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Call Recording Software Overview

What is Call Recording Software?

Call recording software is used to record and capture audio conversations from voice calls (also known as VoIP), video calls, or traditional telephone calls. Recorded calls can either be stored in the cloud or locally on the individual’s computer. Many call recording solutions not only record the calls and store them, but offer call or meeting analytics as well.

There are a few key reasons businesses may want to record audio or video calls:

  • Ensure good call quality and consistency across customer service agents or sales reps

  • Conduct training and onboarding for new employees

  • Teach new talk tracks or best practices to all agents or reps

  • Gain visibility into client account health

  • Create a record of compliance on calls

Different Use Cases for Call Recording Software

Call recording software is frequently used in contact centers and call centers. Many call center businesses have call recording and monitoring software in place to help increase customer service agent performance. In fact, some contact center software has this functionality built into the core platform. Though there are also point solutions that primarily do call recording and analysis.

Call center agents often have key performance indicators (KPIs) like average handle time, first response rate, and issue resolution rate they need to meet. Call recording software helps track some of these metrics and can help individual agents get a better understanding of how successful their call was.

Another popular use case for call recording software is among sales and customer success teams. Call recording software can help individual sales reps learn from their past calls, receive training for new talk tracks and best practices, and analyze the progress of current deals. Customer success reps can use this software in a similar way to keep track of the overall health of client accounts.

Call Recording Software Features

Most call recording products will have the following features:

  • Pre-scheduled or on-demand recording

  • Audio and video call recording

  • Ability to pause and start recording in real-time

  • Cloud or local recording storage

  • Call/meeting transcription

  • Ability to share call/meeting recordings

  • Call/meeting analytics

  • Call recording dashboard

  • Integration with third-party systems (e.g. sales dialer, sales engagement, and contact center software)

Call Recording Software Comparison

Before purchasing a call recording software, interested buyers should consider the following first:

  1. Use case: are you looking for a call recording solution optimized for contact and call centers? Or are you planning on using call recording software for sales or customer success? Call recording software designed for contact centers has a few key features that may not be needed in the sales context, and vice versa. For example, remote monitoring, call recording rules based on agent info, and encryption and masking features for sensitive payment information may not be useful for individual sales reps. On the other hand, call recording software designed for sales teams will likely have features like visibility into deal health, certain marketing intelligence features, and the ability to set up sales call ‘playlists’ that may not be useful for call center agents.

  2. Price: are you looking for a call recording solution embedded in a larger contact center or sales enablement platform? Or are you looking for a stand-alone tool you can plug into your existing systems? Larger platforms with more capabilities are typically more expensive than stand-alone tools. Especially for small businesses with tight budgets, point solutions are usually a good place to start before moving on to more advanced tools with higher price tags.

Pricing Information

Most call recording software is cloud-based and has monthly or annual subscription pricing. Monthly or annual prices can vary from product to product, based on multiple factors. Most vendors charge per user and increase costs for more advanced plans. For example, more expensive plans may have more collaboration or analytics features, more cloud storage space, or more available integrations.

Some products can start as low as $10 mo./user, while others charge upwards of $1,000 per user annually. For more pricing information, contact the vendor specifically.

Call Recording Products

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NICE inContact CXone

NICE inContact CXone

Customer Verified
Top Rated

NICE inContact CXone is a cloud-based contact center platform that manages customer interactions across multiple communication channels. It includes features such as omnichannel routing, workforce optimization, automatic call distribution (ACD), and interactive voice response (IVR)…



Customer Verified
Top Rated

Talkdesk is a cloud-based contact center platform with voice, digital channel, and workforce engagement management capabilities. Talkdesk’s key features are its customizable user interface, built-in AI automation, and its integration with numerous CRM and helpdesk applications.

Customer Verified
Top Rated

AffectLayer in San Francisco offers, a platform for generating actionable call notes and insights into sales conversation for optimization and sales enablement or training purposes harnessing AI.

