TrustRadius and its Advantage for Market and Product Management in the Wine and Spirits IndustryWe are a wine and spirit import company that primarily deals with premium, family-operated vineyards in Chile looking to gain access to the US market. For us, we need to be able to manage multiple types of contacts and having a very easy list-building capability helps to facilitate communication with the different areas in our supply chain - from producers to freight to the end customer. Within our team, each member uses it regardless of the country they are located in. For example, 7Sheep assists us in sending out registration for tasting events in addition to marketing material on a regular basis. It helps us keep everything in one place and the interface is easy to understand and can be used by all.,7Sheep's support is fantastic and they have been extremely helpful, whenever we have encountered issues or needed assistance, in particular when we first began using the product. They were great in helping us to customize everything for our use. I particularly appreciate how easy it is to create queries and separate our contact lists. This aids us immensely with targeted communications. The tags to personalize mailings are incredibly useful and save a lot of time. I enabled text message campaigns within our account and it is really very simple, a very low additional cost and drives our personalized engagement further.,The personalized tags cannot be accessed from the menu/page you create your emails. I get around this by opening two windows, but in the future this might be an improvement. I needed to create custom reports in order to get the overview on the campaigns that I needed. More generic reporting would be a useful feature. I would like to be able to duplicate e-mail campaigns across different activities/databases. I could set up a mailing template for this but sometimes it would be good to be able to just re-create a particular campaign that we received a good response to for another, entirely different, activity.,10,With the translation support we have translated forms into Spanish for our producers and this has been a really positive benefit for them as a partner. I am able to monitor interest in different products very easily and so re-target particular varieties to specific regions. Text message campaigns mean that we can directly engage: especially for physical meetings, tasting reminders and so forth.,Zoho CRM,Insightly,Hubspot,Infusionsoft,Leadsius,Jumplead,Less than 10,000,B2B,5Use marketing automation to engage with donors for educational projects in poor countries.We are an NGO with international educational projects. The tool is used to engage with our donors, partners and the press. Our small team updates the information in our contact lists and I use it to send normal campaigns and drip campaigns. We capture information on our website but also synchronise with external databases we use for offline and online donations.,Whenever we needed help their support was quick to guide us. Contact form integration on our website was done via an embed code. We use WordPress and just copied the code on the page. Aggregating our different contact lists from several systems was very important for us. We [now] have a comprehensive overview of our contacts and donors in a single online tool. 7Sheep is a European company and also has its servers in Europe. Because of data protection laws this was key for us. We can produce form letters straight out of the tool.,A Wordpress plugin is missing. This could make it easier to install the tracking code and to embed forms. A payment module. If we could get donations directly in the tool we would not need to integrate our payment software. The templates for mail merge need to be integrated via the 7Sheep support. Would love to do this on my own. Easier synchronisation features with other applications.,10,Spending less time on sending newsletters. Optimised engagement with partners and the press. Getting a full picture of all our donor and contact information. Needed to train our team on using an additional software. Needed to invest time for the integration of the 3 systems.,MailChimp,Less than 10,000,Both,Implemented in-house7Sheep Marketing Automation from small consulting firmI use it as both a contact database as well as an event planner and event evaluator. We're a small group and I needed to leverage limited resources with outside tools beyond Excel. It allows me to keep track and share information with vendors that I'm using on the logistics side.,It's a simple tool without all the bells and whistles. It's intuitive and allows me to use it without crawling through manuals and contacting the help desk. The templates are clean and well done. In many cases, there are suggestions that I've not considered but make me go "duh" as a new piece of data that I should be gathering from customers Very cost effective and no annual contracts.,The on boarding could be better done. Products like TurboTax have both data entry and "questionnaire" mode. I would like to see more guidance A list of sample projects (e.g. event planning or email campaign) with all the pieces profiled as suggestions would be helpful,9,Easy on boarding allowed me to be productive on the first project Professional templates with "hints" helped make sure I covered all the bases We'll be running larger and larger campaigns soon. Too early to see what the ROI is but the "I" is relatively small so I suspect we're already positive.,,Marketo Marketing Automation,email,Less than 10,000,3,9,Implemented in-houseTravelling salesman automating his tasks.I work for the chemical industry and am responsible for the sales in Austria and CEE