TrustRadius're OK with MIP; it was our only option.MIP is our accounting and scholarship system. We keep track of all donations, scholarship distributions, and write all invoices and checks from MIP as well. Our accountant then uses it for reconciliation and adjustments/Journal Entries.,The Interface is easy to understand. It is a typical accounting system. Not as intuitive as I would want, but the accountant loves it better than Quickbooks. As far as accounting software, it appears to be a powerful solution. Yes, it does. Again, the accountant loves it. In our area, it is widely used. Lots of MIP users, yes.,Creating reports is not easy. Not the best with reports. Not intuitive. Integration with sister product FR50 is horrible. They may be owned by the same company, but the interfaces, reports, etc. are not at all similar. How we use it for scholarship management is less than desirable. We had to "make it work".,8,It took a long learning curve to get up and running. We hope after another year we will see a good ROI. We are "used to it" and it is working.,We have 50 sub-funds. Data is pushed over from FR50. It works adequately.,DWD Technology Group,QuickBooks,Google Drive,1,Accounting Scholarship Management Reconciliation,We "made it work" for scholarship management, but nothing "innovative",We actually hoped to replace it, but it will probably due for our needs.,10,2,No,Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,We would have been better prepared for its lack of ease of use.,Third-party professional services,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,didn't do what we thought,3,No,5,No,No. I cannot.,posting invoice push from FR50,reports changes,3What You Should Know About Abila MIP Fund AccountingIt's used by the accounting department. We use it to maintain our general ledger, process accounts payable and produce financial statements. We produce financial statements for the board of directors, departmental reports for managers, and revenue and expense analyses for upper management. We use the budgeting module, but mostly as a reporting tool - we do the actual nitty gritty budgeting work using Excel. We also use MIP almost as a job cost accounting system. We're a public broadcasting organization with 7 different stations. We have to allocate expenses not only between funds but between stations, departments, activities and restrictions, and MIP gives us the flexibility to do all of that.,As I just mentioned, the flexibility to allocate revenue and expenses in multiple ways is probably the biggest strength. Very user friendly - I was able to learn the system without any formal training. Very stable - never have any performance issues, even with our less than cutting edge technology!,I would like to see a way to manage prepaid expenses. Microsoft Dynamics has a module that handles deferred expenses - you tell it where to charge the expense and over what period, and it sets up the batch. Then you just review the batch and post it. Saves a ton of data entry! Would like to have the option to select Unposted Transactions on all financial statements. Right now it's only available on some. There should be an Insert Line capability in the input screens, such as the Accounts Payable Invoice entry or Journal Voucher entry. Right now the only way that I know of to insert a line is to enter it at the bottom and move it up to where you want it, and that's very awkward. You should be able to highlight the line below where you want to insert, right click and have an option to insert, similar to what you do in Excel,9,The flexibility and ability to record by department, fund and activity has made our accounting more efficient and streamlined. Fewer spreadsheets.,We do not use MIP very much for this. We are fortunate in that we don't have multiple funds to manage.,Ziegner Technologies,,1,General ledger and reporting Accounts payable and bill pay Cash receipts reporting,We are able to avoid journal entries and multi-month expenses such as insurance expense by entering all 12 months of expense at the time the invoice is entered.,We are hoping to get the ACH module to start direct depositing payables payments.,10,3An A/P Accountant PerspectiveMIP is being used across the finance department. It is being used for financial reporting purposes. It is intended to track payment information for orders placed by the purchasing department. The budget department creates entries that set aside funds for particular purchases, in which the budget officer enters the estimated funds needed along with the fund coding information. It is also used as a user-friendly option for accountants to enter payment/funding information so that the data can be turned into a static file and transmitted to the uniform standard accounting system used by the State of Texas Comptroller's office among all state agencies. The MIP interface is more user friendly to the accountant and the data fields required for particular categories of purchases/payments are easier to view because of the one-line, white space table. Also MIP allows shortcuts to address the problem of multiple or even hundreds of coding lines that need to be copied for a particular category of payments, allowing for saving time and resources in order to record a payment.,MIP is user-friendly and enables efficient data entry. For example, as an accountant, I often see purchases that need to be paid with multiple lines of code. Often the amount of coding lines reaches over 100 lines of code. For these purchases, the budget department does not code the purchase and as an accountant with many bills to pay, I appreciate that MIP provides shortcuts like F6 to copy a whole line under the one above or F5 which allows me to copy down only one field if needed. It saves me a lot of time to copy data versus having to re-key information. MIP provides options to run quick reports on orders and purchases. With few clicks of a button, I can run a report on the encumbrance status (i.e. the funds set aside for purchases) and see if an encumbrance has been previously used up whenever I am unsure that an invoice has been paid. I can also run reports on past years funding information to see how a particular contract or purchase has been paid years prior when old staff used old processes. MIP offers an "Excel export" and "PDF export" option for payment reports. This option often saves a lot of time, particularly when I have to make an entry for a transaction that has 100 lines of funding code and I am looking for where I made an error in my entry of debits. I am often off by only a few pennies in my entries and the ability to export my file into excel allows me to run a pivot table and find my error easily. This way, I save time and work smarter.,The MIP software often freezes in the middle of my line entries or it will freeze up when I run a report. That said, I often deal with documents that have over a hundred lines of code and this may be the reason why the software takes a minute or two to load properly.,8,Due to my role and limited access rights, I would not be able to answer this question as I do not and would not know the ROI.,As an accounts payable accountant, I think that MIP Fund Accounting does allow the ability to manage multiple funds from multiple sources in a time-saving, efficient manner. For A/P purposes, the ability to see what the budget staff recommends in terms of fund coding, which often includes a combination of fund types, by the time the invoice is ready to be paid allows the accounting staff to compare funding sources for the payment.,,,Our organization primarily uses Abila MIP to enter payment transactions and generate end of the year reports to create the Annual Financial Report. Our organization uses Abila MIP as a user friendly alternative to the state program called USAS. Our organization uses Abila MIP primarily to record accounts payable and accounts receivable.,None that I can think of.,None that I can think of.,5,MIP in the OpenAbila MIP Fund Accounting is used by the whole organization for department and overall reporting as well as compliance reporting. It was purchased to allow for reporting by cost allocation to multiple cost centers, including both internal departments and grants.,Cost allocation. Allows great flexibility in the setup of cost pools and receipient centers. Multiple dimension coding structure. Allows complex accounting setups for multi-faceted organizations. Reporting. Allows many different report configurations. Exporting. Ease of exporting reports to PDF and Excel formats.,Bank reconciliation. Exceptionally outdated and inefficient process for clearing checks. Accounts payable. New vendor setup process could be so much easier, especially for vendors who are already employees. Credit card puchases. Badly needs improved functionality in the posting of transactions to actual vendors.,7,We believe Abila MIP Fund Accounting is a fairly efficient