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Datazoom, Amdocs Subscription Marketplace, Accedo One, Akamai Adaptive Media Delivery, Amagi THUNDERSTORM, Adobe Pass, Enveu, ViewLift, Muvi and Pixalate.

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IBM Video Streaming

IBM Video Streaming solutions are used to stream virtual events, executive town halls, video marketing product launches, and OTT streaming. According to IBM, the solution is built for privacy, reliability and scale, to optimize video quality, and powered by IBM Watson AI for video…


Cincopa is a photo & video hosting platform, offering various designs for slideshows, photo-galleries, video players, private video hosting solutions and more.

StreamShark Live Streaming Platform

StreamShark is a live streaming solution that provides options for large enterprises as well as individuals or businesses with small to medium requirements.

Vimeo Enterprise

Vimeo Enterprise, based on technology acquired with Livestream in September 2017 is the company's HD livestreaming platform touting auto-archiving, simultaneous live streaming, secure sharing with password and domain-level security, and audience engagement (e.g. chat), with SLA available…

JW Player

JW Player (or JWP) is a video platform boasting 40,000 broadcasters, publishers, and other video-driven brands whose business relies on video as users. It provides these companies with a way to accelerate and scale their video strategy and is a video platform that can be used to…

Dalet Flex

The Dalet Flex (formerly Ooyala Flex Media Platform) aims to connect and power the entire content supply chain, from the initial pre-production through to distribution. It provides sophisticated workflow management, shared metadata infrastructure, and APIs to connect and orchestrate…


Contus Vplayed is a cloud-enabled Video on demand platform used to build video on demand mobile apps and websites. Backed by AWS cloud and built in with customizable video player, Contus Vplayed can scale automatically and is accommodative towards 3rd-party integrations. With a…

Roku OneView

The OneView Ad Platform (formerly Dataxu, acquired by Roku October 2019) is a solution for marketers and content owners to, according to the vendor, reach more cord cutters and measure performance using the largest TV identity dataset, where advertisers can manage their entire campaigns…

Elecard StreamEye Studio

Elecard StreamEye - a software tool for professionals in the video compression field. It enables in-depth bitstream analysis to macroblock level, codec parameters inspection. MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, AV1, VP9, VVC (preview version). Finding an issue in the elementary…

Parrot Analytics

Parrot Analytics is a media content and consumer sentiment analytics firm offering data, insight and consultatory services to media entities offering OTT / streaming programming or conventional broadcast services headquartered in Beverly Hills.


ViewLift is a full-service digital content distribution platform enabling media companies, sports leagues and teams, education providers and others to monetize their content through native branded apps on major OTT devices including web, mobile, TV-connected devices, Smart TVs and…


Enveu provides end-to-end OTT technology solutions to build, launch, manage and grow a video streaming business across 12+ platforms. Their premier platform - the Experience Cloud helps Media Publishers & Content Creators globally to manage their content in one central location,…


Datazoom, headquartered in New York, is an enterprise Video Data Platform technology company that standardizes and enriches data for video teams and their technology partners. Through a variety of real-time data collection software and routing services, the Datazoom’s platform offers…


Muvi headquartered in New York offers their OTT platform, allowing the user to launch a branded video/audio streaming service instantly.

Wowza Flowplayer

Flowplayer is a video delivery platform from Wowza, that features a lightweight HTML video player with an open plugin architecture, and advertising management with support for client-side & server-side ad insertion, header bidding, and ad-pods. The video interface helps to manage…

Better Media Suite

A professional white-label solution designed for management of video and audio content and automatization of its publication process. Presented as a solution offering customizable but also quickly deployable components designed for the purpose of minimizing the importance of technical…

Vodlix, Inc.
0 reviews

Vodlix, a white-label OTT platform, provides a solution that encompasses video encoding, transcoding, uploading, management, monetization, publishing, streaming, monitoring, marketing, and revenue sharing.Vodlix enables publishers to launch their own OTT platform within five minutes…

0 reviews

Evrideo is a cloud-based broadcast platform used to create, manage, deliver and monetize any professional TV channel. Founded in 2016 Evrideo cloud-based SaaS broadcast platform is designed to replace the traditional control room and playout, with cloud-based linear TV channels and…

0 reviews

CognitiveMill™ by AIHunters — is a cognitive computing cloud platform for Media and Entertainment industry automation. It allows for automated video editing 50x faster that an employee and at least 5x less costly. Cognitive Mill analyzes video content with a human-like level of…

Medea by Operative

Medea is a revenue management system for programming costs, from Operative. Medea helps manage distribution sales, process all billing and collections and provide critical management reporting for network services and boasts users among more than 400 Pay TV networks worldwide. And…

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Zype, from the company of the same name in New York, is an enterprise video content management platform, aims to empower video operations teams to build direct to consumer video streaming services across the web, mobile, connected TV, and social media.

