link suggestions that will serve as a foundation for your link building campaigns. And LinkAssistant is simply the best tool for sheer volume. With 7.1 billion pages crawled on a daily basis, the software will give you backlink opportunities in hundreds and even thousands.

SEO PowerSuite Videos

How to Use Rank Tracker for SEO in 2022
How to Use WebSite Auditor for SEO in 2022
SEO PowerSuite Tools Webinar
9 Free Keyword Research Tools in Rank Tracker
SEO SpyGlass Webinar

SEO PowerSuite Competitors

SEO PowerSuite Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesEnglish, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Polish, Russian, Japanese (RankTracker and SEO SpyGlass), Danish (RankTracker only), Latvian (WebsiteAuditor only), Slovak (in beta)

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO PowerSuite starts at $299.

Semrush, Ahrefs, and SE Ranking are common alternatives for SEO PowerSuite.

Reviewers rate Keyword analysis and Backlink management and SERP ranking tracking highest, with a score of 9.9.

The most common users of SEO PowerSuite are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Attribute Ratings


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Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it daily, mostly to track keywords and stay up to day with all our OFF-Page SEO efforts.
It's used for many projects.
  • Tracking huge amounts of keywords.
  • Design.
  • Usability.
  • Useless updates every week.
  • Pricing.
I would only really use it for keyword tracking and backlink monitoring. For everything else, I prefer competitors.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I'm an engineer and provide full-featured freelance web services to my clients, including web design, web development, and SEO solutions.

SEO Power Suite differs from other applications. Power-Suite should be installed on a computer. In addition, the fact that it is a set of applications can almost meet many of your needs on its own. In this context, you do not need any other applications.
Of course, it will always be a better choice to use more than one application.

Specialized applications in a narrow field perform better than general applications. In this sense, I cannot say that SEO Power Suite can compete with expert applications. For example, Power Suite's backlink pool will be weak compared to Ahref's. Or it is necessary not to wait for the solutions of content applications that produce NLP solutions.

Putting all these detailed expectations aside, SEO Power Suite can produce general solutions on its own.
  • Technical Audit (Website Auditor)
  • Keyword Tracking (Rank Tracker)
  • Keyword Research (Rank Tracker)
  • Showing URL Map
  • Competitor Research
  • Keywords Gap Between Competitors
  • Backlink Database
  • Content Audit
  • Semantic SEO
  • If you are researching competitors' backlinks, the backlink database is not up to date.
  • If you are looking for semantic suggestions for your content, its content auditor cannot.
Massimo Sgambato | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have been using the Professional version of SEO PowerSuite for many years and I find it simple and useful. I like that the data remain on my pc and that I can archive them, in order to also have a history. Among the apps that I use most there is certainly RANK TRACKER. Great product.
  • the ranking of the keywords
  • site analysis
  • faster in Google Query
  • implement the Italian language
SEO PowerSuite is very well suited to small SEO agencies (like my one) and professionals.
It is not suitable for group work.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I love this product because of it gives a very deep insight into any aspect of the website in a very short time. Compared to competitors, With Web Auditor and the rest of the package I am able to do my work in a matter of piece of time, using only one software instead of many others, achieving better performance for the same period of time. After 19 years of experience in SEO, I can say confidentially that this is the best software I have seen or used so far. At the moment the software is used in the marketing department and it is completely fulfilling our needs, in a matter of technical and content SEO, and also when working with backlinks.
  • Technical Web Audits
  • Content Web Audits
  • Complete backlink process, starting from prospects research, tracking and setting up
  • It is bit slow on weaker computers when doing web audit of big websites with thousands of pages
The only one area where I didn't found useful is the Social Media audits, but it is not made for that purpose.
In all other areas, regarding the direct SEO, it fits perfectly our needs and I am even not considering the option to change provider so far.
Tɪᴍ Rᴏᴡʟᴇʏ | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I do digital marketing work, both creative and technical, and have a strong focus on SEO for both websites and YouTube. SEO PowerSuite is my SEO toolkit of choice for many years. In my opinion it is the best value for money professional toolkit. I've had a look at more expensive offering but they are not giving me more features, and usually less, and fewer keywords and search engines per project. I thoroughly recommend it to SEO and marketing pros and to business owners that want to get more involved themselves.
  • Rank tracking with appearance in SERP features
  • Tracking SERPs for a large number of competitors
  • Great structural audit tools
  • Great backlink research tools
  • Detection of social indicators
  • Saving report templates globally and per project - I end up with too many reports visible.
It is well suited to all websites.
It could be improved for YouTube, for which individual videos must be tracked but no way of grouping the videos of a channel, or monitoring the appearance of the channel (rather than individual videos) in search results.
Everhardt Strauss | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User