countries. The application is only used by myself to manage the automated communications with my clients. I use the software in my home office and on the go. The main use case is mailings and series of timed emails.,Sporadic mailings to my clients via the e-mail campaign feature. I create personlised HTML emails with the visual editor and schedule them to be sent during the day when I am on the road. After initial contact with new clients I setup a series of timed emails to stay in contact. Based on flags I have in the system they are automatically adjusted. Existing clients get automated emails after certain events like visits or deliveries. I often get in touch with support to ask for best practice examples and they are always helpful.,The help is not integrated in the software but a separate website. Using the software on the mobile phone could be better. I would love to have some Outlook synchronisation.,9,I can schedule marketing emails to be delivered during the day when I am not in the office. The automation helps me to concentrate more on sales and less on tasks like sending standard emails. Overall it frees my schedule from repetitive tasks.,Outlook,Excel,Less than 10,000,B2BAn excellent affordable marketing automation solution for startups!As a startup, currently in freemium beta, we are using this for e-mail campaigns and ensuring transactional e-mails and drip campaigns with success. We are successfully capturing leads and 7Sheep is helping us to position ourselves for when we come out of beta. It is basically being used across the whole team. We needed something more than traditional e-mail marketing only and it addresses this problem for us.,Affordability: the only solution we found on the market that gave us what we needed at a price we can afford! Flexibility: 7Sheep seems to offer enough flexibility in the advance features that we can customise it as we need. It's easy enough for our whole team to be able to use. Their team is helpful and supportive.,Would suggest to create the API token on request rather than have it automatically included in the account. Moving templates we created from MailChimp to create templates in 7Sheep needed some care and attention from our side. The flexibility 7Sheep offers can sometimes lead to us having to make decisions that other tools might make for us!,10,We've certainly seen value-for-money - including moving from a free service such as MailChimp. As we are in beta quantifying monetary value is not yet possible with sales. We can nurture data more easily than with tools we were using before Increased efficiency as leads stay up to date,Mailchimp,hubspot,act-on,infusionsoft,spark/marketo spark,10,000 to 25,000,Both,No,9,Yes,Once I was stuck with setting up some triggers and they called me on the phone to make sure I could solve the problem immediately. Priceless.Business software supplier that found a great marketing tool.We are a Microsoft Partner and use 7Sheep for our inbound and outbound marketing. Our newsletter is sent via the tool and we have a contact form on our website that stores directly in 7Sheep. My sales colleague is using it in parallel to our CRM software.,7Sheep has a price point where I can give access to all my staff. Our newsletter gets delivered in to the inbox without the 'on behalf of' information like with other tools we tried. My team understands the logic of the tool and is happily using it. 7Sheep has a very easy API which we can use for integration into other cloud software we are using. Great support. The support team always helps with hands on if necessary.,To preview my newsletter I need to send it to a test group. This could be easier. I would like to see integration in Microsoft Dynamics. I would like to have an optimised view on the mobile phone. Tablet works.,9,Our newsletter is now more effective. We now know what our contacts are interested in as I see which pages they are visiting on my website. This helps in the sales process. I needed some time to get used to using another tool in sales and marketing. But the additional insight is worth the effort.,MailChimp,Less than 10,000,B2B,1Marketing automations for a B2B Startup.We use 7Sheep at a startup which has professional photographers as clients. Marketing Automation is used to capture leads on our website and put them in a drip campaign. Another drip campaign is used when people sign up for our tool. As we are a small team everyone has access to 7Sheep.,With an embedded form we capture leads on our website. These leads get a drip campaign. After someone has signed up we store relevant details in 7Sheep via the API and start a drip campaign. All users and leads get our newsletter and updates. We have installed the 7Sheep tracking code on our website to get additional information about our leads.,A/B testing for mailings needs to be done manually. It could be easier to get the tags for personalised emails. Currently you need to copy/paste them into the email instead of using the editor menu. For complete skinning you need to contact support. For embedded forms the design editor is okay.,9,Our two drip campaings make staying in touch so much easier. A big plus is to have all contact data for leads and clients in one tool to use with newsletters etc. Constant communication during onboarding can be a pain and this is now easier.,Wordpress Plugin,Less than 10,000,B2BNPO and small consultancy using a very flexible tool to liaise with members/clientsI am a project and knowledge manager in northern Germany. I use it alone and store not only contact information of my clients in the system but also use it for questionnaires and surveys. In my role as coordinator for a small European NPO I use it for event registrations and am in the process of establishing the product in the context of cross-border cooperation in the context of a significant political event.,My NPO hosts a lot of free events and some of the registrations are done with 7Sheep. This works very well as it is easy to contact all registered participants for further emails. The 7Sheep form builder is amazing to create surveys without adding another application to my toolbox.,Import is sometimes slow. Seeing the segment for a mailing switches to the result list. Would be good to stay in the mailing.,8,All work in the NPO is voluntary. 