Customer Verified
Top Rated is described by the vendor as a revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams that captures sales conversations, understands the content of those conversations, and delivers insights to help businesses win its unfair share of the market.

Dialpad Talk

Dialpad Talk

Customer Verified
Top Rated

Dialpad Talk is a cloud communications UCaaS platform that provides users with integrated voice, video, and messaging capabilities from one unified interface. It integrates with the vendor's web conferencing product, UberConference, as well as with G Suite, Microsoft Office 365,…


RingCentral is a cloud-based VoIP solution available via computer mobile application. It features video and audio conferencing, desktop phone rentals, collaboration tools, and integrations with other business applications. RingCentral offers plans available on a monthly, per user…


CallRail offers phone call tracking, recording and analytics.



Customer Verified

Aircall headquartered in Paris provides a VOIP system for business designed to support contact centers, featuring IVR and automated call routing, conference calls, shared call inbox and call notes, unlimited concurrent calls and call queuing, and many integrations with CRM or marketing…


RingDNA calls itself a "sales acceleration engine" for inside sales teams using Salesforce. According to the vendor, RingDNA's Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce aims to help outbound sales reps use RingDNA to make more calls, connect with up to 400% more prospects, and fully automate…


Freshcaller is a call center software for startups and small teams. Freshcaller lets businesses / teams set-up and run a powerful call center without spending a lot of time and money. It is suited for phone teams of size 1- 30.You can create custom greeting texts based on specific…

Aspect Quality Management

Aspect Quality Management software allows customer interactions to be evaluated by all parties, including supervisors, agents and automated analytics systems, enabling users to extract valuable perspectives on quality so as to best coach agents in relevant areas for improvement.

Ringover Business Phone System

Ringover is a business phone system that gives users unlimited calls to 110 countries, video conferencing, SMS and group messaging, call recording, call whispering and features focused on improving team productivity. Users can integrate Ringover with major CRMs (Salesforce, HubSpot,…


Tethr, from CollabIP in Austin, consumes conversational data from the network, cloud or premise using enterprise-class design to ensure security and privacy, to provide insights from customer phone calls and chats. Tethr comes standard with hundreds of pre-built insight categories…

MiaRec Call Recording and Workforce Optimization solutions

MiaRec is a solution for Call Recording and Workforce Optimization in contact centers and business environments. MiaRec’s solutions offering includes Call Recording, Screen Capture, AI-powered Score Cards, and Analytics.MiaRec aims to to help users optimize business processes, resolve…


Imagicle, a Cisco Preferred Solution Developer in Massarosa, offers what they present as a complete suite of software applications for enabling Communications in large, medium and small businesses. Tools include call queueing, call recording, directory, call analytics and monitoring,…

Frequently Asked Questions

What does call recording software do?

Call recording software records audio, video, or traditional telephone calls. Recordings are then typically stored in a cloud repository, or on the user’s computer. Many call recording solutions also include call recording analytics, which may include speech and text analysis. Sales reps or customer service agents can listen back to recorded calls to help improve their performance.

What are the benefits of using call recording software?

Call recording software can benefit contact or call center teams, sales teams, and customer success teams in several ways. It allows individual agents and reps to play back their calls and evaluate their own performance and learn from them. Recordings can also be used to help train and hire new employees, track call quality and consistency of message, and teach new talk tracks and best practices.

What is the best software for call recording?

There are multiple different call recording solutions to choose from, though there are a few that cater better to sales, marketing, and customer success teams—and others that are better-suited for call centers and contact centers.

Some of the most popular call recording platforms for sales teams include:

Some of the most popular call recording software for contact center agents include:

How much does call recording software cost?

Pricing for call recording software can vary widely depending on the number of users and the number of additional features included in the platform. For example, some simpler call recording solutions have prices starting at about $10 per month per user, while more advanced solutions can charge upwards of $1,000 per user per year. Many call recording software vendors do not openly disclose prices on their website but will provide a quote upon request.