product. Abila MIP Fund Accounting is slow to innovate and implement enhancement requests.,Quickbooks,,AP AR GL,10,5,No,Product Features Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product,We would not change.,No,9,Yes,They often follow up to see if the issue is solved.MIP Saved The Day!!!Abila MIP Fund Accounting is being used by the finance department and the purchasing department only. All general accounting and financial reporting is performed via MIP. In addition, the purchasing department uses MIP to enter encumbrances to track open purchase orders. Use of MIP has fostered collaboration amongst various departments whose responsibilities impact financial reporting and monitoring of budgets. MIP makes producing financial reports very easy and the ability to quickly modify any report is very helpful.,MIP export to MS Excel functionality is so easy to use and helps us to quickly begin research and/or analysis. The reporting features allow us to pick and choose which columns/fields we would like to see on reports. The option to include or exclude unposted transactions provides a good mechanism for what-if scenarios as it relates to financial statement amounts. The year-end adjustment feature is new for us however it saves valuable time when reviewing transactions/reporting in preparation for our annual audit.,I'd like a better way to forecast expense that allows me to use a different multiplier or factors to augment individual line items. I would like the ability to develop the budget within the software so it would be easier for variance analysis between current budget and new budget or current actuals vs proposed budget,10,The most positive impact MIP had on our overall business objectives was to reduce the amount of time to produce useful reports. We no longer need to convert text files to MS Excel. Being able to add and delete columnar/field data prior to generating the reports has made staff members more productive. Common chart of accounts to use for any center and/or grant,We have definitely achieved the benefit from MIP's design for managing multiple funds from multiple sources as well as across fiscal years. We have two grants currently and one contract that all have different grant budget/contract periods. Comparisons to budget can be performed for each independently and by our agency's fiscal year for audit purposes. This helps us to comply with grant or contract regulations,,Prosoft Solutions,,Adaptive Insights,2,Financial Accounting and Reporting Budget to Actual Reporting Cash Management and Bank Reconciliation,We are still exploring ways to reduce the effort to forecast annual expenses and create financials for our annual report,Direct Budgeting in MIP rather than using another software for the budgeting modeling we require,10,11,Yes,Product Features Product Usability,I would spend more time on understanding our existing challenges to get a better idea of how those could be met by the software.,Third-party professional services,No,Change management was minimal,Training staff to use the software Working with consultant to structure software for the agency's needs,9,No,9,No,Not at this time.,Generating Financial Reports Bank Reconciliations,Getting Budget Amounts into the software,10Track like a ProWe use it primarily in our fiscal department, but provide information from the system to all departments.,Reporting is a great asset. Cost allocation to different funds through payroll is a breeze with this system. I like that you can choose who can perform different functions, and restrict access on an as needed basis.,I would like to be able to pick and choose which entries to post within a batch.,10,It has provided useful information for acquisition of current and new funding.,It has been a wonderful tool to manage all the different funding sources and grants. We have many divisions and those divisions have multiple funding sources within that division. MIP helps us track not only within the division but by the specific grants also.,NP Solutions, Inc.,,,Budgeting billing cash management,I use it to keep track of all our different donors.,I am looking and tracking specific inkind within classes.,10,2,Accounts Payable Basic financial statements Accounts Receivable,Bank Reconciliation Custom financial reports.,Yes,9Abila MIP, is it for you?Abila MIP is used by our agency mainly by the accounting department. Our directors of the grant programs use the software for report purposes only. The accounting department uses the accounts payable and accounts receivable daily. We do not at this time use the payroll module. The reports are easy to filter in order to provide the information you need to review, file or provide for meetings. Our company had used MIP for 12 years and it has met our needs.,reports - easy to filter information easy to enter data into the software great technical support,instructions for added features that are available are not clear, ie attaching invoices to AP entry,8,MIP allows our company an easy way to submit our claims for reimbursement,Our agency manages several funds from multiple sources. This software has allowed us to do this with ease.,Sage HRMS,Account Payables Account Receivables Financial reporting Reports and backup for filing claims to state,9,5,Yes,Price Product Features Product UsabilitySmall Organization Use of Abila MIP Fund AccountingAbila MIP Fund Accounting is used by our small public television station as our accounting software program.,Creates reports with ease. Easy to use to track grants we receive.,You can not just delete or edit an incorrect journal entry. You have to actually reverse the entry and re-enter the correct journal entry.,9,We simply use Abila MIP Fund Accounting to track all of our income and expenses. It does a good job tracking that.,We use Abila MIP Fund Accounting to help us account for how each grant we receive (or other funding source) is spent. This can easily be accomplished using the Abila MIP accounting system.,1,We use Abila MIP Fund Accounting to track all of our grant revenue. Abila helps us reconcile our bank accounts each month. Abila helps us track all of our accounts payable accounts.,We can account for several different grants at the same time.,Accounts Receivable,9,2,No,Product Features Product Usability Product ReputationAbila - One Stop ShopOur agency uses MIP Fund Accounting for our Financial, Accounting, Payroll, and Human Resource operations. Our entire organization uses EWS for time and attendance, our HR Department uses the HR Manager and Payroll modules, and our Accounting Department uses all remaining aspects of Fund Accounting with the exception of Forms Designer and DrillPoint.,The modules work well together making all necessary information available in one place. The Payroll module interacts with our Accounting module making financial information much quicker to analyze. The financial reports are easy to create and use.,The reporting available in the HR Module is substandard compared to the Accounting modules. All fields are not available for all reports, causing the need to export information to combine certain fields. The formatting of reports is cumbersome and not user friendly.,7,When moving from a third party processor to using the Payroll module a great amount of money was saved. Having an excellent grasp of Abila makes management financial decision more efficient and accurate. Using the time and attendance has saved one full time administrative staff position.,We do not have a current need for multiple funds tracking at the current time. It may have been used previously, but since our government funding has changed it is no longer necessary for us. We have gone from primarily Grant funding to Fee for Service funding making the need for multiple funds obsolete.,Net@Work,,TeamViewer, Adobe Acrobat DC,,Time and Attendance Financial Reporting Payroll Calculations and Tax Reporting,We are able to combine reports and export to Excel for graphic representations for our Board of Directors,None come to mind.,10,7,No,Product Usability,I would likely test several other available products and compare usability and reporting capabilities to my experience with Abila Products. I would be interested only in a full service product which would include Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, Financial Reporting, Electronic Transfer, Direct Deposit, all Payroll functions, Time and Attendance, Human Resources, and Fundraising and Donor reporting.Newbie's ReviewWe use MIP strictly in the finance department. We use it for all internal accounting. Most of us are relatively new users (less than 3 years), so we're constantly finding new ways to use the program. At year-end, it makes our 1099 generation process much simpler. For my purposes (accounts payable) now that I've worked with the program for a while, it's really quite easy to find just about anything I need (even going back several years).,Accounts can be customized