7Sheep helped a lot to streamline processes which frees resources. 7Sheep pricing is very affordable and in addition they help NPOs with even better pricing.,Drupal,Less than 10,000,BothSmall consultancy and training company using Marketing AutomationI am a consulting company and we also give software trainings. We are a family business and all three of us use the tool. External staff has no access. 7Sheep is used to capture leads on our website and nurture them until they book a session or a training. We also use it for our newsletter.,We have embedded a 7Sheep form on our website to capture leads and give them free access to our marketing materials. 7Sheep automatically sends out a timed campaign over time to nurture our leads. The same contact list is used to send our our regularl newsletter.,We use Joomla and a plugin would be great. To get a perfect match for the look of our website we had to use custom CSS. Support explained us how to use this. Planning campaings over time can only be done in a list view. A more easy approach would be great.,9,Automated lead nurturing is a huge time saver. Using the same contact list for nurturing and the newsletter is reducing our administration. Segmenting our contacts into the different business segments also makes my life easier.,Joomla!,Less than 10,000,BothGetting marketing automation simply right!Keynto is a European cloud-based secure password manager and data vault with powerful sharing features especially designed for small businesses and organizations. 7Sheep allows us to not only do our e-mail campaigns but also automate administration processes and tasks. It allows us to create easy campaigns and follow up with target groups. We are looking at starting SMS campaigns through 7Sheep.,Personal demo and helpful onboarding from the 7Sheep team. Starting out with marketing our product, 7Sheep has become part of our daily processes. Choice to host 100% in Europe which is highly important regarding data protection laws.,Initial password for the account is sent by e-mail and then changed when the account has been created. Would be nice to be able to create our own password from the start. Would suggest to create the API token on request rather than have it automatically included in the account. The “save” and “cancel” buttons on the very bottom are an unusual placement that you need to get used to.,7,We certainly have experienced a great efficiency for our staff. We spend far less time chasing tasks as they can be divided within 7Sheep. Segmentation of data and lead management is really great and has helped us enormously in terms of efficient use of data.,MailChimp,Constant Contact,10,000 to 25,000,BothA good tool to start with marketing automation for a small company.We develop innovative software and focus on providing only the highest quality and usability experience to our clients. We are the reliable partner in Austria for apps, augmented reality, wearables and integrated software solutions. 7Sheep is used to stay in contact with our clients via newsletters. We plan to use it for landing pages in the future.,It worked with our existing structure of our contact list. In other tools we had to adapt our fields. This was not necessary with 7Sheep. We can easily use our own design to send out newsletters. I can check which emails were delivered and read and which were bounced.,Import was slow. The tool sent me an email when it was ready. I was not 100% sure how to implement unsubscribe in my emails but support helped with that. It would be nice to have an unsubscribe link automatically in the emails. For selecting which information I want to show in my newsletter (eg first name) I had to switch to the field to copy a string. This could be easier.,8,We started using 7Sheep as a shared contact list which saves time. I see the opportunity to use it also for capturing leads on our website and immediately store them in our system. Our team likes the system more than what we tried before.,mailchimp,10,000 to 25,000,BothPowerful, "no-frills" marketing automation perfect for small teamsWe implemented 7Sheep a few weeks ago and we now use it to automate all of our marketing activities. It is a great tool managing our contact list and keep track of metrics for campaigns all in one place. So far, 7Sheep has been very versatile and works well for our custom needs,The contact database is robust and the system is flexible enough to work for many use cases They have a great understanding of the needs of SMBs and are able to not only help with implementation but also with best practices The support team is super responsive and great to work with,The user documentation is slightly lacking There's a learning curve - the system interface is not the most intuitive Users can't do everything themselves, some setup tasks can only be done by the 7Sheep support team,10,We're now able to centralize all of our data and manage all different types of marketing processes in one place The automation aspect is great - saves a lot of time and also forces us to actively think about our lead management processes The