I work in the enterprise SEO space and can attest that SEO PowerSuite is the best All-In-One solution available. Not only does it have a comprehensive toolset, but rarely can you track as many terms as Rank Tracker allows. Most platforms give you an average, but Rank Tracker takes it to a whole new level!

I have been using most of SEO PowerSuite for a few years now and it continues to amaze me! When you start to integrate the whole toolset into your workflow you will be amazed at what can be done. I love that the rank tracker not only finds useful new keywords but also gives you information on how difficult it is to get ranked. I also really enjoy the Website Auditor, where it points out issues and gives you advice as to what needs to be done. I use it in combination with other tools, but these days I find that they offer nothing that isn’t already mentioned in Website Auditor, if you are worried about Page Speed insights, then nothing beats this single toolset.

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Position Tracking
  • Technical Site Audits
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Its actually a pretty solid piece of software. I don't have any gripes.
SEO PowerSuite, specifically Rank Tracker and Website Auditor, are 2 of my most used tools, and I mean multiple clients multiple times per day. Rank Tracker also seamlessly merges with Auditor—this is actually the only enterprise toolset for which I hold more than one license. Being able to find keyword and content gaps, as well as technical issues is possibly the most useful feature of any toolset. I would say it is always wise to have an alternative rank tracker, but I trust the PowerSuite variant over the others.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SEO PowerSuite is a great tool for SEO. It offers at a very affordable cost lots of valuable tools. I use it daily because I offer SEO services to companies. It covers about 80% of my professional tools I use for SEO.

  • Rank Tracking
  • Historical Rank
  • SEO errors and on-page optimization
  • SEO analysis and content writing
  • Whole domain graphical history (SEOzoom and other tools offers that)
  • Scheduled rank tracking doesn't work properly on Mac (at least on mine)
  • For every project I need to connect analytics and search console it should offer an option to grant access to it for several projects
SEO PowerSuite is perfect for tracking rank and SEO onpage optimization. It is not very good (for me at least) in tracking backlinks.
Shaun Jooste | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I tested SEO PowerSuite for my company to see if it's a viable solution for the websites we manage. After my evaluation, I recommended to the CEO that we present it to all the Project Managers for the sites they manage. It helps us determine which keywords we should be focusing on for the industries and what we're missing.
  • Find niche keywords we should be using
  • Audit our site for issues
  • Build a SEO campaign
  • Allow us to copy text for our web designers in the free version
For new website managers, it helps them see where they can do better with ranking and SEO
Viktor Stoliarenko | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use SEO PowerSuite programs as a freelancer on Upwork and it covers 90% of my requests at all.
  • Website Audit (Website Auditor)
  • Keyword research (Rank Tracker)
  • Create specifications for copywriters (Rank Tracker + Website Auditor)
  • Find competitors' backlinks (SEO SpyGlass)
  • Link building (Link Assistant)
  • Instant reports (all programs in the pack)
  • Comfortable
  • Predictable and clear
  • Quick support answers
  • low price
  • not accurate data regarding keywords volume
I can't even imagine how to work as an SEO expert without these programs. They cover 80% of my requests from a keyword collection to link building

I don't know what tool from the pack is the best!