just about any way you want; if you prefer using strictly numbering, or names either can be used as you like. Accounts receivable entries are quick and easy to input. Searching for information in the program is usually very easy.,For the AP module, I have found that it would be nice to be able to change an account name. When a vendor has a name change, the only options are to enter a new account or leave it as is and try to remember what the name is in the system when an invoice comes with the new name. This also applies to our employee accounts - when someone has a name change, we can't just change the account name.,9,The ability to find any information management may need is invaluable. I'm frequently asked to gather pricing information over time, and even though I still have to refer to hard copies at times, knowing exactly when an invoice was entered makes it far easier to locate the hard copy. Getting information into a presentable format for non-accounting personnel is a snap - sending a report to Excel makes it simple to present the information in a format that suits the person or department requesting it.,As a non-profit, we receive grant money that has to be tracked very closely. Each grant has its own code so it can be tracked from receipt to use - with the balance remaining easy to retrieve before purchases are made; departments receiving grant funds can get the information they need for budgeting quickly and accurately.,,,accounts payable accounts receivable general ledger accounting,10,5,AP Module,Reports AR Module,10Abila MIP Fund Accounting is worth a try for any non-profit business!!Abila is being used by our finance and accounting team. We use the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting and Fixed Assets modules. It addresses all of our business needs and it is very user friendly in terms of use and ability to learn the tasks. The Report Manager feature is also very intuitive and customization is easy and efficient.,Budgeting - provides the ability to work across fiscal years as we have many federal, state and local grants that require different time periods. Once it is set up, then it works seamlessly. Fixed Assets - This module tracks assets and depreciation based on your input and ties this information to the GL in an effective and efficient manner. Report Manager - reporting is very easy as you have many canned reports that can be easily customized to your preferences. You also have the ability to segregate your reports, by name, and store in a file for your easy retrieval and use.,Inputting the budget information can be cumbersome and difficult to understand. It took me a while to get the functionality correct. Understanding which input module to use for what purpose can be a little confusing. For instance Accounts Receivable has areas to input credits, receipts or manual invoices. This can be confusing at first. Setting up codes for new employees or clients can be confusing also as you must input this information into two different setup screens.,9,It's been a positive impact in terms of time saved, personnel, and functionality for the accounting staff. My entire staff enjoys the product and are pleased with the ease of use and reporting capabilities.,Yes, we have multiple sources of funds within our organization and the benefit is tremendous and now we are able to track these funds. The reporting by fund is intuitive and creates a very seamless process. We are able to create income statements and balance sheets by fund type and use this for making management decisions within our organization.,,SAP,Microsoft Access, ADP ezLaborManager,,Accounting reporting Budgeting Financial Statement preparation,Customized reporting to suit your business needs,Payroll,10,3,Not Sure,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,I would keep everything the same.,Implemented in-house,5,9,No,Financial Reporting General Ledger review Fixed assets,9Abila MIP - Not my first choiceAbila MIP is the accounting software we use for our organization's general financial needs. We maintain all accounting, for both operating finances and charitable endeavors, with this system. It's use is restricted to the Finance Department in our relatively small organization, but the reports we produce using this software is used by all members of our extended staff. All reporting to our Board of Directors is also used with Abila reports that we have developed ourselves over time.,Abila MIP Fund accounting is functional and robust. In terms of it's efficiency, it can provide the flexibility you'd want in regards to customizing it's functionality. But I do admit that I sometimes find it unwieldy to learn, and perhaps not the most intuitive software that I've ever come across. We found the pricing to be competitive when compared to other softwares, and it has improved over the years we've used it, but at times the support could be better. I've noticed a big difference in ability between customer reps in the times I've called them.,I find that Abila MIP is not at all robust when compared to its competitors. I find a lot of the functionality limited when compared to other similar software suites, like Microsoft AX for example. There are glitches with Abila MIP. Our auditors noticed that the bank reconciliation reports did not match the financial statements. When I called Abila customer support to find out why this was, he was evasive when I asked him whether this was a glitch or not. He finally admitted this was "a problem that had to be remedied".,6,Abila have been strict about their pricing. We did not use their customer service option for 11 months out of a 12 month period. We tried to negotiate a better service price based on this (we are a cost sensitive non-profit) but were refused. I would've expected better flexibility considering what we paid to Abila. Abila enabled us to easily update our accounting system with minimal issues. It was easy enough to change the chart of accounts, and there were no glitches afterwards.This was much appreciated, as we realized this could've presented us with a big learning curve we'd rather not waste our resources on. We completely upgraded versions of Abila this year and their work with our own IT team was good, although we did pay a premium for this service.,I suppose so. There is a lot of functionality of Abila that we do not use...I don't find the interface particularly intuitive to be honest. We do use Abila to keep track of our financial assets in terms of the grants and scholarships we award on an annual basis, but perhaps not to the extent that we could. I do think we could do a lot more, and I think that perhaps Abila's support could've helped us better use the software's functionality in this regard.,Microsoft,Microsoft Dynamics AX, ADP ezLaborManager,1,Financial reporting for the organization, most notably to upper management. Documentation of the financial operations of the organization (general accounting, record & information storage, etc...),None really.,Better reporting and related functionality. Better integration with our interrelated peripheral management information systems. For example our Paypal account, website, etc...,10,2,No,Price Product Features Prior Experience with the Product,If I had to do it again, I would've paid much more attention at fleshing out what functionality we would like to get out of the new software system, rather than how well it integrated to the current system. Admittedly we were happy that our upgrade went smoothly, conversely I don't think we improved our use of the software as perhaps we could've. As a smaller organization, we were sensitive to these kind of costs to consider.,4,Yes,Once of their product reps is very knowledgeable, so I was happy when I got him because the issue was 'resolved' quiclyMIP Fund Accounting is capable, but can be quirky.We use MIP to process our organization's payroll, accounts payable, HR, and track inventory. Members of our accounting department are the only ones that use this program. The program tracks all of our assets, income, and expenditures. It also tracks employee information and inventory items. We use MIP to generate our end-of-year tax forms as well.,Processes Payroll. Once setup properly, payroll can be completed in a few clicks. Processes Accounts Payable. Can track several funds and programs as well as several vendors.,HR module needs LOTS of work. Most areas in this module feel rushed and only half-function. For example- sick leave calculations don't pull the correct anniversary date, causing the results to be off by up to a month. The 1095-C tax module was a complete joke this year. Nothing auto-populated like promised, causing us to do a lot of hand entries. We purchased the HR module almost exclusively for the 1095-C reporting. Ended up being a waste of money. Reporting can be very limited. Reporting abilities can be very limited at times. We had to write a separate SQL