cost of the system is worth it for email marketing functionality alone. We were easily able to replace our previous email marketing system with 7Sheep.,Eloqua,Marketo Marketing Automation,Constant Contact,HubSpot,Less than 10,000,B2B,10,NoThe ideal Marketing automation software for SMSWe use 7Sheep to manage the large list of clients and potential clients we have. We also use it as a "consultants/freelancers" database. We also use 7Sheep to send out news alerts or newsletters. We also implement 7Sheep for clients with their own accounts and we complete drip campaigns and trigger notifications. We also use it to manage free events.,A wide variety of triggers that are very simple to set up mean that I have a lot of flexibility with the automation. I also use it to keep in communication with my consultants and freelancers and have some processes set up in there (like reminders) which is great. 7Sheep provides support not just for the digital inbound marketer - in fact, we are using it for communications and feedback loops. The form builder means that we can also have quite complex surveys, questionnaires, registration forms etc. Being able to link forms back to the original contact database gives me an easy and 360° view of interaction from my contacts. As a European consultancy firm we cater to clients with more than 1 working language. I'm happy to recommend 7Sheep to clients who need to be able to have multi-lingual campaigns and feedback loops. Everything can be translated to be presented in different languages. Happy that it is stored all in the same place.,Repositioning of fields with drag and drop in a form would be fantastic! The translation interface for form fields could be improved. Easier report builder would be nice.,10,7Sheep has had a remarkably positive impact on my daily work and that of my clients. I am happy to report that we see in every team an increase in efficiency. I am also able to more quickly respond and automate far more targeted responses so that our customer service is improving. As a consultancy, high volume lead conversion is not necessarily the target, however I have sent high volume campaigns out through 7Sheep and seen great conversions and a far easier interaction.,HubSpot,Act-On,Less than 10,000,B2BSuper marketing automation for SMBsWe use 7Sheep for our marketing efforts and also for our clients. Our main areas of use are database creation, lead management, outbound campaigns and signup forms. As we are a small consultancy the tool is used by the owner. We also implement 7Sheep for our clients and integrate the features in their websites.,Simple contact database creation. 7Sheep does not limit you on the structure of your contact database and is very flexible. Online forms. The forms can be easily embedded into landing pages but can also be used standalone. It's easy to define rules to show and hide sections of the form. E-mail campaigns. 7Sheep gives good statistics and has and easy to use drag & drop email builder. Automation with triggers. We use the triggers to build drip campaigns and also to send internal and external emails based on our processes. Tracking. It's great to track interaction of leads and prospects with our website.,No out of the box integration with CRM systems. I had to contact support to integrate with our CRM. In general integration with other SaaS services. It would be great to have the plain text of emails automatically generated out of the html version. Import gets constantly improved, but still could be better.,10,Saving time with lead generation from the website. Tedious repetitive tasks could be automated, saving me time and money. Increased conversion rate for outbound marketing.,HubSpot,Less than 10,000,10A marcomm professional's virtual assistantI recommend 7Sheep to my clients whenever they need to generate or manage a large group of contacts, and interact with them again in future, to create a contacts list or to organise an event or a survey. Most recently it was used to capture the interest of potential event participants via a social media campaign, and build a manageable database of contacts which was easily segmented - and all automated.,It's extremely reliable - I have never lost any data and rely on the automated features to only contact the right people at the right time. It's usable directly by communications/PR people like me - and does not need IT experts to get involved. It's super easy to just "collect" the information which has been gathered. I love the way I can export my contacts to excel (and other formats) whenever I want.,The terminology used is not always obvious to people who are not marketing automation experts, but it's essentially a personal learning curve - and 7Sheep does take user suggestions onboard and works to improve these things all the time. Design flexibility already outclasses some of the other systems I have used, but even more flexibility/adaptability would obviously make my marcomms job even easier. At the beginning, the wiki was a little too technical for me, when I just wanted answers to a "how do I make it do this" question.,9,Definitely increased efficiency! In terms of event organisation and contacts management, I'd say around 70% time is saved in the medium/long run (after getting to grips with the system - but definitely worth the initial time investment). Better service and engagement rate - some of the things which I had to remember to do (like respond to emails or send follow up information) can be taken care of automatically. Often a simple acknowledgement will go a long way...,,Less than 10,000,8,Implemented in-house,7Great 'why didn't I use this earlier?'