Our journey to automation has begun!
September 06, 2020

Our journey to automation has begun!

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Overall Satisfaction with Apricot by Social Solutions

We use Apricot across our organization to measure treatment outcomes as well as track many other things such as attendance, resident inventory, call logs, medical records, and admit/discharge paperwork.
  • We love the ability to create our own forms and customize the software to match our business model.
  • The email triggers make our internal communication much more efficient and effortless.
  • We also value the ability of our employees to be able to access all of the information regardless of which building they are in on our campus.
  • Our biggest hope is that Apricot will continue developing the customer's ability to format forms better. Currently, it does not allow you to do things like format long lists as columns. Therefore, the list displays in a vertical line with a lot of blank unused space to the right of it.
  • Email alerts when a particular task (such as an administrative review on one of our forms) isn't finished on time would be a tremendous help as we have deadlines with our state contracts that must be met. Currently, we spend a lot of time running reports to see what hasn't been completed and then emailing the appropriate employees to make them aware.
  • Guest users are fantastic, however, it would be very beneficial if the limit of 5 forms didn't count forms attached to other forms. For instance, we have one form that has 4 additional forms attached to it that, depending on certain answers on the form, must be filled out. Attaching them helps us ensure our employees fill out everything necessary. Unfortunately, because that one form contains a total of 5 forms it is the only thing guest users are able to do. It would be much more helpful if the limit could be 5 forms not including forms within forms.
  • The biggest impact this system has had for us is in making our data centralized and therefore much easier to report on.
  • We have been able to decrease paper usage by about 80% and are well on our way to finally becoming fully electronic for records storage and reporting.
  • We honestly have not seen a negative impact thus far.
Although we've been using the program for about a year, we are just getting to the point where we feel we can use the data to measure our successes. It has taken us quite some time to develop some of our therapy forms that would measure our treatment success. We are very excited to begin seeing the outcomes of the measurable data in the next couple of months.
This is not something that Apricot has had any effect on. Our funding streams come straight out of the state agencies that we are contracted with and are not tied to Apricot. We do however anticipate that once we are able to report on treatment success measures and share that data it may increase our referrals.
We have not used any products similar to Apricot previously.
We use this software a little differently than most probably do. We are a residential facility treating youth with trauma. We do not have users outside of our organization, however, Apricot is set up more along those lines, for outside users and referrals to different organizations, etc. It has been a little bit difficult to customize certain processes that are different from the traditional foster-home-type setting.