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What is Hero, by Schoolmint?

Hero is student behavior management software for K-12 schools and districts, from Schoolmint. Hero's goal is to enable consistent redirection of negative behavior, reinforcement of positive behavior and communication between educators, students, parents, and administrators across classrooms school…


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Hero, by Schoolmint Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Student Management Systems

Google Classroom

Sorry, this product's description is unavailable

Schoology Learning


What is Schoology Learning?

Schoology aims to combine as many parts of the learning process as possible into a single platform for K-12 students. By doing this they aim to simplify the learning experience for students, parents, and teachers.

Hero, by Schoolmint Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Greg Baker

If you can afford it, Hero is a fantastic behavior management system for schools. … If you can afford it, Hero is a fantastic behavior management system for schools.

Related Quote from Verified User

track point amounts larger than 250. We have some things that are more expensive, so it's difficult to have to take multiple steps. Maybe Hero could help

Related Quote from James Harris

can't learn if they are not in class. This makes them acknowledge the impact/cost of being late to class. by tracking all of this sitewide, admin is able to … system. Also gives teachers access to a positive reward system without the cost and effort of maintaining a false…

Related Quote from Dwayne Sheppard

arriving to class on time. Reduction in cutting class. I do not know the cost of the program, so I can't speak from a financial standpoint about the 'business'

Related Quote from Rita Vander Stad

This gives them the incentive to do better. Attached to the points are prices such as dress down days.

Related Quote from Scott Ryan

daily for recording student consequences for behaviors that typically used to cost me class time.