program to pull the data that we needed for our retirement fund. The MIP system couldn't pull the data we needed. Being able to write our own SQL code for reports would be nice, but the system doesn't allow for it. Response time on the MIP tech support line can take up to an hour sometimes. Once you get someone, they don't always know what they're doing. We've gotten 2 completely different responses to the same questions, depending on who answered the phone.,5,Good-MIP has helped to streamline several processes into 1 application, instead of several different applications. Bad- The initial cost and recurring maintenance fees are much higher than our previous solution,MIP does very well at tracking multiple funds and sources. It took us a couple tries to get things setup properly, however. The system structure cannot be modified once it's setup, so if anything is amiss, you have to start over from the beginning with a new database. Once things are setup correctly, it's fairly easy to track evertything and things run pretty smooth.,igs and logos,Spiceworks, Microsoft Access, Windows Server,2,Payroll Accounts Payable Benefits Tracking Fixed Assets,MIP is unable to generate the report we need for our retirement processing. Luckily, we were able to create a 3rd party application that can pull the data we need from our database and put it into a format that our retirement company will accept. The reports module can quickly give our managers a detailed calculation of all their account balances.,There is a timesheet module that employees can use to enter their work time directly into the system, instead of using traditional time sheets or punch clocks. The system can be setup to send pay stubs and w-2's directly to employees, instead of printing and mailing. The Executive View module allows managers to log in and generate their own reports without needing to have accounting staff run the reports for them.,10,8Community Health Center Review of Abila MIP fund AccountingAt PCHS, we use Abila for HR, Payroll, General Accounting and Financial Reporting, Budgeting, Accounts Payable and limited Accounts Receivable.,For in-depth analysis of the GL transactions, reports can be filtered to drill down on an account, a time period, a vendor, a department or grant, and then downloaded to Excel for use in pivot tables and other analysis. We use Abila MIP for grant budgets and reports, making the preparation of financial backup for monthly, quarterly and annual reporting quick and easy. The budget module can generate budgets from the actual prior period history to the dates specified. This area can really give you the ability to generate a budget with limited manual input. The help support is usually very quick to get back to you, to point out where you can find the information and help you navigate the knowledgebase materials. Everyone I spoke to gives a sincere impression that helping you is the most important thing for them. I appreciate that friendly manner!,I would personally love to have more "cut, copy and paste" functionality within the modules. In particular, when using journal entries there is no ability to "copy" 20 lines of entry, edit the department and move the amounts from debit to credit to reclassify items from one department (or grant, or gl code) to another. The bank reconciliation function is time consuming. Since we do a direct deposit, we have 140 or so "checks" for each payroll whereas the bank statement has one big debit. Each of these has to be individually checked off. When you move to another window and come back, the list jumps around and you can accidentally uncheck or check the incorrect item. It is very hard to troubleshoot when you have a lot of bank items. This may be a function of PCHS being in Alaska, but I find the training to be generally expensive. Since we have a limited budget for training and travel, particularly for accounting support staff, I have not been able to attend any of the multi-day training courses and have had to train myself. I have just purchased the summer training pass and hope to be able to get a lot of value from about 10 live webcasts for $795 instead of $125 per hour. Up to now I have not been able to attend the multi-day training because of the high training cost (about $500 per day for live classroom training) combined with airfares, hotels and other travel costs. Additionally the consultants who are willing to travel to our location want about $1,600 per day for one-on-one training. Any free webinars are generally for the purpose of selling add-ons or additional modules. I find the user manuals to be hard to read. They all start with you having a new installation, so it is hard to find the information you need without doing an online search. Usually I do a live chat to narrow it down.,8,I believe we have a good handle on the spending under our grant programs by using Abila MIP Fund Accounting. We can filter results by grant or program for easy monitoring and reporting, in multiple reports that give a big picture and detail pictures.,,2,HR and payroll administration is a very intensive use. The HR/Payroll team of 3 people use Abila MIP in conjunction with TimeForce to track employment dates, accrual of vacation and holiday time, pay rules and distributions, payroll and direct deposit, year end reporting and more. General Financial: Monthly financial statements for the Board of Directors, Departmental statements with comparison to budget for Directors and Managers, ability to drill down for grant data, expenses by account and vendor and other reporting to provide information for decision making and evaluation of program successes. Cash management and bill paying: Integrated accounts payable, payroll and cash receipts provide a reliable foundation to monitor and reconcile cash balances, determine accounts payable payment and invoicing questions, and track expenses. Grant reporting: With the use of the grant segment of financial reporting, it is easy to drill down and provide supporting backup for grant expenditures.,The Excel export feature is useful for so many various uses. Who gave us donations? How many people traveled last year? What is the result of this particular program? Being able to run reports on posted transactions, export to Excel, prepare pivot tables are all ways to use the Abila MIP product.,We have not yet tapped the features that could provide a paperless system for accounts payable. With the attachments features, there may be a future possibility to eliminate the files of paid bills we currently maintain. Setup of electronic bill paying. We have not moved forward to implement these features and instead use either paper checks or pay through vendor portals. Purchasing and requisitions. We are still using a paper system for requests and purchases orders through receipts and bill payment.,9,6Non Profit accounting solutionsWe use Abila MIP to do the process on most of our checks. It is an easy software to use, and it allows our organization to keep track of all of our expense records. We can check our records at all times, and verify dates and totals paid. We also find it to be very helpful for our year end audits. We can run a variety of reports sorted by GL accounts, by dates, and other. The only thing I don't like is that some reports are buggy. For example I cannot run a report that includes both check numbers, and GL numbers on the same report. The tech support is excellent. I have called them up for some issues and they usually resolve my issues the same day.,Ability to run various reports based on the data available Ability to import Excel data into MIP Tech support is fast,Reports could be more functional - have the ability to have both GLs and check numbers on reports Some issues with license validation at random the software will decide not to work Addition of new features more often Add address verification support like ADP. ADP can verify addresses without having to google.,8,A lot of time saving on processes. With the addition of the import feature it has cut our data entry in half.,It is very effective in keeping track of our different funds, locations, and GL accounts. By entering data and recording location codes and fund accounts in our transactions with MIP, we can later create custom reports that can arrange this date into multiple informational reports that can be extracted in seconds.,4,Cutting checks Running reports creating vendors,Running custom reports based on data entered during use. Importing excel files directly into MIP software.,We are expanding to various states, MIP software will be a must accounting tool in future offices.,10,4,No,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports,We would probably search for the same features that we currently use. Maybe take a recommendation from another labor union or non profit organization.,No,8,No,I had to call Abila to sort out a glitch I had while importing excel files. I only had