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Entrinsik Informer

I think Informer is a cost effective solution for smaller companies, like the University where I work. I'm not sure if it would be well suited for companies with extremely large databases, although I can't say I've really tried to scale it to a higher level myself. Entrinsik is easy to work with and very responsive to support questions. It seems to me they have done a good job of growing very fast over recent years without too many growing pains impacting the current customer base.

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BI Standard Reporting

Entrinsik Informer
Pixel Perfect reports
Entrinsik Informer
Customizable dashboards
Entrinsik Informer
Report Formatting Templates
Entrinsik Informer

Ad-hoc Reporting

Entrinsik Informer
Drill-down analysis
Entrinsik Informer
Formatting capabilities
Entrinsik Informer
Integration with R or other statistical packages
Entrinsik Informer
Report sharing and collaboration
Entrinsik Informer

Report Output and Scheduling

Entrinsik Informer
Publish to Web
Entrinsik Informer
Publish to PDF
Entrinsik Informer
Report Versioning
Entrinsik Informer
Report Delivery Scheduling
Entrinsik Informer

Access Control and Security

Entrinsik Informer
Multi-User Support (named login)
Entrinsik Informer
Role-Based Security Model
Entrinsik Informer
Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)
Entrinsik Informer


  • Entrinsik Informer has an easy to learn user interface. With limited knowledge of relational database concepts, our end users are able to develop their own reports with little training.
  • Entrinsik Informer also has the ability to create complex reporting using javascript and Native SQL statements. Although IT assistance is generally needed to write the more complex reports, I have found any reporting requirement can be met using these advanced tools.
  • With recent enhancements in version 4.4.1, I have a better appreciation of the security features within Entrinsik Informer. The security audit reporting is very helpful from an administrative perspective. From a users perspective, they can now better categorize reports for more effective sharing and scheduling across departments.


  • Informers dashboard module is really nice but I would like to see additional functionality and visualizations added. For instance, our admissions office uses funnel reports and it would be nice to be able to use a funnel visualization to represent their funnel data.

Likelihood to Renew

Entrinsik Informer8.7
Based on 67 answers
Excellent overall product. Entrinsik's development team provides a quality product and are always developing to further improve it. Cost to benefit ratio on this product makes all the difference to a non-profit institution like SXU.


Entrinsik Informer8.0
Based on 12 answers
Entrinsik Informer is easy to use for those people that know the data. Creating reports are easy

Reliability and Availability

Entrinsik Informer9.1
Based on 3 answers
We have 10 concurrent licenses and we average between 6-8 at any given time during the day; and we host the application.


Entrinsik Informer8.5
Based on 10 answers
Without a doubt this is a strength of the product. The support team responds quickly, accurately and understands the issues


Entrinsik Informer9.0
Based on 5 answers
Implementation is straightforward and allows bringing existing reports into new upgrades with ease.

Breadth of Deployment

We are close to 95% of the administrative staff using Informer, either as a writer or recipient of scheduled reports. In most cases, Informer training has become a 'day one' activity for new administrative staff.

Alternatives Considered

Before using Informer, we used "Query Builder" and staff found that very difficult to manage and write reports. We do use Crystal Reports and while it contains some of the output functions we need, it is not end-user friendly and generally requires extensive training to be able to run the most basic reports. After further review, Crystal Reports has been removed from the "standard tools" list, in favor of Informer.

Collaboration and Sharing

Entrinsik Informer8.3
Based on 12 answers
This is one of the strength's of the product. End Users can determine where they share data; and where they do not. The new "Burst Email" functionality has made a lot of users quite Happy!

Data Integration

Entrinsik Informer8.2
Based on 12 answers
The only data source Entrinsik Informer is currently connected to on our campus is our student information system, which is a Unidata database. We have attempted to connect a couple of Microsoft Access databases, but we couldn't get them to work. We were told that it was due to something on our network, but we never pursued fixing the issue since it was not critical to have those available in Informer.

Return on Investment

  • Easily transitioned users from UniQuery to Informer
  • Efficiency gained through simplicity


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