Excited to use the new functionality that's being added to the Bridge Suite!
August 03, 2018

Excited to use the new functionality that's being added to the Bridge Suite!

Kelsey DeBruin | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Bridge Learn
  • ARC - not sure if that counts as a module

Overall Satisfaction with Bridge

Bridge Learn is mainly being used in my organization to train our external users. My company has created a 3-D Design computer software program and we use Bridge to train our end-users on our software. We are also starting to look at using the Bridge Suite internally at my company as well.

We use Bridge Learn to train our external users because of the functionality that it has. Courses w/ videos and quizzing, checkpoints that require approval and evidence, programs that have to be taken in order, ability to have users register for a course from our website and then get added to the corresponding programs in Bridge...etc.
  • Checkpoints - needing to request approval and submit evidence. This is a strength because we have homework that our users need to complete daily and they can use checkpoints to submit the homework and then we can provide feedback. This allows us to keep everything in one system without them having to submit their homeworks somewhere else, like through email for example.
  • Programs - ability to combine courses and checkpoints within and adding headers to keep everything organized as a learner moves through it. This is great so that our users can access everything for training from one location without having to be enrolled in multiple programs, courses etc. The more simplified we can make things for our end-users, the better.
  • Quizzing - We like to follow up each video we have in a course with a quiz question just to test our users knowledge.
  • Sharing programs from one sub-account to another - missing functionality
  • Ability to upload videos using the native Bridge authoring tool at the highest quality. Currently only an option with ARC but ARC moves slowly in our China offices for those of us creating courses and our learners watching the videos.
  • Answering a quiz question with a picture/screen capture - missing functinality
  • Receiving an email notification when any comments are made to a video, even if it's a new comment. We have 100's of videos that need to be checked daily to see if our end-users have asked questions pertaining to that video.
  • Hitting "Request Approval" in a checkpoint, then having the option to add a comment, then having to hit "Request Approval" again. Very confusing for our end-users who think they are requesting approval after clicking it the first time.
  • More text editing options in the author tool. We would like to use Bridge to train our programmers/developers but since we don't have many options for editing text, it's hard to show software code/coding unless a screen shot is taken and uploaded.
  • We didn't have any kind of LMS in place before Bridge so coming into it, Bridge has served the purpose. There are things that need to be improved but we'll keep submitting ideas!
We haven't used any other products like Bridge. It is working well for us though!
  • Unexpected would be using Bridge internally. We don't have any kind of onboarding process in place or performance management so it will be great to start using it for that.
Bridge is suited for scenarios where you need ppl to complete steps in order or test that they received the correct amount of knowledge after watching a video.

I do think Bridge is less appropriate for companies that use it in external training scenarios as there is some key functionality missing. We gotten very good at brainstorming and finding solutions/ways to get Bridge to work the way that we need it to.

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