to wait on the phone line for a brief period before I was helped. The technician knew exactly what the issue was and was able to give me a resolution in less than 5 minutes.,setting up vendors is really easy. It takes no more than 5 minutes to create a new vendor and have the ability to pay this vendor in less than 5 minutes. looking up past vendor payments is also real easy and can be modified to have a selected date range for particular queries. During audits it is really easy to run custom reports , with filters ranging from Vendor id's to GL's to specific date ranges.,some reports are still flawed. I still can't understand why I cant have a report that has both check numbers and GL's on the same report. the occasional glitch at start that causes error while logging in can be annoying.,No,8You Won't Go Wrong, if You Choose MIPS Fund AccountingWe use only the Fund Accounting module of MIPS and it is only used by the five members of the Accounting Department. It has been a very effective tool for accurately stating our organization's financial position at any time. Its Fund capability allows us to track and report on Restricted Funds (i.e. Donations and Grants designated for specific purposes). My staff and I have been using MIPS for 10+ years at my current organization and it has been very reliable and generally required a short learning curve for new staff.,Tracking Restricted Funds - It is very easy to see at a glance where we stand with the receipt and use of specific project funding. The Ability to Keep Fiscal Years Open - Some program force you to close out your year within a relatively short period of time. MIPS can be kept open for as long as I need to complete my annual Audit preparation. This relieves pressure. Allows me to easily review my staff's entries, invoices, etc. before they are posted. This eliminates potential errors and corrections.,MIPS needs the ability to drill down. There is currently too much need to write down invoice numbers, JE numbers, etc. in order to cross-reference (view) related documents. MIPS needs to expand the availability of certain data fields. I would like to see more fields available under the Contents Tab when designing reports. Too many times, I will be able to choose a certain field under one report but be unable to access the same field in another report. This requires me to design two or more reports to get what I need. Improve the Historical Invoices Function. Currently it allows you to print the original invoice. If a correction was made afterwards (using the same invoice number), it creates two entries with identical invoice numbers and if you select and print the wrong one, it will not reflect the change. I realize that the Statement capability can address this, but to me Statements should be used to reflect billing amounts and payments received.,10,Though MIPS has not had an easily measurable, tangible impact on our ROI, our ability to satisfy our Funders' reporting requirements has had the intangible benefits of demonstrating Professionalism and Compliance. This makes it easier for us to get renewal funding each year. The accuracy and simplicity of tracking our results by fund also makes annual budgeting process much easier. Likewise, the ease of use of MIPS allows us to get by with less staff than might have been required with a "harder" software package.,Absolutely! This may be the single best feature of MIPS. Separating Funds is an absolute requirement for a nonprofit organization that receives Restricted funds from different sources. This process is easy with MIPS.,,DonorPerfect, Interact,,Billing General Ledger Reporting Accounting for Restricted Funds,We have set up individuals' Liability accounts to track the client checking accounts we manage for our Residential and Supported Living Clients as their Rep Payees. We chose this approach in lieu of setting up separate funds for each client because it provided simplicity and accuracy, at the same time.,If we ever choose to utilize additional modules, it will allow us a smooth link.,10,,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product,I might ask about the product's ability to drill down.,Implemented in-house,This software was implemented by my predecessor immediately before I arrived 12 years ago. I know that there was a lot of upfront planning to determine the desired structure of accounts/reports etc. But I did not here of any significant concerns, because Customer support assisted every step of them way. I have had minimal problems with utilizing the software. I believe this is because it was set up properly.,9,Yes,9,Yes,Frankly, I cannot recall a time when Abila support did not provide me with exceptional support. They stand 100% behind their product, are very knowledgeable about how their product works and are not afraid to acknowledge known problems or issues with their products. Regardless they always do their best to resolve my problems in a timely and courteous manner.,All aspects of Accounts Receivable are smooth and intuitive. All aspects of Accounts Payable are smooth and intuitive. Abila Fund Accounting makes it very easy to analyze historical data for trends and input errors. The Bank Reconciliation capabilities make the reconciliation process smooth and accurate for my staff.,There is no easy "drill down" capability Though the "Data Integrity Check" capabilities are excellent at identified problems with the data, you must call Customer Support to resolve the problems. The add formula's capability is not always intuitive.,9Abila Accounting for Non-Profits-Awesome!I along with our CFO use Abila for non-profits for accounting and fundraising needs. I have been doing bookkeeping for 20+ years and have used other accounting software in the past but feel that Abila is much more user friendly and far superior to them. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking at accounting software for no-profit or business purposes.,Reports are flexible in the choices of information you want to get. They can be easily customized to your specific needs. Corrections to unposted and posted entries are easily made. I like that the accounting and payroll are now together on the same application instead of two separate ones. Before they were combined I had to open two separate apps, one for accounting and one for payroll and keep switching back and forth between them. Now it is just the one and it is so much easier and convenient for them to be combined.,We have employees that work different shifts and get a pay differential depending on what shift they are working. I need to do two separate paychecks for the different pay rates for those employees. It would be easier if there was a way to do a single check with the split rates on it. Although the reports are easy to customize there are some instances when you want certain information on a report and the choice for that information is not available for you to choose. You can easily reverse and copy a posted accounts payable entry, but that option is not available for checks issued in a write checks session. You would either have to do a journal entry or void the check and re-write it with the same check no. and print it on plain paper. Kind of a pain.,10,Abila has been a great tool for tracking donors and their donations as well as grants, both private and government and putting them in the proper general ledger accounts, departments and divisions. It has also been a great way to distribute employees salaries to restricted funds from grants and unrestricted funds from other sources.,We are able to track and manage donors and their donations and grants form private and government sources, whether it is to our organization or our Endowment Foundation.,,Microsoft Office 365,2,Payroll Financial reports Grant tracking Accounts payable Cash donation entries and tracking,employee hours various wage earning codes number of employees that were employed at specific date ranges.,I don't have anything specific at this time,10,2,No,Product Features Product Usability,I wasn't involved in the selection process as I wasn't here at that time.,Implemented in-house,I don't know as I wasn't employed here when the implementation was made.,1,In-person training Self-taught,8,Yes. If you have an accounting background and experience with other accounting software it is pretty easy to learn and use the help features.,7,No,No I cannot.,Payroll Processing Cash Receipt Entering Accounts Payable Processing,Reverse & Copy It is sometimes difficult to get the information I need in some of the reports.,Yes, but I don't use it,9,9,8,10,Yes,We still don't have the current payroll tax rates, which is what we needed, but we did get updated W-4 abilities.,Current payroll tax rates.,NoAbila - Great FInancial Software for medium to large non profitsAbila MIP Fund Accounting is utilized for all our electronic accounting needs - general ledger, payroll, and reports to board and