Proconnect Tax Online Pricing Overview

Proconnect Tax Online has 6 pricing edition(s), from $35.98 to $70.78. A free trial of Proconnect Tax Online is also available. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.

200-299 returns


per return

100-199 returns


per return

50-99 returns


per return

10-49 returns


per return

1-9 returns


per return

+300 Returns

Custom Pricing

Pricing for Proconnect Tax Online


  • HasFree Trial
  • Does not haveFree/Freemium Version
  • Does not havePremium Consulting/Integration Services

Entry-level set up fee?

  • No setup fee

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $70.78per return 1-9 returns

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Proconnect Tax Pricing 2022

The tax industry is swimming with complicated software that can take up the time of a company’s entire department. Fortunately, there is software that can streamline the mess that is tax season. This software can both help businesses file taxes and tax companies with tax filing for clients.

Intuit Accountants has a cloud-based professional tax software solution called Proconnect Tax Online. It can integrate with Intuit’s more well-known software, Quickbooks Online Accountant. Here is an intro to catch up anyone who is unfamiliar with Proconnect Tax.

Proconnect Tax has some very useful applications for businesses to stay on top of tax season. In the next section, we talk about how to use the software’s business optimization options.

What is Proconnect Tax?

Intuit’s Proconnect Tax Online is a tax preparation software you can sign into from anywhere. The tool is both a tax filing and tax planning software that can be used by individuals, teams, and clients. They allow users access to over 5,700 different tax forms including but not limited to: 1040, 1041,1120, 1120S, 709, 990 tax returns. You can prepare for several different scenarios, and with the added bonus of their automated calculations. Proconnect Tax offers 20,000 pre-calculations for diverse tax scenarios so you can save time.

They also have protection functions mixed in with their time-saving functions. The diagnostics prevent e-file rejections and missed deductions while offering more than 21,000 suggestions and diagnostics.

Users will be able to use their unlimited support from experts, automatic updates to the software, and tools and features to make document management easier. We go into more detail on some of the best features Proconnect Tax has to entice you.

What Are The Important Features of Proconnect Tax?

Proconnect’s exciting features help with document functionality, client management, and faster workflows. These features are tools designed for optimal ease of use. This could mean making navigation through thousands of tax forms easier or improving client communication about sensitive information.

For document preparation Proconnect flags missing data, allowing you to plan for future scenarios, and making it easier to collect information through Intuit Link. Intuit Link leads to a secure client portal. You can also structure your account for security, making sure certain options are locked so only some employees have access.

Proconnect tries to make your back and forth between clients, or taxpayers, more secure and convenient. This includes services to make electronic filing easier like SSN masking, Link simple sign-on, and eSignature. eSignature lets clients sign forms from their preferred device any time so you can finalize faster. The first 5 eSignatures are free and are then $2.99 each.

Proconnect is completely designed around speed. This is especially helpful since data entry for the tax year is long and painful. You want to speed up every step you can. Many will greatly benefit from import options like Microsoft Excel-based imports, or automatic data input after clients have input in the client portal.

One notable add-ons is Protection Plus. The feature isn’t extra security but is a tax resolution option. In the case a client receives a notice from the IRS, you can have the support of expert CPAs while figuring out the solution.

How Much Does Proconnect Tax Cost?

Proconnect Tax accounts are free to create and use. With Proconnect Tax, you pay-per-return. The cost of returns is based on a range of how many you use, but the pricing is still pay-as-you-go for each file printed.

Proconnect offers two main types of returns. Individual returns and business returns. Right now there’s a discount for the 2021 tax year, but business returns will be noticeably more expensive.

Examples for Individual returns include:

  • 1-9 returns will cost $59.97 per return

  • 10-49 returns will cost $50.37 per return

  • 50-99 returns will cost $44.37 per return

  • 100-199 returns will cost $34.78 per return

  • 200-299 returns will cost $28.77 per return

Examples for Business returns include:

  • 1-9 returns will cost $70.78 per return

  • 10-49 returns will cost $62.98 per return

  • 50-99 returns will cost $55.17 per return

  • 100-199 returns will cost $43.17 per return

  • 200-299 returns will cost $35.98 per return

When it comes to returns you will notice the more returns you file the cheaper each return will be. This means you will get better use if your enterprise will generate more returns.

If you have any questions about the prior tax year costs, the cost of 300+ returns, or anything else you need to know, call Intuit at 833-211-1084.

What are Intuit Lacerte Tax and Intuit ProSeries Tax?

Other tax products Inuit offers include Lacerte Tax and ProSeries Tax. The two software have access to many of the same features as Proconnect such as Inuit Link, eSignature, Protection Plus. The difference is both products are more advanced, and have more expensive pricing.

Lacerte Tax is for very complex tax scenarios and forms. This could be the W-2 or 1099 forms for small businesses, or any other large volume of returns for a client. The pricing for Lacerte is pay-as-you-go, but more open ended than Proconnect.

The prices do not include a flat rate and require you to call sales for an estimate. The Lacerte REP plan does have a price for the year $425, but that doesn’t include individual pricing for more features. It’s best to contact them at (833) 207-5516.

ProSeries is marketed for having faster productivity. Their pricing includes flat rates for the year but comes in two separate products: ProSeries Basic and ProSeries Professional. ProSeries Basic is for individual returns and has slightly more transparent pricing starting at $549 per year.

ProSeries Professional is for both individual and business returns. ProSeries Professional has four widely different plans each including an annual cost and pay-as-you-go pricing. Only two of those plans offer a yearly rate for the pricing. These are $325 per year for Pay-Per-Return, and $1,999 per year for 1040 Complete.

Lacerte and ProSeries can be good alternatives for Proconnect, but there are also tax prep options outside of Intuit.

What are Proconnect Tax Alternatives?

Canopy is a tax practice management solution for tax resolution, client management, document management, and time & billing for invoices. In terms of using them as an alternative, they’re only worth it if your enterprise does not want the pay-as-you-go pricing model or tax prep features Proconnect has. They integrate with Quickbooks Online, have a client portal, and have a dashboard for notice tracking.

The software doesn’t have the automatic calculations and suggestions that Proconnect offers. In general, they are useful to small businesses and those in the accounting industry. The software supports filing returns but it's more concentrated on tax resolution for IRS complications. Canopy is better for those who need a CRM integrated into their tax preparation software.

The cost of Canopy is priced individually for each feature, per user per month. Tax resolution is $33 per user per month, document management $40 per user per month, and client management is $2.50 per client, per year.

For more information on the difference between the two software see our review comparison.

More Resources

If you’re considering Proconnect Tax Online, they have other resources you can look at. There’s their FAQs page for common questions or their Learn & Support forum. In the Learn & Support section, you can find answers to questions and instructions, like help with multi-state returns and tax law updates.

They also offer professional training and education in the form of webinars and certifications. Those that want to see how to use the software can check out this helpful tutorial.

For anyone not sold on Proconnect Tax, we have other tax planner options from competitors listed on our website.

If any of you have used some of the software in the article, please consider leaving a review to help other buyers make informed decisions.