-choice for integrated automation marketing & communications, excellent for non-profit organisationsAs a communications department we are using this for communications automation rather than traditional marketing automation. 7Sheep really works for us, not just for e-mail marketing (which is fantastically simple) but we also use the integrated forms with events, feedback forms and surveys. We enjoy the mini-sites and built in templates a lot as well. We use the automation/triggers not just for drip campaigns but also for match triggers.,Their support is fantastic - even helping me think through the logic of my campaigns with their concierge service and offering advice on how to save time. Their new online manual is excellent too. Very clearly written. The flexibility of the 7Sheep form builder allows me not only to automate a lot of outbound marketing but I am also consolidating a lot of my communications activities in one place. This is great when handling a diverse portfolio of campaigns. Being able to integrate our forms within our own website wipes out the need to create standalone landing pages: we save a lot of time and keep an integration and overview with this. Love it. (Our client feedback scores have gone up since we used 7Sheep as well.),I know that they are working on a simpler way to send a test e-mail to yourself. This will streamline my activities as well and I look forward to that system change (which was suggested by a client. I have also suggested improvements which have been implemented.) I miss an easy unsubscribe feature (like you get in MailChimp). Overall, 7Sheep's system is more flexible (good) but that does make it more complex to split up (not so good). Setting up the SPF record in our DNS system was flexible and easy but for DKIM integration we had to contact the 7Sheep support. They do not check or show the necessary records in the tool. Customer service was great, though, so not a very big problem, just a bit of a nuisance.,8,I was previously part of a survey with 7Sheep and results showed that we were saving 20 mins per participant per event we held, a working week for an event of 100 people. Automating our operational logic with the admin triggers in 7Sheep means there is no time lag between tasks and teams, certainly greater efficiency. Tracking engagement on our site and with our outbound campaigns means better and faster reporting and enables us to report on impact in a more quantifiable way. (On the human side, my team members get positive feedback from our target audiences which is very motivating. It is nice to see data backed up by people.),Eloqua,Constant Contact,Survey Monkey,MailChimp,25,000 to 100,000,Both,7When it comes to marketing automation, you can count on 7SheepOur organization, which includes offices in 5 different countries, uses 7Sheep on a daily basis. We use 7Sheep as a contact database, as an event registration tool, for sending out newsletters, for managing lists and segmenting, and we use it for reporting. I have used it most often when preparing for events.,When preparing an event, 7Sheep takes care of pretty much everything you need to select, inform, and register participants, as well as prepare materials for the events, such as name badges and signature lists. We also use 7Sheep for reporting on communications activities. 7Sheep allows you to build simple or complex forms and questionnaires which we use both for events and independent surveys. The drag and drop HTML editor makes things look good without a lot of extra effort.,It would be useful if some standard email templates were available. They could find a way to make the form questions easier/quicker to reorder. I would like to be able to change user roles so that only certain people could see certain contact lists.,10,7Sheep has definitely had a positive impact on our organizational objectives. Thanks to the event registration tool, our event preparation and implementation runs a lot more smoothly. By allowing us to share a contact database across several offices, we save a lot of time. No more sending Excel files full of contacts from one office to the other. Being able to see how people respond to our mailings (for example, a periodic newsletter we send out electronically) gives us the opportunity to make changes in order to better engage our audience. Generally, it's a great tool for reporting. By allowing us to export data about participants at our events (for example, based on what country they come from) we can quickly and easily identify which parts of our target group we are reaching and which parts we are missing.,Mailchimp,10,000 to 25,000,B2C,30Once you're used to it a useful automation solution for smaller teams.7Sheep sends out the newsletters and invitations. I use it a couple of times per week. Charity events are organised each year so we now use it to make all the badges and lists for the events.,"Printables" in the account. Once set up with a template, badges and lists for our events are generated automatically. Attaching different campaigns to one contact list. I can set up the "Triggers" in the account alone.,It's a bit inconvenient to use in parts and I feel it needs too many clicks to navigate around. At the start of each of my new projects I have a lot of new data. Data cleaning, merging, deleting and so on in 7Sheep is more time consuming than doing it in Excel. I complete it offline and then import. This means exporting/importing/checking. I don't know if this set up saves me time. Two-factor authentication - I'd like another option rather than having to use that all the time. I would like a more visual drip campaign builder.,7,Saving time with my event being able to create auto-messages and also all of the badges. Using templates I set up very easily with the template editor has given a more professional look and I have been complimented on it. I get a lot more responses to my messages now that I send them out with the personalisation. We also are able to save a lot of time without using the mail merge in word and Excel.,,10,000 to 25,000,B2B,8,No,8Satisfied Sales Shepherd Supports 7Sheep7Sheep linked my sales (Salesforce CRM) and marketing efforts easily with a great solution. We are starting out with inbound marketing and we also need to be able to vet to which customers we want detailed product information. 