management.,Ability to produce reports to management and funding agencies The audit trails are fantastic User Friendly Ease in navigating through modules,Ability to exclude inactive, discontinued, terminated, etc., vendor and payroll accounts when looking up accounts "Select All" option when transferring from payroll to general ledger Expanding fields available for filtering when generating reports in payroll,9,Clean CPA audits Excellent financial reviews from funders Creation of reports required by potential sources of funds results in increased funding,We have funding sources that require that we breakdown funding from them by titles. The ability to structure the chart of accounts to make this possible is available thru Abila and has proven to be invaluable. For example we receive funds from the state unit on aging - Older Americans Act funding; state funding, department of labor funding, etc. The Older Americans Act funding is broken down by Title i.e., IIIB, IIIC,IIID,IIE. The state unit requires that we track and report out on all of these separately. Structuring of the chart account makes this possible.,,Microsoft Office 2016,1,Payroll Reporting Financial Management,Create reports to drop directly into our annual report Provide all necessary schedules to do annual 990 Preparing annual audited financial statement worksheets,human resources benefit tracking,10,3,Yes,Price Product Usability Product Reputation Third-party Reviews,Do not believe I would change.,Professional services company,Yes,Change management was minimal,Employee attitude to change purchasing necessary hardware to meet specifications cost,9,No,9,No,It was before they perfected upgrades. I was having a SQL Server issue. I allowed the tech support person to control my computer and my issues were resolved. I thought I would be late running payroll, which caused much anxiety for me. I was amazed at how quickly the issue could be resolved.,Data Input Reporting Electronic Fund Transfer,Using budget worksheet Selecting items when transferring payroll to general ledger Correcting payroll distribution errors,Yes, but I don't use it,9Honest opinion of MIPMIP is used by the entire organization. We currently use the accounts payable, general ledger and budgeting modules. MIP is excellent for allocating costs across all programs. It allows us to easily run reports based on project codes as well as program codes. It saves time and key stroke errors by being able to save allocations used frequently.,Cost allocation. It's easy to set up distribution codes to easily allocate costs. The Budget module is easy to use. It's easy to distribute the budget across all 12 months. Ability to save general ledger entries. Saves time when entering monthly recurring transactions.,Reporting. If you select the wrong option in the drop down box, you need to go back to the start. Still no change in this. Credits in A/P. If I need to use a distribution code for a credit, I need to enter the invoice total as a positive number and then change it to negative after the allocation. I would like to be able to pay vendors without creating a vendor record, e.g., one-time vendors. We often have vendors that we pay one time and they have to have a record created for them.,9,I cannot think of an impact MIP has had on our business. It is the only computer based system the agency has used and has been using it for 18 years. There have been no instances that have not had a solution using the software.,Blackbaud CRM,Microsoft Office 2016, Adobe Acrobat DC,,Ability to track multiple projects Run the necessary reports for funders Track the issuance of 1099s.,I do not know of any innovative or unexpected ways we use the software other than the purpose it was intended for.,I do not know of any additional ways MIP will be used in the future.,9,1,No,Price Product Features,I would definitely speak to other users of the software as well as visiting some companies that use the software. It would be good to be able to see it in action in a real setting as well as talk to the users who deal with the software every day and understand how it really works.,Don't know,I am unaware how implementation went as I was not employed by the agency at the time.,5,Self-taught,Yes, the software is easy to use. The only training I received was from the previous user who was not using it to its full potential. The ability to export files to excel had never been explored by the previous user. When I first tried to use it, I was unable. I then discovered it was due to the software not being set to export.,9,I do not have any specific recommendations.,No - we have not done any custom code,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,There are none I can mention.,9,No,I do not recall anytime that I received exceptional support for this product. I probably only call support one or two times per year and do not have many issues with the software. I cannot even recall the issue I last contacted them for. Any time I have called, I have been completely satisfied with the support staff.,General ledger entries are easy to enter. Very straight forward entry. Accounts Payable is also easy to work with.,Budgets. It would be helpful to be able to take the prior year budget and edit and save as the new year budget. That would make things much easier. It isn't straight forward on how to print the budget once you have the entry ready.,Yes, but I don't use it,9,9,10,10,None,5,No,File import/export,As far as the usage with Adobe and Excel, it has been wonderful to be able to run a report and export it to Adobe for ease of sharing the information.,5,5,I am unaware of what was negotiated during the sale of the software.,I have no comment on the vendor as I have had no contact with them.,Yes,I cannot recall what the most recent upgrades were for.,I hope to see better reporting as far as ease of navigating within the report area of the software.,No,NoWe Have Been With Abila MIP for 4 years!We are using Abila MIP in the Finance Department. It is our only accounting software. We use the Accounts Payable, Cash Disbursements, Cash Receipts and Accounts Receivable Billings [modules].The one thing I like which is of great importance; I do not call often, but their support department has always solved my problem. They can log in to your system using Citrix. When you call in for an issue you are on hold for a while - but you can leave your phone number for a call back and they have always called me back!We were able to customize our general ledger coding and departments and do department level financials and reports as well as organizational financials and reports. It has a drill down feature in several places (there could be more). We are required to have a yearly audit and Abila MIP has been able to produce the reports and financials required.I just wish they would include the customer's address when you are posting in cash receipts,When you use the support Line, they call you back if you leave a callback number. Easy to use and learn for data entry and basic, daily use, and frequently used programs. General Ledger, department and program coding can be customized. They have enhanced the bank reconciliation process and voiding checks in accounts payable - both are important to me. They do improve the software - they do not let it go stagnant.,For 1099s the program is user unfriendly. The program could exclude YTD payments under $600 automatically. In accounts payable entries, vendor addresses come up automatically. Need to add that functionality to Accounts Receivable Receipts module and Cash Receipts module. Cash Receipts module needs to be integrated with Accounts Receivable. Donors in cash receipts need to be fully credited with donation (Revenue) even if processing fees are deducted. Rather than recording the full donation to the donor's account, the amount of the deposit (less processing fees) is recorded in the donor record. A serious problem in my mind; forces you to use full Accounts Receivable module which I only use for billings to largest donors. I would still like them to show the address of the customer when you are entering receipts in the cash receipts module.,9,It has allowed us to record revenue and expenses with relative ease of use which helps us more closely track expenses by program and provide accurate financial statements. It provides the options to break out revenues and programs in great detail - great for tracking individual programs,We are able to track a number of revenue sources. We are able to report them at the program level as well as department level and organization level. Abila MIP provides for unrestricted,temporarily restricted and restricted funds. We are able to produce reports that record Federal, State, and municipal monies as well as grants and individual & business donations. We are able to produce reports that are necessary for 990 requirements. Still happy with breakout of multiple funds. Works