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Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank)

Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank)


What is Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank)?

London based Receipt Bank offers Practice Platform, an application supporting SMBs and accounting firms with tracking receipts and expenses and logging them with minimal or no paperwork and data entry in an environment that integrates with popular accounting software (e.g.…

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Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank offers a range of features that simplify the process of capturing, managing, and organizing receipts for …
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1 out of 10
March 04, 2022
I would never use them again. I decided to scale back some accounts that were not used to reduce my costs - suddenly the one assistant who …
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What is Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank)?

London based Receipt Bank offers Practice Platform, an application supporting SMBs and accounting firms with tracking receipts and expenses and logging them with minimal or no paperwork and data entry in an environment that integrates with popular accounting software (e.g. Quickbooks).

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This addresses a company’s ability to configure the software to fit its specific use case and workflow.

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This component helps a company minimize the security risks by controlling access to the software and its data, and encouraging best practices among users.

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Reporting & Analytics

Users can report on and analyze usage, performance, ROI, and/or other metrics of success.

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General Ledger and Configurable Accounting

Financial management solution, including capabilities for general ledger and configurable accounting

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Product Details

What is Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank)?

Dext aims to make accountants and the businesses they look after more productive and profitable through better data and insights.

The solution combines real time data with practice productivity tools to free up teams to spend more time adding value.

Prepare finances

Users can Prepare, sort and automatically publish paperwork using Prepare with Receipt Bank.

Pull cost data from over 1,400 suppliers and automatically sort and categorise with smart supplier rules. Match paperwork with cost data through bank connections for reconciliation.

Includes tools to analyse tax, payment timing and talk to clients about cashflow, in real time.

Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank) Features

General Ledger and Configurable Accounting Features

  • Supported: Accounts receivable
  • Supported: Bank reconciliation
  • Supported: Expense management
  • Supported: Multi-currency support
  • Supported: Multi-division support
  • Supported: Regulations compliance
  • Supported: Self-service portal
  • Supported: Global Financial Support
  • Supported: Intercompany Accounting
  • Supported: Localizations

Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Supported: Dashboards
  • Supported: Standard reports

Customization Features

  • Supported: Plug-ins

Security Features

  • Supported: Role-based user permissions
  • Supported: Single sign-on capability

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Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank) Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French

Frequently Asked Questions

London based Receipt Bank offers Practice Platform, an application supporting SMBs and accounting firms with tracking receipts and expenses and logging them with minimal or no paperwork and data entry in an environment that integrates with popular accounting software (e.g. Quickbooks).

Hubdoc and Expensify are common alternatives for Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank).

Reviewers rate Standard reports highest, with a score of 8.2.

The most common users of Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank) are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank offers a range of features that simplify the process of capturing, managing, and organizing receipts for accounting clients. Users can easily capture and send receipts, eliminating the need for manual scanning and emailing. This saves time and improves data accuracy, making reconciliation tasks easier. The software automates the transcription of data from receipts and invoices, further enhancing accuracy during reconciliations. Users also have the option to backup receipts to Dropbox and integrate with Quickbooks Online, ensuring seamless attachment of receipts to the appropriate transactions. Additionally, the app helps manage expenses by sending notifications and automatically preparing expenditure data for integration with Xero.

The Receipt Bank Practice Platform is particularly useful for teams managing multiple clients. It provides visibility and insights across all clients, enabling effective client management. Team leaders can review bookkeeping progress, identify bottlenecks, and ensure tasks are completed on time. The platform also offers key metrics for efficient client management, allowing teams to easily track missing data and submit requests to clients. Seamless communication with clients via the app reduces email clutter and supports a paperless bookkeeping service.

Overall, Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank addresses common challenges such as receipt overwhelm, tedious data entry, and inefficient communication with clients. By streamlining the process of capturing, organizing, and managing receipts, it simplifies bookkeeping tasks for both internal organization management and client management.

Convenient Mobile App: Users have found the mobile app to be convenient and easy to use, allowing them to capture receipts on the go. Multiple reviewers have praised its user-friendly interface and seamless experience when using the app.

Efficient Data Entry: The ability of Receipt Bank to track which card is being used for a purchase has been appreciated by users, as it helps avoid duplicate entries in the accounting system. Several reviewers have highlighted this feature as a time-saving solution that streamlines their data entry process.

