Revenue Management Solutions

Revenue Management Solutions Overview

What are Revenue Management Solutions?

Revenue management solutions help businesses manage variable pricing for products and services. Revenue management solutions also help businesses record, report, and understand their transactions.

In many industries, a business can optimize their revenue by varying the price of a product or service based on time, location, and customer type. Making an informed decision about these factors requires proper analysis of a large amount of data. Once the decision is made, the price variation must be reflected properly in the business’s offerings.

Revenue management solutions aim to help businesses make and execute these pricing decisions. Most vendors offer products that capture, refine, and analyze customer data. Businesses set rules determining how this data should affect pricing, and the software executes pricing changes. Many revenue management solutions include billing functionality, allowing the software to process, record, and analyze customer transactions.

Some revenue management solutions focus on revenue recognition rather than data-driven pricing. These products are designed to account for revenue in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and provide real-time GAAP reports. These products often contain accounting book features designed to comply with accounting and reporting standards.

Most revenue management solutions are tailored to the needs of a specific industry. For instance, telecommunications companies and airline companies care about different data and offer different product configurations.

Revenue Management Features & Capabilities

Most revenue management solution vendors include the following features:

  • Data collection, sanitization, and analysis

  • Customizable product bundles and tiers

  • Rules-based pricing, bundling, and tier management

  • Personalizable offers, promotions, and discounts

  • Forecasting for recurring revenue

  • Revenue recognition

  • Revenue reporting

Pricing Information

Pricing for revenue management solutions varies based on feature set and customer count. Prices can range from under $600.00 to over $1,250.00 per month.

Revenue Management Products

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Sage Intacct
934 ratings
490 reviews
Top Rated
Sage Intacct is a cloud ERP system targeted at high-growth small and medium-sized businesses. Intacct includes applications for core financials and accounting, purchasing, order management, and financial reporting and business intelligence. It also integrates with 3rd party software like Salesforce.
254 ratings
131 reviews
Zuora is one of the best-known subscription billing platforms. Zuora is an enterprise-level product and, as such, provides comprehensive metrics, tax automation, and support for multiple currencies. It also offers Salesforce and NetSuite integration out-of the-box. It often replaces cumbersome ERP …
27 ratings
18 reviews
ClientSuccess, from the company of the same name in Lehi, is presented by the vendor as a simple yet sophisticated solution for CSMs, and the Executive team. For the CSMs, ClientSuccess brings together the tools, best practices, insights and analytics needed to proactively manage customers. For the…
6 ratings
6 reviews
Planhat, headquartered in Stockholm, offers their modular suite of applications to subscription based businesses, providing customer success product usage health alerts and guidance, as well as revenue management for tracking subscriptions and business health.
Modernizing Medicine®’s Healthcare IT Suite
2 ratings
1 reviews
Modernizing Medicine® offers the data-driven, specialty-specific EHR system, EMA®, and healthcare IT suite including Practice Management, Business Operations Services, Analytics, Image Management, ASC electronic reports (for ophthalmology), modmed® Kiosk, patient portal, patient reminders and patien…
Ericsson Revenue Management
Ericsson's Revenue Management solution provides a platform for analyses of billing and money streams for optimal building of service packages for maximizing revenue and seize business opportunities inherent in the data.
Accenture Revenue Management
Accenture Revenue Management software is part of their suite of service and consulting offerings for telecommunications company, to streamline operations and maximize revenue from service billings.
Amdocs Revenue Management
Amdocs offers billing and revenue management software for telecommunications to maximize monetization of services.
Nokia Revenue Management
Nokia offers Revenue Management software oriented to innovate subscription services and maximize customer satisfaction and personalization of services.
SAP Sales Cloud (formerly CallidusCloud) offers RevSym, a revenue recognition software for accounting, quota, and compliance purposes.
R1 RCM headquartered in Chicago offers their end-to-end revenue cycle management application and service to hospitals.
Fiserv Advantage Fee
Advantage Fee from Fiserv is a comprehensive customer billing and revenue management solution, which helps financial services organizations worldwide to support flexible, highly complex and fast-changing fee structures with efficient, controlled invoicing.
Change Healthcare Revenue Performance Advisor
The Revenue Performance Advisor from Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon) headquartered in Nashville provides end-to-end revenue cycle management software solution for physician practices, labs, home health, medical billing services and other providers wanting to simplify workflows, reduce denials, o…
Gainsight RO
Customer success specialist Gainsight offers Gainsight RO, designed to bring a programmatic approach to renewals and expansion in order to achieve higher net retention rates.
Adptx Suite
Adptx Suite is presented by the vendor as a smart billing and subscriber management and monetization platform, which enables service providers to offer recurring revenue management, subscriber management and out-of-box integrations with provisioning platforms.
Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management
22 ratings
0 reviews
Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management is an enterprise-level product that supports maximization of the value of goods/services, ensures accurate bill generation, collection and settlement and provides real-time verification, reporting and analysis.
Cisco Revenue Management
Cisco offers recurring revenue management software, presently branded Cisco Impact, helps organizations make data-based decisions to maximize recurring revenue.