Ant Media Server

Ant Media Server is streaming engine software that provides adaptive, ultra-low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology with ~0.5 seconds latency. Ant Media Server is both horizontally and vertically scalable. It can run on-premise or on-cloud.

Webnexs VOD
0 reviews

Webnexs VOD is an end-to-end Video on-demand platform that enables users to build video on demand mobile apps and websites. Backed by AWS cloud and built-in with the customizable platform. Webnexs VOD handling revenue earned through AVOD, TVOD, SVOD business models. The white-labelled…

CineSend On Demand

CineSend On Demand helps customers launch and maintain secure video portals, from single-video events that are time-limited to complex subscription platforms with hundreds of videos. Mix and match pre-recorded (Video On Demand / VOD) content with Live streams to build out custom…

Hughes Systique OTT Video Delivery Solution

Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC) offers their OTT Video Delivery Solution, allowing viewers to access any content at any time from any viewing device, supporting easy content search and discovery, viewing recommendations, and monetization.

Learn More About OTT Software

What is OTT Software?

OTT software, which stands for “over-the-top,” refers to the streaming media content that has been made more readily available over the internet within the past years. These streaming services bypass traditional services we’ve been used to, such as cable or satellite tv. OTT platform services are online solutions that act as hosts for online and on-demand content visible over the internet. Professional broadcasters, for example, are able to use these platforms as a quick and efficient way of delivering their digital content to a large audience.

OTT software comprises a host of tools, applications, and services that enable content creators and publishers to distribute OTT media and monetize it. They will usually not require users to purchase or install any additional type of hardware. Besides video and television streaming, these software tools may also support other communications or media services delivered over the internet (e.g. VolP, OTT messaging).

Streaming has become an incredibly popular way of streaming television and music. They offer users the choice to create online profiles and use a wide search engine as well as staying up to date with the latest releases. Netflix presently represents the largest provider of OTT services and may be among the most well-known services, but the number of quality options is proliferating.

OTT Software Features

OTT software and media streaming platforms provide some or all of the following features:

  • Streaming video delivery quality and optimization
  • Media ingestion of live events (e.g. concerts, streams, etc.) for later delivery
  • Content organization (e.g. into channels)
  • Content scheduling (e.g. premieres)
  • Monetization (subscriber management, advertisements)
  • API access for ancillary tools
  • SDK or development toolkit for designing player, optimizing for playback on various devices (e.g. mobile devices)
  • Multi-service integration (e.g. integrating chat or messaging into video, etc.)
  • Content hosting, video storage

Complete OTT solutions comprise content delivery and streaming service optimization, video hosting, advertising or subscription-based monetization management, and developer tools for ensuring smooth delivery to various platforms, or proprietary hardware.

OTT Software Comparison

Some important factors to remember before choosing an OTT software include:

Platform integration: Some users may be using these software tools with intentions of integration with certain platforms such as Zoom. If you plan to integrate, be sure the software product is compatible.

Technical support: Some of the OTT software products may not be as user-friendly or straightforward, but with the right technical support, users can be walked through the platform to assure efficiency. Be sure the product will assist you in case there is a steep learning curve or any other issues arise down the road.

Live-streaming: If you are looking for a product to assist in live-streaming, be sure the software tool will be reliable. Slow download times and inconsistency are things you would want to avoid, especially if your feed is live with little to no time to correct. Research user’s reviews on using the services as a live-streaming platform prior to deciding.

Pricing Information

OTT products typically offer a free version with limited features. Some vendors charge per video minute, while others have monthly subscriptions. Look for standard plans to be around $50-$300 per month, with the highest being over $300 monthly. Paying by the minute will be around $2 to $5 per minute. Most products include a free trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does OTT software do?

OTT stands for "over-the-top," and describes streaming media services that have been made available over the Internet, bypassing traditional delivery methods like cable or satellite. Most commonly used to describe streaming videos and television programs, OTT may also describe other communication or media services delivered over the internet.

What are the benefits of using OTT software?

OTT software allows users to establish a monetization strategy, which could include advertising, subscriptions, or transactional purchases. It is designed to reach viewers in a quick and effective manner, allowing them to perform searches or create user profiles. OTT software provides the capability to increase revenue and reach a larger audience through one efficient platform.

What are the best OTT software products?

How much does OTT software cost?

OTT products typically offer a free version with limited features. Some vendors charge per video minute, while others have monthly subscriptions. Look for standard plans to be around $50-$300 per month, with the highest being over $300 monthly. Paying by the minute will be around $2 to $5 per minute. Many of the products will offer free trials.