well,,2,Writing checks cash receipts module financial statements,customizing revenue & expense tracking of small programs,interface with development software - SalesForce,9,4,No,9,I was locked up - don't remember the problem or what application I was in -couldn't use the software. They were swift at getting me back running again,Entering invoices writing checks,managing recurring entries was difficult to understand when we first started out,9Ideal for Head Start with Multiple funding streamsIt is used by the finance and accounting department. Our reports are shared with the entire organization - particularly the Board of Directors and Policy Council.We are a multi-funded small non profit ($8million) and it definitely makes accounting easier with a package than can cost allocate multiple streams of funding.,Multiple funding stream cost allocations Ease of setting up customized reports Relatively easy to learn,Encumbrance package is a bit more confusing Personalization of reports is sometimes limited Local training is limited,8,Employee efficiency Better reporting Encumbrance model caused alot of unnecessary problems,Mas 90,Microsoft Access, Microsoft Exchange,,Minimal support needed Ease of use Multiple funding sources Ease of developing reports,Combined funding report,Better use of encumbrances,9,3,Yes,Product Features Product Usability,We are pleased with our selection and vendor selection for install and training.,Professional services company,Yes,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,no significant issues. We were well prepared. Wessell Consulting did excellent job.,10,Yes,10,Yes,Our third party vendor (reseller) Wessell Accounting always respons within 24 hours - usually within 1 hour! Had a serious issue with payrolla nd they "fixed" it wihin 1 hour - saving the day.,Reporting Cost allocation Reoccuring bills,Encumbrances,8Ablila reviewAbila is being used by accounting. It addresses our financials, processes AP and AR. We create all the financial reports from Abila. Allocation Management module is user friendly.,Ability to import and export reports to Excel Ability to customize any report Easy to use,There isn't drill-down capability within the reports,8,We just added EFY payment module recently. It is very useful and save time to track outstanding checks. 1099 report is user friendly. It is easer to report 1099.,Tthe flexibility of the reporting function helps me immensely in my monthly reviews.,,QuickBooks Pro,3,Payment Payroll Financial Statements,Budgeting Allocation management,Cash management EFT payment,10,3,No,Product Usability Prior Experience with the Product Analyst ReportsMIP is a great fund-accounting software program.We use Abila MIP Fund Accounting, not only for our daily operations, but for payroll and human resources. We utilize most of the functions offered with the software and find that they are user friendly. MIP Fund Accounting is easy for even our newest employees to understand. This software is a huge assist to our company. When an issue arises we contact MIP support and have an answer in a short amount of time. The staff is very friendly and professional.,Allowing reports to be exported into a PDF or Excel worksheet is very beneficial when presenting to our board. Emailing a report to a funding source without having to print it out and scan is very smooth and helps when you are in a hurry. The ability to filter for the exact item(s) that you need help when auditors need verification of those exact details. This is valuable for helping our department locate those areas that need explanation as well.,It would be helpful to locate an item when we are given a check number rather than the name on the check. When we process our payroll we have to manually remove extra coding so that our salaries are not all over the general ledger. It would be nice if there were a better way for this function to be eliminated. It would be great if the process for using Atrix was smoother. We have issues almost every year for one reason or another.,10,MIP helps us produce information quickly.,We have approximately 25 funds that we utilize with MIP. We receive revenue from over 9 different funding sources. We are able to keep each fund separate by year and source. MIP helps us track multiple funds by numbering each fund by year. This process allows us to close out a certain year and start a new one seamlessly.,,Upsafe Free Office 365 Cloud Backup, Adobe Acrobat DC,10,MIP is used primarily by the accounting department to assist in preparing monthly reports, payroll, and accounts payable. MIP is essential in helping us with our daily activities, monthly and quarterly reports, and annual audit. We use MIP to process our 1099's and W-2's every year making this process quicker and easier, considering we process over 240 W-2's and around a thousand 1099's. The only drawback in the past has been the communication of MIP with Aatrix when uploading our files. We have worked through those situations with the help of MIP support, but in a couple of those years, we had to start over. We have the HR module and use it for our employees; however, we were not able to use the EWS module because it lacked functionality that we needed for our employees.,We use MIP to help with our profit sharing reporting. We have found ways to put most of the information into one report and email to our administrator. We have found ways to track missing TIN's by printing out reports and then exporting into Word to print out letters in the mail merger.,Would love to use MIP for employees timekeeping, if some of the needed functions were added in the future we might consider switching to EWS. Would love to see if there are ways to produce charts and graphs to use in board reports.,10,10,Not Sure,Product Features Product Reputation,I think that MIP would be the choice regardless of the evaluation or selection process. I receive calls about our accounting software and if we would consider looking at their product, but we are happy with MIP and are not considering a switch.,Online training,10,9,They helped us set up our direct deposit function years ago and also helped us with the ACH process to pay some of our vendors. In both cases, they were very patient even when having to repeat or restate the steps we needed to complete. I appreciate the understanding and willingness to help that each technician offers when we call.FunctionalAbila MIP is used across the organization. It is able to bifurcate expenses by numerous categories. I can gather information such as staff hours that come from payroll as well.,Allows for multiple distribution codes. Allows user defined fields. Good telephone support. Fairly user friendly.,The fixed asset module is very weak. There are numerous glitches. You cannot modify a distribution code during the lifetime of the asset once set up. Help screens could be improved significantly. Better integration with drillpoint report writer. Budgeting ability is nonexistent. Budgeting needs to be done outside of the G/L and essentially we need to manually input thousands of fields for the budget. Lack of support for integration for positive pay.,7,Payroll data information information is much better than with previous system. Audits are clean. Information can be provided easily although the trial balance reports are very clunky. We can find information easily.,It hasn't made that much of an impact [on our ability to manage multiple funds from multiple sources.],,2,Can break down expenses well good for cost reporting can import allocations,can collect staff hours,If reporting was easier we could get more information. I wish budgeting was easier,7,7,No,7,Yes,Once we had to close a year and it did not close properly. The support team wrote a patch repair program specifically for us.Abila MIP great toolAbila allows for a much quicker way to produce financials statements than using Excel. Abila address unique needs that NFPs have. Abila also makes data entry extremely easy. MIP does a great job of balancing flexibility with ease of use.,Reporting Data entry Ease of use,More customization Statistical reporting Works much better as an on premise software than hosted,7,We cannot measure it but it made us more efficient,We only had one fund,,Sage Intacct, Nexonia Expenses,2,Tracking expenses by grants Tracking expenses by programs Tracking net assets by restriction,Use the purchasing module for check requests,allowing grant managers to track budget to actuals,1,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,We would plan for a software that could grow with us.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Just the time to clean up old data,10,No,8,No,They helped with a data corruption and did not charge.,Reporting AP Invoices,Purchasing,Yes, but I don't use it,8
MIP Fund Accounting (formerly Abila MIP)
614 Ratings
Score 8.1 out of 101
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Abila MIP Fund Accounting Reviews