Website Auditor - doesn't just analyze website's pages but allows create new ones, check not publishing content, compare it with competitors, and around 1000 other use cases

Rank Tracker, I use for collecting keywords by all free databases and sources. I have found the only one disadvantage here - inaccurate volume data, but there are dozen other features that overlap this disadvantage

Link Assistant, I use for convenient using of buying backlinks

SEO SpyGlass - I use it rarely but it is very helpful in the initial analysis.
Joseph Kahn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our entire marketing team uses SEO PowerSuite to manage every aspect about our SEO and website building campaigns. We use it internally and externally. We use it to find keyword opportunities as well as track them. We use it to manage all four areas of our SEO campaigns including: Off-Page, On-Page, Technical and Experiential. The main aspect of the toolset is that it runs on the desktop versus the cloud with utmost in project privacy. It also runs and pulls data when you want it to, not when it is "available" by the SaaS database. If you are an SEO pro, this must be in your SEO tool chest.
  • Finds keyword opportunities with the best chance to rank
  • Finds your most ominous competitors
  • Finds the opportunities for content changes that make a difference in ranking
  • Checks your site for technical issues and suggest fixes for them
  • Finds backlinks for your site and opportunities to go for
  • Helps you with all four areas of SEO: On-page, Off-Page, Technical and Experiential
  • Helps your organize project data and tasks in easy to use columns and filters
  • Helps you setup automatic checks on all aspects of your SEO campaigns to stay up to date
  • Could make some of the actions quicker on run-time
  • Could be better at Captcha codes and remembering them
  • Could make scheduling tasks and projects easier
  • Could allow the user to clean-up and manage cloud projects
  • Could connect the tools easier (so all project data is integrated across all tools automatically)
SEO PowerSuite is well suited for projects that are kicking off as well as projects that need audits and updates for current strategies.

Anyone with an SEO project is suited and should be using SEO PowerSuite. For rank tracking, backlink tracking, content scoring and much more. This is the best tool to manage your project off the web. Just like with Screaming Frog and technical audits, there is no better full Suite of SEO tools than SEO PowerSuite.
Jeff Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SEO Powersuite is one of the two core SEO tools that we use, SEMRush being the other. It is being used across the entire organization. PowerSuite is used for all areas of SEO. Keyword research, keyword rank or position tracking, website auditing, competitive intelligence and of course, link building. SEO PowerSuite has a few features that are not found in the other bigger SEO platforms. The two major areas are the number of keywords that can be tracked and the number of competitors you can have set up in relation to the site you are tracking. Though there might not seem like that big of an issue, it really is. Especially the tracking of the keywords. Even with the SEMRush Guru account, you can only track 1500 keywords. With the Enterprise level of SEO PowerSuite, keyword tracking is unlimited. This keeps us from having to go to a 3rd party to track keywords. This feature of SEO PowerSuite by itself is quite valuable. And then the competitors, SEO PowerSuite let you track up to 40 competitors, which is huge, especially in a very competitive local market when doing local SEO.
  • The ability to track Unlimited Keywords is priceless. Along with tracking Google, SEO PowerSuite can track Bing and Yahoo as well as several other search engines. You can also track by geolocation as well as desktop and mobile. I do not know of any other SEO platform that allows for unlimited keywords.
  • Being able to track up to 40 competitors against the site you are working to rank is really helpful. I find this especially helpful for Local SEO in markets that have a lot of competition.
  • Unlike most of the other high-end SEO platforms, SEO PowerSuite is not an integrated platform. PowerSuite is a suite of four individual tools. This can make learning the workflow a bit daunting. They do have the training, However, I think it could be better
  • The SEO PowerSuite set of tools are desktop applications as opposed to being a web-based platform. Depending on your machine this does take some computing power. The applications are pretty efficient but it is something to be aware of.
Of all the higher-end SEO tools out there, SEO PowerSuite is priced under the competition. This makes SEO PowerSuite a good choice when just starting out. It is quite capable of doing everything needed to maintain a site quite well. Once you have used it for a while and really learn your way around the set of tools then it is a really nice SEO tool. It is perfect if you are a freelance SEO or a smaller agency. For a larger agency, it makes a great complementary tool to some of the other tools like SEMRush. Especially if you need to track a lot of keywords.

