Past Experience with ExpressionEngine
April 16, 2014

Past Experience with ExpressionEngine

Bernadette Bauer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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I am not presently utilizing ExpressionEngine with my current job. However, I did use it to update the website for my former employer, the Museum of Biblical Art (MOBIA). I shared the responsibility with my colleague in the Development department. At times, I did have to refer to a manual that the web designers created. One problem that arose was not knowing where a coding error was. I have some basic knowledge of this type of tech language from an intro level computer science class I took in college. However, we needed the assistance of an IT technician to pinpoint the exact location of the formatting error, as the text was very long to review.
  • ExpressionEngine allows users to plug information into forms, which then updates the corresponding webpages with ease. I have a basic knowledge of web coding, so this format makes it easy for most people to update their website hassle-free.
  • I particularly like the way ExpressionEngine links registration pages with Eventbrite, another web platform that MOBIA uses to promote events.
  • ExpressionEngine works well with listing prices for Membership and items in the Bookshop, successfully linking to MOBIA's online storefront via Shopify.
  • ExpressionEngine should provide a manual for new users. The folks that redesigned MOBIA's website back in 2009 had to write one to successfully train the staff so they could make future updates to the site.
  • I often times had problems creating slideshows to highlight works of art in the temporary exhibitions.
  • Some edits could easily be made by re-accessing the different forms that comprise of the software, but others can only be changed by rewriting code. I would recommend sticking to the former for the sake of ease and consistency.
  • The change to ExpressionEngine has provided better customer support. MOBIA has received many compliments on its new website.
  • imark
I have used a program called iMark with MOBIA's original website. I liked this site for updating the Calendar of Events page. That was the only component I updated, while another colleague at the time used it for the rest of the site. I have never done a formal evaluation of iMark.
I don't use ExpressionEngine anymore, as I am no longer an employee of MOBIA.
I would recommend ExpressionEngine to people who are more familiar with web development. For those who are just learning to create a website, I would suggest they use something like WordPress.