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What is Tagger?

Tagger is a 360 Influencer Marketing solution platform from the company of the same name in Santa Monica, designed to allow brands, agencies, and media companies to maximize their influencer strategies throughout the planning, discovery, activation, and reporting phases.

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Tagger is a versatile tool that has been highly appreciated by users for its ability to streamline influencer marketing campaigns and …
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What is Tagger?

Tagger is a 360 Influencer Marketing solution platform from the company of the same name in Santa Monica, designed to allow brands, agencies, and media companies to maximize their influencer strategies throughout the planning, discovery, activation, and reporting phases.

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Product Demos

InfoSight Automatic Slab Tagger - in shop demo


Tagger Demo (Hack CMU 2016)


Gadget Shopify product tagger demo


5 minute iXBRL demo of XBRL Tagger by AMANA


Tagger Application Demo


Demo of DAT-MAIL interface to Whittier Barcode Tagger

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Product Details

What is Tagger?

Tagger is an influencer marketing and social listening platform from Sprout Social, that allows the user to find and connect with the right influencers and the right audiences. The platform offers access to data and features that support every stage of campaign planning and execution. Social listening and relevant data can be used to plan campaign strategy. Users can view and track competitors’ audience metrics, analyze influencer’s authenticity, see what’s working and what isn’t, and build media plans across all major social platforms and content types.

Tagger features a CRM suite centralizing its influencer management features, enabling users to activate campaigns, connect with creators, keep communication flowing, create dynamic proposals, review and approve content, and manage contracts.

With Tagger, users can search and filter millions of social accounts and posts across 6MM aggregated creator profiles and 300K brands from over 70 countries. Targeted research backed by data allows the user to spend time focusing on campaign strategy and the signals that matter most, in order to remove the need to scrolling through profiles, or read outdated spreadsheets.

Tagger's security is SOC-2 certified, is GDPR and CCPA complaint, and offers users multi-level permissions & access.

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Tagger Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Tagger is a versatile tool that has been highly appreciated by users for its ability to streamline influencer marketing campaigns and enhance the overall experience. Clients have found that Tagger enables more efficient influencer search for their campaigns and improves the process of influencer discovery. With this platform, users can easily keep all campaign information in one space and track campaign data effortlessly through its real-time dashboard, which clients find invaluable for gaining valuable data insights. Additionally, Tagger provides comprehensive creator analytics, making it easy to compare influencer partners and gain more insight into creators. The platform's massive influencer database also offers flexibility for larger campaigns, allowing users to deliver on different briefs concurrently. Moreover, Tagger has helped users gain a better understanding of influencer partners before choosing to work with them, ultimately enhancing their influencer strategy within their budget. The software has proven particularly beneficial in isolating influencers who align well with brands and hit key points, improving brand awareness in specific geographic regions. Overall, Tagger simplifies the process of finding influencers, tracking metrics, and curating personalized influencer lists across various social media platforms.

Easy to use: Tagger is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation. Users find it easy to discover influencers on the website and tag them for future reference. The overall user experience is praised, with users appreciating the simplicity and intuitiveness of Tagger.

Data-driven insights: Users appreciate the data-driven nature of Tagger, which offers a wide range of filters and insights. Reviewers highlight the ability to quickly obtain Language Data Analysis and Engagement Rate within the platform. Being able to filter influencers based on engagement rate, platform, keyword, and type is also valued by users. Additionally, tracking performance and viewing demographics through Tagger's reporting suite provides valuable data for informed decision-making in influencer marketing campaigns.

Affordable pricing: Many reviewers praise Tagger for its affordable pricing options. The platform offers a cost-effective solution without compromising functionality. This makes Tagger an attractive choice for businesses looking to optimize their influencer marketing efforts while staying within budget.

Difficult User Interface: Several users have found the user interface of Tagger difficult to use and not user-friendly, making it challenging to track creators and hindered reporting abilities.

Limited Search Capabilities: Some users expressed a desire for more advanced search features, such as including more influencers in different locations and offering more sophisticated search options like fashion, beauty, and sustainability. They also mentioned that the platform could benefit from better integration with TikTok and Instagram Story mentions.

Inaccurate Data: Users encountered issues with profile loading, inaccurate location data, and discrepancies in the data compared to Instagram or other tools. This made it difficult for them to get a cohesive view of a partner's audience across channels.

Users highly recommend using Tagger for influencer management in-house. They praise its ability to provide valuable data and resources for education. Additionally, they suggest ensuring that everyone on the team has an account if possible. Taking demos and reaching out with questions is highly recommended as users find the support provided by the team to be very helpful. Furthermore, users advise leveraging the training modules and exploring the platform to discover high-quality brand partners for successful influencer marketing campaigns.


