Eloqua: great for many marketing needs, but lacking for social marketing
August 12, 2014

Eloqua: great for many marketing needs, but lacking for social marketing

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Eloqua

I used Eloqua at a previous employer as a member of the marketing team. The marketing teams across each global region had access and utilized it in a variety of ways (keeping track of databases of prospective clients, creating landing pages and forms for events and promotions, email campaigns, etc).
  • Hierarchy of information for a campaign. The way you can see in the campaign the different emails, landing pages, forms, etc. and the basics of how they are performing is really great. It's also easy to keep organized and make sure everything is being linked to the correct campaign.
  • Building out forms, landing pages, or emails with your own corporate template is just as easy as utilizing the generator for Eloqua. This makes it easy to keep your communications branded and easily editable as necessary.
  • The ability to build programs that sync particular, selected data from marketing contacts in the Eloqua database to your CRM database for your Bus Dev and/or Sales teams to see on their end is also valuable. It keeps those lines of communication open, and shows the salespeople what they've seen or how they've interacted with us previously even across two different platforms.
  • The main menu bar on top is something that you have to spend a bit of time getting acquainted with, it's not the most intuitive setup. It would be nice to see some of that broken down or renamed to be a little more intuitively logical.
  • The drag and drop in the email archive isn't always exact. So if you have either saved your email in the incorrect folder or you later need to move it to a new folder you sometimes have to perform the drag and drop twice for it to take, or sometimes it drops ahead of where you end the drag with your mouse. Either making that more accurate or adding the ability in editing the email to edit the folder it lives in would be nice.
  • Having the programs to sync is great, but sometimes syncing to the CRM still leaves out valuable information like the name of the landing page the client visited, or the whitepaper they downloaded, which creates a bit of extra work when a salesperson contacts you to dig up that information manually for them to be able to proceed, which effects your productivity in other campaigns as well.
  • Utilizing Eloqua to create reminder emails to webinar registrants increased the participation in our webinars by an average of 15%. It was really great to be able to send that out the day before the webinar to just those who had registered and see more of them remember to log in and participate.
  • Database cleanup is easy to do thanks to the filters in Eloqua. This also goes for segmenting lists for other campaigns as well. It allowed us to be more efficient as a marketing team and focus more on the message instead of having to manually select who we were targeting the message to.
  • Greater cooperation between the Marketing team and the Bus Dev and Sales teams thanks to the integration with CRM software. This resulted in more tailored approaches in sales outreach to prospective clients and quicker conversion times as well.
  • HubSpot,Pardot
I currently use a different marketing automation tool at my current employer, but I still really enjoyed using Eloqua. HubSpot's hierarchy and sorting of content, lists, reports, etc. is more intuitive than Eloqua which makes showing new features or processes to the Bus Dev team and Sales guys a little simpler. Pardot's direct syncing with Salesforce is also a little more accurate than either Eloqua or HubSpot, so depending on your company's CRM that's a point of consideration. But Eloqua has really nice, clear reports and is really great for email and other online campaigns and allowing you to keep your corporate design in play to keep your messaging consistent. I enjoyed working with Eloqua previously, and I would enjoy working with it again.
I think it really matters how you intend to use marketing automation software. If you're looking for something to sync up your social marketing accounts and connect them with other marketing tools, Eloqua doesn't really do that. However, it gives excellent data and clean looking landing pages, forms, and emails for other campaigns. So really, it's a matter of what kind of tool you're looking for.

Using Oracle Eloqua

At my previous company, they absolutely chose to stick with Eloqua. For the purposes of our marketing and the ability to share and see data and designs from our other global region teams, it made the most sense as a solution. At my current employer I wouldn't suggest making the jump to Eloqua because we are a good mix between social and email campaigns, with landing pages and other efforts sprinkled in as necessary. For the social aspect, Eloqua just doesn't have that capability, so sticking with our current tool is the right choice here.