Accurate Information Extraction: Reviewers highly regard Receipt Bank's capability to extract relevant information from receipts and invoices accurately. Many users have expressed satisfaction with the software's accuracy in extracting key details, noting that corrections are rarely needed.

Limited Date Format Options: Some users have found it irritating that Dext Prepare only allows for the use of the European date format (DD MM YY). They express a desire for the option to manually enter dates in a different format to better suit their needs.

Inability to Manually Match QuickBooks Online Transactions: Several reviewers have expressed frustration with the inability to manually match a record against an existing QuickBooks Online (QBO) transaction. This limitation hampers the usability of Dext Prepare for sending receipt images to QB, according to these users.

Limitations of Mobile App and Receipt Image Quality: The mobile app provided by Dext Prepare has been criticized by some users due to its limitations. These reviewers mention that the app only allows publishing of expense transactions and severely compresses receipt pictures, making large receipts unreadable.

Users highly recommend this software for its easy and fast processing of bills and invoices. They find it to be a favorite time saver at work and praise its user-friendly interface. Many users suggest giving it a try to experience the time-saving benefits firsthand. The software is considered worth the price and the time investment to learn, making it a viable option for business owners. Users advise not overthinking but rather looking at the overall benefit and time savings when considering this software. To learn more about its features, users recommend trying the free trial version and watching YouTube videos. Additionally, users suggest getting a guided demo and speaking to the company about pricing options to get the most value out of this great product.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Dext Prepare for our receipt capturing platform. It makes it very easy to capture receipts, invoices, bills, and it is also very easy to upload these invoices. There are multiple ways of uploading receipts and they are very convenient. We used to scan, save copies of invoices, and email across each other but we don't need to do that anymore.
  • Mobile functionality
  • Capturing receipt/invoice information
  • Integration with accounting system
  • Price
Application suits well to multiple user structure where users buy and pay expenses on the go so each user would have their own mobile app and access to Dext Prepare and soon after the purchase, they take a picture of the receipt and upload so finance team can access the information straight away. It would not suit well where a business has very few users who pay the bills and most bills are on the cloud (via emails, all-digital in the first place). Because these bills can be emailed to the accounting system in the first place anyway or other software providers where monthly subscription is much cheaper.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My field of work, hospitality, comes with a lot of bookkeeping due to a large number of suppliers and transactions. Keeping track can be a nightmare. Paper receipts and invoices everywhere and mindless data entry. Receipt Bank eliminates the two most annoying parts. Saved digitally and little to no data entry!
  • Pulls data from photos of text
  • Error recognition
  • Data access and manipulation
  • Easy to use
  • To expensive
  • Integration
Receipt Bank is perfect for bookkeeping for business with a large volume of paper invoices and receipts. You can snap a pic and discard all hard copies. The fact that RB does all the hard work for you is magic! This app made the bookkeeping side of running my business a breeze. I think RB is less appropriate for businesses that have a low volume of receipts and invoices to manage.
Russell Barnett, EA, CTS | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank) makes it easy for accounting clients to capture and send receipts to us. We can then easily back these up to Dropbox for them and also send them to QuickBooks Online to be attached to the appropriate transactions. As an accounting firm this is a great tool. It generally does a good job tracking which card is being used to pay for things so it can send the transaction to the correct QB register. Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank) can also be used to create expense reimbursement reports based on submitted receipts, and will send them to QBO for payment.
  • Mobile app to capture receipts on the go
  • Tracks which card is being used for a purchase
  • Matches receipts against recent existing QBO entries to help avoid duplicate entries
  • It is good at extracting relevant information from receipts and invoices
  • It tracks emailed invoices by the destination rather than the origin, unlike QB's receipt service.
  • Their ongoing insistence on only using European formatted dates (DD/MM/YY) is a constant irritation every single time I have to manually enter a date
  • There isn't a way to manually match a record against an existing QBO transaction. It either finds it or you can't use Dext to send the receipt image to QB.
  • The mobile app is extremely limited. You cannot publish any type of transaction other than an expense.
  • The mobile app severely compresses pictures of receipts, which can make large receipts literally unreadable and defeating the purpose of capturing it.
It is great for accounting firms. Easy to add and administer client accounts. Easy to integrate with QuickBooks Online. Easy for clients to capture and submit receipts on the go.

It is hard to use for manual data entry, and if your clients frequently have very long receipts the Dext Mobile app does not work well as it compresses the image to the point where it is completely illegible.

