Couchbase - During our testing phase
May 21, 2018

Couchbase - During our testing phase

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Overall Satisfaction with Couchbase Data Platform

We are currently in the testing phase with the Couchbase Data Platform. We want to take advantage of the direct JSON communication as we are slowly converting our current application to be web based. We also want to take advantage of its offline capabilities as our application will be run under different scenarios. If this platform proves itself efficient, we do foresee it being used for the whole organization to manage web-driven data. We constantly have employees who visit other companies and need the most current data from our internal database which Couchbase Lite might be able to help with.
  • Mobile integration - SDKs that can be written in common languages for mobile development
  • Easy failovers - create and duplicate servers with ease
  • Direct communication with web app - no need to serialize/convert JSON to relational tables
  • Should allow servers to change their roles on the fly - currently you will need to take down the server and re-assign roles
  • SDK documentation is not as helpful and should have more examples
  • No pre-compiled procedures - unlike in SQL Server, Couchbase does not have pre-compiled stored procedures therefore we have to run various test to optimize our application
  • Less time spent on converting JSON documents
  • Less time spent creating/modifying structures
  • More time spent on setup
On the document side, since they are in JSON and not relational, scaling on that end is endless and can be modified without having to start from scratch. On the server side, with replication, we can continuously add mirrored servers around the globe and use different server services without having to convert our data on their different platforms.
Since it is a raw JSON document, there is no need to create tables or search for a table. It is a simple document and sending it back and forth from a server cost very low. And since we would not have to convert the JSON either client-side or server-side, the run-time is even shorter.
While in this testing phase, the main feature of Couchbase is the mobile integration. Most of the one listed above use the same algorithm whether it is mobile or desktop. Couchbase offers their Lite version which has everything you need to use the Couchbase suite without having the bulkiness of the full suite.
The Couchbase Data Platform is well suited for application that are going to ran under different networking scenarios. Where users either have weak or no signal but still need the most current data. Since this platform solves for concurrency and allows for users to use the nearest located server, it will optimize the run time and the receiving of data. This is not suited for applications that are ran under single instances. For example, apps that are for single use or internal kiosk applications that are in one area.

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