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Within our advertising agency of 200+ employees, our team of three is consistently use[s] Tagger for influencer programs. We use it for a variety of purposes, such as to inform ideas/influencer suggestions in new business pursuits or to manage campaigns end-to-end for existing clients. Tagger has helped our team be much more efficient, as identifying influencers, managing programs, and measuring results can be a very hands-on, time-consuming process. Instead with Tagger, we're able to make informed, data-driven influencer recommendations, share influencer lists, automatically track results, and share reports with our clients in a fraction of the time.
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Great Customer Support
  • Enables Collaboration
  • Would love the ability to edit/delete Internal + Collaborator comments after they've been made.
  • Would love the ability to rearrange or drag-and-drop pages in reports, to accommodate a specific order.
  • Would be nice to have the ability to rank influencers within the Collaborator portal when sharing with the client.
I have really enjoyed my time working with Tagger for the last year. It is definitely worth investing in if you are consistently running influencer marketing programs for clients, but if you only run a few campaigns throughout the year or primarily need a platform solely for influencer identification it may be tougher to sell in. I really like the ability to share campaigns and programs with clients - the Collaborator portal makes things like sharing influencer recommendations, content approvals, and program update MUCH easier and more accessible than sending over Excel spreadsheets, Google Drive links, etc. It keeps everything about a campaign in one, central location and enables collaboration across agencies, teams, etc.
  • Reduces hours spent on influencer programs that would otherwise be manual and time-consuming tasks/reports.
  • More sophisticated measurement - ability to integrate Ads Manager and Google Analytics insights into one view, allowing teams to be more integrated.
  • Ability to provide clear campaign direction/guidelines to influencers, reducing the likelihood of re-shoots or miscommunications.
Out of the other influencer management/SaaS platforms I've used, Tagger is my favorite. I trust the numbers I see and use within Tagger, whereas other platforms I'm a bit more cautious of that are scraping data. I also have to say that Tagger's customer support is fantastic, my representative is always friendly, patient, and responsive, providing thorough answers to any question we send her way. Additionally, there is a live chat feature within the platform that is also easy to use and someone always responds fairly quickly, whereas other services I've used have taken days to get a response to a simple question.
Mallory Robinson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Tagger is an incredible, instinctive, start to finish influencer showcasing and social listening stage upsetting the business. With direct associations with all significant online media stages, just as restrictive admittance to billions of important information focuses, Tagger furnishes clients with priceless examination and investigation.
  • Tagger Media has additionally served us as an identifier of future ability as it precisely separates every one of the abilities of the applicants permitting us to settle on the best computerized promoting choices for the organization.
  • The item is exceptionally natural and with an extremely straightforward use you can get awesome outcomes, with only a couple clicks you will have nearby all you require to begin utilizing the devices and start to see its advantages.
  • Although it relates very well with most interpersonal organizations, we wish they could before long remember TikTok for the instrument, one of the quickest developing lately and where we could discover a lot more influencers with various abilities that fit the requirements of our customers.
  • Just as the consequences of errands previously performed, permitting a more clear correspondence that is then reflected in a client influencer input of thoughts.
I might want to find in Tagger a similar report where they show the after-effects of a few or other influencers when the relegated errands are done, this could help us in further developing dynamically for our publicizing efforts doubtlessly getting a considerably more exact outcome.
  • Tagger permits us to discover gatherings of influencers with close affinities to our items and these are consummately lined up with the necessities of the brand, making between the two players the way to advance the item through the suggestion of every one of these influencers.
  • I like its superb feature of finding group influencers.
  • With the program, the executives and results estimation Tagger can send important data of potential influencers that can be of extraordinary assistance to us.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Tagger Media was implemented in our company as a method to reach a greater number of potential customers through social influencer engagement, offering a great amount of tools to increase the monetary reach we were looking for some time ago with certainly satisfactory results.

Their customer service is wonderful, they are there for you every step of the way and never keep you waiting, quick responses and clear solutions that allow us to keep the tool perfectly functional. When we had the need we communicated through the phone number and they answered all our doubts kindly.

I can recommend Tagger to small and medium sized companies with a certain trajectory in the market, and that have the need to promote the image of their products and brand, the price is moderate, but the results are usually worth it in the long run.
  • Tagger Media allows us to find groups of influencers with close affinities to our products and these are perfectly aligned with the needs of the brand, creating between both parties the means to promote the product through the recommendation of each of these influencers.
  • Tagger Media has also served us as an identifier of future talent as it accurately breaks down each of the skills of the candidates allowing us to make the best digital marketing decisions for the company.
  • The product is very intuitive and with a very simple use you can get very good results, with just a few clicks you will have at hand everything you need to start making proper use of the tools and begin to perceive its benefits.
  • With program management and results measurement Tagger can send valuable information of potential influencers that can be of great help to us, as it offers the best options for our needs saving us time searching and interviewing. Time that we then use to better map out our projects.
  • With the reporting tool we can keep our influencers informed of all the pending tasks that exist, as well as the results of tasks already performed, allowing a clearer communication that is then reflected in a user-influencer feedback of ideas.
  • Tagger Media has the ability to integrate the knowledge of Ads Manager and Google Analytics, this allows the teams to be much more associated and manage the information in a convenient way to then be able to meet the objectives set.
  • Although it relates very well with most social networks we wish they could soon include TikTok in the tool, one of the fastest growing in recent times and where we could find many more influencers with different skills that fit the needs of our consumers.
  • I would like to see in Tagger Media a comparative report where they show the results of some or other influencers when the assigned tasks are finished, this could help us in improving decision making for our advertising campaigns surely getting a much more accurate result.
  • It would be interesting to see the information of the tasks of the influencers we hire in real time, i.e., if we contact 5 influencers, we could see a real-time flowchart with the current status of their tasks and thus be able to keep a better relationship of time and performance in our projects.
We recommend using Tagger Media because it has a wide range of content influencers of different skills, which quickly adhere to our ideas and generate added value to our products and services through constant and targeted promotion to potential customers that can be found anywhere in the world. It is amazing how easy it is to plan the hiring of influencers, detailing each of their skills through detailed profiles, where we can observe from their personal information, to their skills and deficiencies in some cases, allowing us to make the right decision. Tagger Media is highly recommended for small and medium companies that need to increase their number of potential customers through digital marketing strategies that position them closer to the expected profitability of the company.
  • We deduced a great impact on our return on investment because due to the plans drawn up with our influencers we were able to notice a great impact on the rise in popularity of our company.
  • Being able to find the best candidates in such a short period of time allows us to execute ideas in a much clearer way, which ultimately benefits the consumer.
  • It greatly reduces the work we would have to do sending tasks and receiving reports manually, which is much more time consuming.
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