It does not seem to be designed for business owners to use directly rather than using it through their accounting firm.
March 04, 2022


Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I would never use them again. I decided to scale back some accounts that were not used to reduce my costs - suddenly the one assistant who didn't cost me any additional fees when I added her meant that I couldn't go back to my original package and original price. They would charge me more money. I'm glad they need the money that much - cause I and my clients have moved and I will bring them no additional ones. Don't trust this company. Not ever.
  • Doesn't matter
  • cause there are
  • more and more options every day
  • Customer service
  • Honesty
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank) is a neat little app that can help you manage your expenses in numerous ways. We use it to send all our receipts, invoices, and payment notifications and from that it reads, learns, and prepares all of the expenditure into Xero with the integration. Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank) will handle who the invoice is from, how much it is, which category it should be stored in, and any tax information while also remembering this for future invoices from the same place. It saves us hours of data entry and provides more accurate data, making reconciliation a breeze.
  • Imports invoices and receipts via email or integrations
  • Converts into data and remembers previous settings for seamless processing
  • Integrates with a huge amount of accountancy packages (in our case Xero)
  • Handles billing data, tax information, and much more
  • The system to automatically pull invoices in from various online services is temperamental
  • Almost too many features for a micro business like ours
If you already have an online accounting package, then this can be a great add-on to manage your expenditure and expenses--it works for a micro business as well as one with a number of employees and handles personal expenses as well as it does company ones. The app is pretty good, too, and it all just makes handling our finances so much better. It is not expensive, although it is an addition cost to your accountancy package. If you have nothing to integrate into (in our case it was Xero), then it would probably not be that useful, but for anyone else, I think it would save you hours or more.
February 09, 2022

Dext makes my life easier

Robin Sands | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dext Prepare is great to snap a receipt on the run and have it entered straight into the accounting system. This can be out for coffee, a meal, travel expenses, whatever you get a receipt for. You can safely throw the receipt away as you will have a digital copy to refer to. No need to carry all those receipts around!
  • Convenient.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stress free.
  • e-Invoicing - needs to support it.
  • Sometimes errors still creep in.
Great for capturing physical receipts you have or PDFs that are emailed to you. It doesn't handle e-Invoicing yet but it is logical they will add it.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Receipt Bank is used across the organisation. Empoyees simply photograph any purchase receipts and forward them via their phone. Receipt Bank transcribes the data and has it ready for approval and transfer to our accounting software. In addition to the manual uploading of receipts and invoices the program also automatically ingests information form some of our suppliers - negating any work on our behalf except checking the detail during reconciliations.
  • Ingest data automatically.
  • Transfer information to accounting platform.
  • Stores receipts in the cloud for later retrieval.
  • The auto pull capability could be expanded to more suppliers.
Receipt Bank simply takes the hard work out of getting information into the accounting platform. It doesn't take much to learn and when you think you have broken it the help desk support is outstanding. There are a couple of known glitches that require data to be re-entered in certain circumstances (related to input mistakes by humans). The ability to reverse these as opposed to delete and re-enter is the only improvement I can think of. If my employees and I were more competent at entering the data this would not be an issue either.
Nicola (Nicki) Morris | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use ReceiptBank across the organization for the tracking of receipts and expenses. It addresses the business problem of 'receipt overwhelm' - it allows us to be more efficient with the tracking of receipts and expenses. It also enhances the accuracy of our expenses and therefore the accuracy and timeliness of our financial statements.
  • The accuracy of the expense allocation is excellent
  • Very timely in having the receipts/expenses ready for publishing to Xero (our accounting system)
  • The Android app is very good - the image capture feature is very easy to use
  • It would be great if the receipt/expense could be published through the Android app rather than having to go the web version to publish expenses
  • At times the currency is not captured accurately from the receipts (but this is a rare occurrence)
Well suited to any business (sole proprietor, partnership or corporation) that has team members with expenses and receipts. It is also well suited for any business that wants to improve its expense control and accuracy of expense tracking and allocations.
Alicia Gates, CPA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Receipt Bank is used in both the management of my organization and the management of many of our clients. For the people who use Receipt Bank, it's a wonderful tool because they can immediately snap a picture of a bill or receipt, and then toss the hard copy. No longer do they have to keep track of receipts - it's already taken care of!

