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Acronis Backup Cloud

Acronis Backup Cloud is suited for backing up Windows Servers. Downtime is greatly decreased by using their virtualization options. You will need a Hyper-V enabled computer to virtualize, though, but this can be one of your general-use workstations. A Windows 10 Pro machine with 16 GB of RAM would do it for you.Or, if you have Macs that need to be backed up, you can do that as well. You can grab either full volume images, or files/folders.I can't really think of a scenario that you would not want Acronis Backup Cloud, except pre-Server 2012 OS's, since virtualization isn't supported on those older systems.


  • Up to date UI, convenient central management interface, web-based console (we use local web console)
  • Good to backup all machines (PC, windows server, Vmware) using a single tool


  • More features needed - tapes support, more advanced deduplication

Likelihood to Renew

Acronis Backup Cloud9.1
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The cost savings we realized from moving to this software has us hooked - it does everything we need it to do on a very high level (virtualization, for example) and is very low cost for us.

Alternatives Considered

Acronis Backup Cloud has more features than eFolder, and is less than 1/3rd of the cost. In terms of restores, it's faster than eFolder if you use the local component. The restoration component is much better than Carbonite's, which has a tendency to drop connection midway through a file download. Acronis lets you restore to original locations, to a new location on the same device, or just as a download through your browser. Acronis Backup Cloud beats everything else we've tried, and it's unbelievable how affordable it is.

Return on Investment

  • ROI has been huge. The cost is incredibly cheap, and we saved $1500/month by switching.
  • With a heavy impact on profits, we're able to bundle this backup plan into our basic server management plans with no additional cost, which raises the value of our offerings significantly.

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Acronis Backup Cloud

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