7Sheep acts as an outreach tool and works with our sales and marketing process to let us achieve this.,We liked and are happy with their approach of eliminating unnecessary items. We are very happy with linking many campaigns back to a central contact list. Being able to have multiple contact lists and managing different information in each.,Better overview of drip campaigns. Easier overview of automation responses. Greater customization of landing pages Being able to see SMS and email campaigns as part of the same sequence.,9,increasing customer engagement increased ease to deliver multiple step marketing campaigns fewer forgotten emails due to drip campaign automation,Leadsius,Autopilot,HubSpot,Hatchbuck,inBoundio,Less than 10,000,B2B,8Tool for internal project marketingI develop internal software solutions for an international pharmaceutical and am responsible for the project marketing for my software applications and the change management during the roll-out of my solutions. 7Sheep is used with a single user. Mainly I use it for onboarding – I send training emails on a regular basis – and questionnaires.,Training: I set up automated emails to regularly send tips and tricks to my users. Newsletter: Updates of my software are announced via the email campaign feature. Forms: I send out questionnaires to my users and gather feedback via forms.,7Sheep is used as a standalone software and not integrated in our intranet. Setup of automated emails could be more visual to better see when which email is sent. A helper library for API access would be useful.,7,It allows me easier onboarding for my users. I get less support requests. I can manage emails and forms/questionnaires in a single application.,,Less than 10,000,B2BSmall company that uses 7Sheep on its own and implements for clients.I normally work alone and I like simple solutions and 7Sheep is one. Currently I use 7Sheep as my contact list and send out emails with the tool. I also recommend 7Sheep to my clients and set up forms, landing pages and lead tracking via the tool. Sometimes I use 7Sheep for online forms to do surveys.,Sending and tracking email newsletters works very well for me. I get a good overview who opened my email and which links were clicked. I often need to show parts of a form based on user input. Setup of complex forms is straight forward. I started to play around with sending SMS and really like this features. It is more direct than an email.,Setup of PDF exports like lists can only be done by contacting support first. I miss a WordPress integration. As there is nothing available I have to do it on my own via the API. For newsletters I would like to have an easier view on the clicks. Currently there is an overview by link and one by email. I would like to see this combined.,9,I do send newsletters more regulary and so I keep better in touch with my clients. I have an easy tool I can recommend to my clients. With the 7Sheep API I can integrate my projects very easy. Especially WordPress which I mainly do.,Less than 10,000,B2B
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24 Ratings
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Dynamic content (16)
Ability to test dynamic content (14)
Landing pages (16)
A/B testing (5)
Mobile optimization (20)
Email deliverability (21)
List management (21)
Triggered drip sequences (17)
Lead nurturing (16)
Lead scoring and grading (5)
Data quality management (20)
Automated sales alerts and tasks (16)
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Social sharing and campaigns (2)
Social profile integration (2)
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About 7Sheep

7Sheep is a marketing automation platform that is designed for marketing teams of 1 - 10 people. The solution focuses on the following key areas: 

  • Quick and Easy Databases
  • Web Form Builders
  • Automation and Nurturing Triggers
  • E-mail and Text Message Campaigns
  • Prospect Interaction Tracking (including website)
  • Integration API
  • Optional Translation Interface for Multi-lingual Campaigns


Marketing Automation Features 

Email & Online Marketing Features 

  • WYSIWYG Email Editor
  • Automated Email Responses
  • Triggered Email
  • Scheduled Emails
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Drip Email Marketing
  • Forms
  • Dynamic Content
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Delivery Pacing 

Lead Management Features 

  • Marketing Lead Database
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Lead Nurturing/Multi-touch Campaigns
  • Online Behavior Tracking
  • Data Quality Management
  • Automated Sales Alerts and Tasks
  • CRM Integration (Data Sync)
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Objects 

Reporting & Analytics Features

  • API / Integrations
  • Customization
  • Data Import & Export
  • Internationalization
  • Output Document Generation
  • User Roles and Permissions

Platform & Infrastructure Features 

  • API / Integrations
  • Customization
  • Data Import & Export
  • Internationalization
  • User Roles and Permissions

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