For our staff who manages Receipt Bank for our clients, this program allows us to clearly see the business purpose behind every bill and purchase. We no longer have to ask the client for details regarding every little expense-we already have the details! Even better, Receipt Bank syncs both with QuickBooks Online and, two other platforms we use, so it makes it very easy to pay bills that come due as well as record all of the activity in QuickBooks Online for flawless financial statements.
  • Receipt Bank does a stellar job of extracting information from photos of receipts and bills. I'd say 95% of the time the information pulled is correct, so very rarely do I have to correct an amount or date.
  • One feature I really enjoy is not only the syncing with QuickBooks Online, but the fact that it also pushes the image to QuickBooks Online as an attachment! This means that for every expense/bill processed through Receipt Bank, an image of it is available inside of the transaction inside of QuickBooks Online. This makes researching a breeze.
  • Receipt Bank makes it very simple for users to add documents to the platform. Each company receives a dedicated Receipt Bank email address, which they can email to and upload documents, or users can use the phone apps (which are really easy to use), or they can upload documents from their computer. Training our clients to use it really can't be any easier!
  • One area that could really use some improvement is their training program for the people who manage the program (meaning those of us to who actually process the receipts and bills to an outside software). It's a whole separate website, it's somewhat difficult to follow, and it just doesn't flow well. The training for front end users (those submitting the bills/receipts) is not really in depth, either, but it is pretty intuitive. We've taken to writing up a 1 page instruction manual for our clients that qualifies as their "training".
  • A feature I would love to see is the ability to process income items in Receipt Bank. It currently does not have that functionality. I have several clients that submit bank deposit detail, and it would be great if I could "publish" those to QuickBooks Online just like I do for bills/receipts.
  • Expense reporting is a great feature Receipt Bank has, but it's somewhat complicated to understand. We receive lots of questions from clients surrounding this process, so some better training or simplification would be great.
For organizations that require in depth detail in their financials, meaning detailed records of every expense, Receipt Bank is a great option. Accounting firms that are preparing the books for their clients in a cloud atmosphere will most certainly appreciate the ease of use provided with Receipt Bank.

But for organizations that are small in number of employees, and maybe they all have company credit cards and no expense reports, Receipt Bank isn't necessary. It's still a "nice to have" software, but not required because these types of employees won't be keeping copies of receipts anyway.
Tim Hoopmann | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Receipt Bank Practice Platform has been implemented to make managing multiple clients on Receipt Bank more efficient. It allows visibility across all clients proving insights and information vital to managing clients. It is used across the organisation by all team members. It provides key metrics for the team to effectively manage clients' usage of receipt bank. It allows them to identify where key data is missing and needs to be submitted by the clients. It allows the team leaders to review the bookkeeping progress and identify bottlenecks that will inhibit tasks being completed on time. It provides seamless communication to clients via the app so as not to add more emails to their inbox that may go unnoticed. It assists in our delivery of a paperless free bookkeeping service.
  • Key metrics on the submissions by clients and any delays. This allows for early identification where client may be struggling to get the information submitted to Receipt Bank, holding up the bookkeeping processing and ultimately delays in delivery of information to the clients.
  • Identifying unprocessed receipts sitting in the clients Receipt Bank file.. This assists in managing internal workflow and aiding team members who may find they need assistance in completing key tasks.
  • Identifying which clients are using Receipt Bank effectively and which clients need assistance. This can provide the opportunity to discuss with all clients what works well for them and what needs improvement by sharing some of the wins from other clients.
  • Providing managers the ability to review with ease the progress of Receipt Bank processing by client and by bookkeeper. This allows them to identify issues literally before they occur.
  • Receipt Bank Practice Platform has many great features. As they develop the platform I would like to see a rigorous review of all features so as not to add too many and overwhelm my team.
  • Having the flexibility to pick and choose from a suite of features and implement the ones that best suit my practice. A tailor made Receipt Bank Practice Platform. this would allow my practice to grow into the features rather than be overwhelmed by too many.
Receipt Bank Practice Platform is well suited when you have a lot of clients on Receipt Bank. We had over 90% of all clients on Receipt Bank so it was a very useful tool. In the early stages of bringing on new clients to Receipt Bank, it may not be as effective. Once you get to 10+ I believe it becomes a game changer. Is all about managing the bookkeeping process internally and Practice Platform helps streamline this process.
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