Microsoft's SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a data integration solution.Data integration for everyone. A powerful tool that anyone can master.We are currently using SSIS packages on two major projects: 1. To populate our data warehouse. Running SSIS packages from the server on a 10-minute schedule, we extract, transform and load the data into the warehouse to support all internal reporting and provide data as a service to our global partners. 2. Bulk data import to our CRM system. Building packages to run on-demand to bulk import structured data to our CRM instance. In the past, we have used SSIS packages to complete a one-time migration from a legacy CRM system to the current CRM.,Ease of use - can be used with no prior experience in a relatively short amount of time. Flexibility - provides multiple means of accomplishing tasks to be able to support virtually any scenario. Performance - performs well with default configurations but allows the user to choose a multitude of options that can enhance performance. Resilient - supports the configuration of error handling to prevent and identify breakages. Complete suite of configurable tools.,Connection managers for online data sources can be tricky to configure. Performance tuning is an art form and trialing different data flow task options can be cumbersome. SSIS can do a better job of providing performance data including historical for monitoring. Mapping destination using OLE DB command is difficult as destination columns are unnamed. Excel or flat file connections are limited by version and type.,10,Enabled migration of complex business/customer data with one person resource. Launched automated ETL package within weeks with less than 2 person resource. No production failures/downtime since launch.,Workato, Matillion, Microsoft SQL Server and Centerprise Data Integrator,Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Workato, ClickDimensions, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Project, OneNote,9,10,3,3,ETL operations to maintain the data warehouse with near real time data. Data migrations bringing all parts of the organization under one hood. Complex bulk data import from global network of distributors.,In-place, complex data transformations - one time events that require the use of business logic to transform operational data . Minimal use of development resources to maintain business intelligence infrastructure,Data archival / purging Data cleansing,10,Control Flow and Data Flow views/screens/canvases are beautifully setup so that you can see top level and drill down to specifics. Error and warning icons on control flow and data flow tasks along with clear icons show you where you still need to update/fix the process. Tasks and connection validation on startup / update makes sure you are always aware of breaks/changes,Trying to improve performance / runtime can be painful because you have to keep track of what changes you made and the impact to performance. It's easy to get lost when making multiple changes what their impact on runtime is. Requires visual studio,NoIf your back end RDBMS is SQL Server, SSIS gives you a bang for your buck.SSIS was being used as an ETL tool both by IT as well as business teams. It is now replaced by a competitor though. The tool was being used for basic extraction and loading purposes, with hardly any complex data transformation being done. Though there were use cases to exploit the tool, neither Microsoft nor in-house consultants really helped with the tool, with the result being it getting replaced.,Source systems connectivity (RDBMS, Flat Files etc) Embedding SQL and other code in case of complex business logic and data transformations Multitude of data transformation options Ease of use, easy to learn Skills availability in the market,version control/configuration management Programmatic issues like NULL handling (it's RDBMS counterpart SQL Server database uses NULL differently) The source connectivity options should be enhanced,8,It wasn't used effectively, resulting in not realising ROI to the extent we had anticipated It was easy to learn, which resulted in business teams using it extensively without IT support, resulting in lots of packages/code to maintain,Informatica Enterprise Data Integration, IBM InfoSphere Information Server and Oracle Data Integrator,Informatica Enterprise Data Integration, Oracle Data Integrator, IBM InfoSphere Information Server,250,10,Simple extraction and loading self service data integration complex transformations,None, with the version it was then,None really,6,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Existing Relationship with the Vendor,Things have changed now and there are more use cases to consider than what we had considered years ago. It's a different ball game now. We might do it grounds up this time,9,Don't remember instances,Pretty much everything is easy to use,complex transformations which SSIS can't really handle,No,8A high-performance ETL productIn our department we use SQL Server Integration Services daily. The main use is to do data processing for several ETL processes. Thanks to the use of SQL Server Integration Services we can upload data to the data warehouse in different ways such as a bulk load or with incremental loads thanks to the use of SCD task data.,High data load speeds Many data processing modes Many data sources and destinations data possible,For some tools you need to integrate third-party packages Depending on the version you must have the right visual studio version to develop and deploy Not really intuitive,9,SSIS is integrated into SQL Server licenses Once developed your packages are very stable and it requires relatively little maintenance If used wisely, it saves a lot of working time,DataStage,Visual Studio.NET, SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft SQL Server,4,,Import data from external sources Integration of heterogeneous data Loading the data warehouse,Creation of real-time online solutions Packages automation Communications,ETL Other data import OLAP & Big Data integrations,8,No,Product Features Product Usability,Should I decide personally whether to choose SQL Server integrationServices, I would first estimate any type of data structure and the technologies currently used in the company. I would estimate the different types of skills in the company. Based on my experience I am sure that I would definitely repeat the choice to use SSIS as tool of extraction transformation and loading of data.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,compatibility issues with software versions in use integration of third-party tools verall understanding of the product,10,8,No,I've never had need special support on this product if not at the beginning of my experience when I had to attend a training course on using Microsoft sql server integration services and sql server analisys services, of course it is advisable to follow the study using the official books .,Bulk load IMport data Data trasformation,Manage data sources structurally dynamic integrate complex scripts or .dll control the updating of records without the use of SCD,No,8
SQL Server Integration Services
186 Ratings
Score 8.1 out of 101
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186 Ratings
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Score 8.1 out of 101

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SSIS is responsible for running core business processed managing core business data. It can be managed, improved and expanded using minimal internal resources. It is also able to support all of our current data infrastructure.

Replacing SSIS would be time consuming and costly with no apparent ROI.
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Some features should be revised or improved, some tools (using it with Visual Studio) of the toolbox should be less schematic and somewhat more flexible. Using for example, the CSV data import is still very old-fashioned and if the data format changes it requires a bit of manual labor to accept the new data structure.
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Data model creation (16)
Metadata management (20)
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Collaboration (23)
Testing and debugging (29)
Integration with data quality tools (23)
Integration with MDM tools (23)

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Microsoft's SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a data integration solution.
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