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What is Gatsby?

GatsbyJS was born in May 2015 as a simple way to build a website or an app with React. Gatsby has been used to build apps and websites from blogs and portfolio pages to company homepages and e-commerce applications.

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Gatsby Cloud has been praised by users for its ability to solve the issue of waiting for staging and production deployments, allowing them …
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per month 2-10 users & 5 custom domains


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unlimited builds

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  • No setup fee
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  • $50 per month
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Product Details

What is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a full-stack frontend framework designed to present everything needed to create a web site or web application. It aims to help developers build websites that are fast, flexible, and secure right out of the box using React. The user can also deploy the site on Gatsby Cloud to provide a better development experience.

Gatsby automates code splitting, image optimization, inlining critical styles, lazy-loading, prefetching resources, and performs other tasks to ensure the user's site is fully optimized, without manual tuning. Gatsby’s serverless rendering generates static HTML at build time. So there is no server and no reachable database equals no malicious requests, DDOS attacks, or accidental exposure. A Gatsby site’s attack surface is nonexistent.

And the vendor states that hosting Gatsby website on Gatsby Cloud, the company's hosting service, gives access to a secure, scalable, and performant Edge Network, specifically built to run the best Gatsby experiences. Gatsby Cloud has a global edge network that can deliver optimized content to visitors around the world, using SSL, encryption at multiple layers, and a CDN powered by Fastly.

Gatsby Cloud uses intelligent optimization on a globally distributed real-time edge network to reduce the time spent waiting for updates to actually get deployed to end user. Combined with Rollback capabilities for each atomic deployment users may act with the confidence neeeded to deploy hundreds of times a day.

Additionally, the Gatsby Concierge service includes a partnership with a team of Gatsby experts to optimize, support, and ultimately to help build the best Gatsby experience. Whether the service is used to help with build times, website performance and slow loading times, or for a more confident onboarding process augmented with the help of a professional team, there is a Gatsby Concierge program that aims to help the user get the most out of Gatsby.

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Introduction to Gatsby

Gatsby Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

GatsbyJS was born in May 2015 as a simple way to build a website or an app with React. Gatsby has been used to build apps and websites from blogs and portfolio pages to company homepages and e-commerce applications.

Gatsby starts at $50.

WordPress, Drupal, and Jekyll are common alternatives for Gatsby.

The most common users of Gatsby are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Gatsby Cloud has been praised by users for its ability to solve the issue of waiting for staging and production deployments, allowing them to preview content changes in a matter of minutes. This has significantly improved the efficiency of website development and content updates. Users have found it helpful in creating websites for selling books, providing various templates and clear instructions for accomplishing different tasks. The software's live preview feature has been particularly valuable, as it allows teams to see the output before building pages on the live site, helping them identify and fix content errors in real-time. Gatsby Cloud has also been commended for its efficient handling of DevOps and hosting platform needs, eliminating the need for extra staff to handle backend duties. It has provided a cost-effective alternative to other platforms, offering impressive performance, security, and easily deployable CDN. Users who have migrated from legacy CMS platforms appreciate Gatsby Cloud's modern technology and highly-customizable frontend. Moreover, the platform’s integration with VSC on users' local machines has made documentation and content updates faster and more convenient. Overall, Gatsby Cloud has addressed the challenges faced by users in terms of deployment speed, website customization, and performance optimization.

Secure and Fast Platform: Many users have found the platform to be secure, dynamic, and fast. They appreciate the reduced costs and like that it allows for easy previewing of content changes on websites before going live, saving a lot of time. Some reviewers even mention that Gatsby Cloud offers fast network speeds and short build times, making updates quick and efficient.

Beginner-Friendly: Several users have mentioned that Gatsby is beginner-friendly, allowing them to freelance even before completing a boot camp program. They find the integration methods simple to use and appreciate features like incremental live preview in Sanity. This makes it suitable for non-developers like marketers and ecommerce managers who want an easy-to-use solution.

Excellent Documentation & Support: Users praise Gatsby Cloud's excellent documentation and support team. They find the platform well-documented, reliable, and user-friendly. The continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline with easy GitHub integration are particularly appreciated by some users who also mention automated build reports as a bonus feature.

  1. Lack of comprehensive documentation: Several users have expressed frustration with the software's documentation, stating that it is lacking in detail and makes troubleshooting issues and implementing features difficult.

  2. Challenges with configuration: Some users have found the configuration process to be complicated, as it requires manually adapting several packages or using plugins. This complexity can lead to messy configuration files and may require proper setup before multiple people start working on a project.

  3. Difficulty getting started without assistance: A few users mentioned that they found it difficult to get started with Gatsby Cloud without assistance. This suggests that there may be a learning curve associated with the software and highlights the need for improved onboarding resources or tutorials.

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