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Abila MIP Fund Accounting
614 Ratings
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Score 8.1 out of 101
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March 05, 2019

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Review: "An A/P Accountant Perspective"

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

The MIP reporting function needs improvement. For example, when you create reports, it takes way too long to load and then when you do create a report, there is not an easy way to delete. Even our administrators have difficulty deleting reports.
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Chanette Oeser profile photo
January 15, 2019

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Review: "Abila - One Stop Shop"

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

We have had many recent changes in our organization at the State level with our funding opportunities and partner agencies. We are a small agency with a very thin Administrative staff, any major change in software and reporting is placed in a low priority, and will take a significant problem to ever be considered. "If it's not broke, don't fix it."
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Ryan Husbands, MBA, CPA profile photo
April 16, 2018

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Review: "Abila MIP - Not my first choice"

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

Because the ease of continued use is a big factor once Abila is successfully adopted within a company. With an organization of our size, a real consideration of going with another accounting software provider brings about so many possibility for problems, not to mention costly budget overruns in things like training, system downtime, etc...
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Jacien Squires profile photo
January 18, 2018

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Review: "MIP Fund Accounting is capable, but can be quirky."

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

We finally have our system setup the way we need it. Moving to another accounting system would be very labor intensive and take several months, if not a year to implement.
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Maryann Freepartner profile photo
January 16, 2018

"Community Health Center Review of Abila MIP fund Accounting"

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Likelihood to Renew

Since our system has been in place for almost ten years, we occasionally talk about doing a new implementation. We do not talk about moving to a different product. Abila has many options for support, including cloud support, that we can evaluate. The overall satisfaction between HR, Payroll and Accounting is high. We have taken advantage of training and have developed a good level of expertise and the program upgrade features do not require reworking our processes. We have not found the product to impede any of our process improvements and find new ways to utilize the features as time goes on.
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Janet Resendiz profile photo
January 08, 2018

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Review: "Honest opinion of MIP"

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

I will definitely renew the use of Abila MIP Fund Accounting. The software is working well for our agency and the cost for annual service is reasonable. Overall I probably call support one or two times per year so I do not have many issues with the software. Support is worth the updates alone.
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January 08, 2018

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Review: "MIP is a great fund-accounting software program."

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

We have used MIP for years and it is a good product with a solid history and because of the good reputation, there are countless numbers of non-profits using MIP. MIP continues to improve and enhance the software, which helps us do our jobs more efficiently and effectively. I would recommend MIP for any non-profit now or in the future.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Pay calculation (121)
Benefit plan administration (86)
Direct deposit files (102)
Salary revision and increment management (92)
Reimbursement management (71)
API for custom integration (74)
Plug-ins (48)
Single sign-on capability (220)
Role-based user permissions (266)
Dashboards (151)
Standard reports (287)
Custom reports (280)
Accounts payable (299)
Accounts receivable (209)
Cash management (191)
Bank reconciliation (267)
Expense management (212)
Time tracking (77)
Fixed asset management (126)
Multi-currency support (30)
Multi-division support (116)
Regulations compliance (89)
Electronic tax filing (141)
Self-service portal (89)
Standardized Processes (14)
Inventory tracking (1)
Automatic reordering (1)
Location management (2)
Manufacturing module (1)
Pricing (50)
Order entry (51)
Credit card processing (2)
Cost of goods sold (2)
Client data roll-up capabilities (42)
Configurable alerts (45)
Billing bypass (28)
Client template cloning (33)
Single sign-on (1)
Industry-specific versioning (34)
Legacy system data migration (40)

About Abila MIP Fund Accounting

MIP Fund Accounting™ is a configurable fund accounting solution that allows you to report and track information that is most important to you, your board and your supporters. According to the vendor, the solution can change and grow with you through your most difficult of fund accounting, human capital management and payroll decisions alike.

MIP Fund Accounting™ exclusively serves the financial management and fund accounting needs for thousands of nonprofits and government agencies. MIP™ has received the Campbell Award for several years in a row. The company focuses on your long-term needs, and allows you to custom design your system to enable you to manage effectively, get timely information, streamline processes and provide strong controls.

MIP™ is a fully integrated system with comprehensive functionality including fund accounting, procurement, budgeting, payroll, human resources, timekeeping, fixed asset management, grant management, dashboards, and more. The flexible structure enables you to manage and report on multiple cost centers at the general ledger level including multiple organizations, funds, projects, grants, programs, departments, locations, etc. The product can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or self-hosted. Separately, you choose whether you would like to purchase/own the system or if you would like to pay by subscription.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Features

General Ledger and Configurable Accounting Features
Has featureAccounts payable
Has featureAccounts receivable
Has featureCash management
Has featureBank reconciliation
Has featureExpense management
Has featureTime tracking
Has featureFixed asset management
Has featureMulti-currency support
Has featureMulti-division support
Has featureRegulations compliance
Has featureElectronic tax filing
Has featureSelf-service portal
Does not have featureGlobal Financial Support
Does not have featurePrimary and Secondary Ledgers
Does not have featureIntercompany Accounting
Does not have featureLocalizations
Does not have featureJournals and Reconciliations
Does not have featureEnterprise Accounting
Does not have featureConfigurable Accounting
Does not have featureCentralized Rules Framework
Has featureStandardized Processes
Inventory Management Features
Does not have featureInventory tracking
Does not have featureAutomatic reordering
Does not have featureLocation management
Does not have featureManufacturing module
Order Management Features
Has featurePricing
Has featureOrder entry
Does not have featureCredit card processing
Does not have featureCost of goods sold
Does not have featureOrder Orchestration
Does not have featureEnd-to-end order visibility
Does not have featureOrder exception Resolution
Payroll Management Features
Has featurePay calculation
Has featureBenefit plan administration
Has featureDirect deposit files
Has featureSalary revision and increment management
Has featureReimbursement management
Reporting & Analytics Features
Has featureDashboards
Has featureStandard reports
Has featureCustom reports
Customization Features
Has featureAPI for custom integration
Has featurePlug-ins
Security Features
Has featureRole-based user permissions
Has featureSingle sign-on capability
Does not have featureMulti-factor authentication
Has featureUser-level audit trail
Accounting Firm BPO Features Features
Does not have featureBranded client dashboards
Has featureClient data roll-up capabilities
Does not have featureClient data consolidation for benchmarking
Has featureConfigurable alerts
Has featureBilling bypass
Has featureClient template cloning
Does not have featureSingle sign-on
Does not have featureConfigurable client onboarding questions
Does not have featureCross-client workflow management
Has featureIndustry-specific versioning
Has featureLegacy system data migration

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Abila MIP Fund Accounting Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise, SaaS
Operating Systems: Windows
Mobile Application:No