There is a free version of SEO PowerSuite. It is limited, but if you are a site owner that works on your own SEO this would be a great choice.
I have had several interactions with support at SEO PowerSuite. Each time I have been quite pleased with the response. I have interacted with billing and tools support and have found them to both be on top of things. they follow up well and they get the issue resolved in a timely manner. I have no complaints here.
November 05, 2019

SEO PowerSuite review

Eamonn Kelly | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used SEO PowerSuite tools Rank Tracker to track keyword positions. Other tools don't have the [same] level of detail, competitor analysis and keyword volume as SEO PowerSuite. Link Assistant is a powerful tool that allows many more links to be tracked than competitors and SEO Spyglass gives a deep insight into competitors.
  • Rank Tracker allows multiple competitors to be tracked
  • Excellent user experience and clean design
  • High level of detail in Link Assistant
  • Expensive subscription cost
  • Greater level of reporting detail
[SEO PowerSuite is well suited for] Tracking competitors' rankings which is something SEO PowerSuite does much better than competitors. All 4 tools are useful and getting the entire package in one subscription is convenient.
Dragan Nikolic | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SEO PoweSuite has 5 modules:
  1. Website Auditor
  2. SEO SpyGlass
  3. Link Assistant
  4. Buzz Bundle
  5. Rank Tracker

Our company uses just 2 of them - Website Auditor and SEO SpyGlass. Website Auditor is an excellent tool for crawling your website and finding onsite and technical errors. SEO SpyGlass is a great tool for offsite SEO optimization and competitor research.
  • Website auditing and fixing the foundation of your websites.
  • Offsite optimization.
  • Competition research.
  • Rank tracking
  • Runs on your computer under Java so it's not fast.
  • Uses too much system memory and can slow down your computer significantly.
  • Doesn't have a vast link index, like Ahrefs or SEMrush...
SEO PowerSuite offers tools for a complete SEO (technical, onsite and offsite). It's a good tool set with good support and regular updates.

If you're a one-man show, you can use their Professional license and if you're an agency, there's an Enterprise license with white-label reports and cloud storage for all your 400 clients (which is their limit).
April 24, 2015

Worth trying it

Brandon Stark | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I started using SEO PowerSuite tools two years ago. I had a small project that I needed to monitor and was searching for a tool to help me automate my tasks. So, it all started with Rank Tracker but I found great value in the tools so decided to switch for the whole SEO PowerSuite pack. No I am using all four tools, mostly to schedule my SEO activities.
  • I love their report customization possibilities. The new reports are really great and fully customizable. I am able to provide my clients with different sorts of data arranged in the way I like it, makes my reports unique.
  • What really impresses me is the number of different features you can find in SEO Powersuite tools. This software kind of combines all necessary features under one roof so I mostly do not need to use other SEO tools at all.
  • Possibility to check rankings from different locations. This is really great, since my customers come from different regions, so I can provide country-specific results for every client.
  • The software is not strong with processing large amounts of data. So, it is really good for small and medium size businesses, but can be cumbersome for large projects.
  • Due to large number of settings it takes time to learn it.
  • Need to purchase proxies or captcha solution. I think those can be provides as part of the package already.
The software is not quite suitable for e-commerce, yet is powerful for gaining organic results.
Crystal Dickerson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We decided to implement SEO PowerSuite to help us determine stratigic POA for our web content, Search Engine Optimization, and even our social strategy. SEO PowerSuite helped us determine how we were performing against other players in the industry. The information we found on competitor backlinks, company page strength, and keyword strength in the Google space allowed us to identify areas that needed improvement and implement a strategy based on our findings. With the information we gathered from this software, we were able to see our company's web performance skyrocket in the Google space in under a year. This product was only being utilized by the marketing department.
  • The product was easy to use. I had no problems understanding how to use the product or setting it up.
  • SEO PowerSuite gave clear concise charts that were easy to read and helped upper level management better understand our strengths and weaknesses
  • I could pull new information about keyword rankings everyday if I needed to.
  • I would have preferred all of the (separate) platforms to be housed in one platform. I did not like having to open different applications for each function.
  • The pricing structure was not consistent. I did not like paying large sums of money for this platform. I prefer a monthly pricing structure with automatic withdrawls
  • Lots of updates. Was having to download newer versions of the software all the time. It would have been better if the program was web-based and I did not need to make updates manually
The product is definitely better for small to mid-sized companies. The platform is not streamlined enough for larger companies. I would give a different recommendation for a larger company.
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