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SOTI MobiControl


What is SOTI MobiControl?

SOTI in Mississauga offers MobiControl, the company's enterprise mobile device management application which can be used to track physical mobile assets as well as their applications and provide data privacy and security.
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What is SOTI MobiControl?

SOTI in Mississauga offers MobiControl, the company's enterprise mobile device management application which can be used to track physical mobile assets as well as their applications and provide data privacy and security.

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Product Details

What is SOTI MobiControl?

SOTI MobiControl aims to make Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) easier. It enables companies to manage any device or endpoint with any form factor and any operating system throughout their entire lifecycle; from deployment to retirement. Pairing SOTI MobiControl with SOTI XSight – a diagnostic intelligence solution – enables the resolution of app and mobile device issues. By leveraging advanced diagnostics and analytics, IT administrators can improve performance and reduce operating costs of business-critical mobility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SOTI in Mississauga offers MobiControl, the company's enterprise mobile device management application which can be used to track physical mobile assets as well as their applications and provide data privacy and security.

Ivanti Neurons for MDM, 42Gears, and Microsoft Intune are common alternatives for SOTI MobiControl.

The most common users of SOTI MobiControl are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SOTI MobiControl has the power to control, manage and monitor our parks from smartphones, tablets and notebooks. The company acquired licenses more than 1 year ago with SOTI. We were able to improve information security by creating authentication rules for all equipment, so that only authorized users can access the devices and applications that are configured for this. It is something innovative that also guarantees the correct use of corporate applications and stored data that is synchronized with the cloud. It was a pleasant surprise that only brought benefits to all employees and IT administration with the centralized management of all devices.
  • Compatible with Windows, Android and iOS and any type of device with internet connectivity.
  • Device tracking, battery status and notifications.
  • Authentication on devices.
  • Centralized management of all devices.
  • Create access permission rules to your network, how each user will use resources such as email, VPN, access to systems and others.
  • Savings on maintenance.
  • Monitoring at all times.
  • The chat works for support, but it is a little difficult to communicate the problem with the attendant.
The experience using SOTI MobiControl has been excellent as a user. My notebook and smartphone devices have the security policy applied and it works perfectly. I have all the apps I need to work installed, up to date and with no issues. All devices are tracked by the software and are safe in case of theft, and the information contained in the devices is erased remotely. Each group/user has their permissions specified according to what they need and that makes things even more secure. I recommend SOTI MobiControl for its ease of use and security and for not slowing down my devices.
  • Defining granular permissions to restrict unauthorized device app access.
  • Usage and device monitoring.
  • Data protection.
  • Remote and centralized control of devices.
  • It generated productivity gains for our business.
  • Generated more security of user data.
  • Availability of information in real time.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it for the management of our Android scanners. We patch the devices and can do remote support. All the maintenance is accomplished by the tool. It's mainly used in the area of warehousing. You can log in on any device remote, I think that is the biggest advantage.
  • Remote support.
  • Kiosk mode.
  • Supports not only Android but also iOS.
  • Versions and compatibility (quicker releases).
  • Documentation.
Well if you have lots of devices to maintain, then you cannot give admin privileges to the users. You need the kiosk mode, so that the users only operate on whitelisted applications. The usage of SOTI MobiControl also causes efforts. You should consider using it, when the number of devices increases. If there are only a few devices, it might be easier not to use a MDM solution.
  • Positive: Quick support by using remote control.
  • Negative: people sometimes do not use it or they don't know about the features (niche tool).
I did not evaluate other tools than SOTI MobiControl. I read an article about Microsoft MDM. I think, that might be a reasonable competitor. The whole topic "mobile device management" is bigger than you might think at the beginning. And the challenge is that you need to work closely together with other departments like logistics or even development.
We had a feature request. They accepted the request, but couldn't tell us whether the feature will be developed or when. I think this is not helpful for us as a customer. We do not always ask the SOTI MobiControl for help but other consultants. I think that is quite expensive.
I support other users with the help of this tool. I really like the remote support functionality. You can make screenshots or even capture videos. If you face network problems, the tool doesn't help at all. It might be helpful, if they would develop a kind of offline support mechanism. So that there is some kind of logging even when there is no network and we can check the logs afterwards (or do video capture while being offline, etc.).
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SOTI MobiControl has long been the Android Rugged standard for many customers. However, in our implementation, we've leveraged its capabilities along numerous different Android form factors. MobiControl has been used to enable a specific kiosk and APN configuration on a device depending on the device's location within a specific folder.
  • Flexibility.
  • Ease of configuration.
  • Admin simplicity.
  • Very limited API.
  • Profile deployment limitation.
  • Package deployment limitation.
  • Lacks licensing flexibility.
MobiControl is a capable UEM solution. However, when compared to other vendors, it's very limited in its API capabilities. This causes users to need to be provisioned for console access and limits their reporting capabilities. SOTI One console is updated, but the environment and UI/UX are dated outside of the console when compared to many other solution offerings.
  • Costly per device.
  • Capable solution.
  • Relatively limited configuration capabilities.
SOTI MobiControl has long been the standard in UEM solutions. However, other solutions, while their licensing offerings may not always be ideal, could provide more cost-effective options capable of doing the same as SOTI. Most UEM solutions can support and provide the same capabilities -- don't be afraid to do a direct comparison on what your team may need and consider what other solutions are available.
Ashley Babiarz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use MobiControl to gain remote access to client equipment. This allows us to troubleshoot issues remotely instead of having to have users ship equipment back to headquarters any time it breaks.
  • Allows for real-time use of the devices
  • Allows the technician full control over a device
  • The ability to send scripts and batch files is extremely helpful
  • Make it easier to load batch files and scripts
  • Have the ability to add full file installs for computers and other devices
  • Ability to have multiple people connected to a device
This product is extremely helpful for companies that have multiple locations. IT staff can work from one central location and control the devices remotely. This product would probably be overkill for a small company or one that does not use mobile devices.
  • Allows IT to work on devices remotely and not have to ship broken devices back to headquarters (saves on shipping costs).
  • Ability to access MobiControl from anywhere (cloud-based) allows for ease of access for service desk and on-call techs.
  • Users have less downtime. A script can be run to fix an issue and get the user back up and running more quickly.
MobiXontrol allows more access to different types of devices. I also appreciate the ability to separate out the devices by type to make searching easier. The real-time access to what the user is seeing is much better with MobiControl.
Shawn Winters | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used SOTI MobiControl extensively at two prior positions. We leveraged it to manage our fleet of Honeywell Scanners running Windows Mobile. It was a flawless experience and allow us to control and support over 100 inventory guns across numerous locations. I've gone through many versions/upgrades without any issues. MobiControl has allowed me to centralize control and support without giving up service. I'd highly recommend their solution to anyone looking for a full feature MDM.
  • Windows Mobile Management. It was the easiest and most integrated solution for these devices
  • Screen Sharing. The experience with the skins gave the technicians an identical end-user experience, which made remote support easy.
  • Upgrades. They were always a non-issue.
  • Slow to support other platforms.
  • No cloud version at the time I used it.
If you're managing devices that have layer 3 connectivity it's perfect. It's also great for devices with sporadic connections. It falls flat in some areas when Windows Mobile has to be re-imaged.
  • Soti saved my numerous man hours in travel and time to resolution.
Soti was always the go to for Windows Mobile. Nobody else came close.
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