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July 28, 2016

Intuitive ERP from Aptean, a software developer's perspective

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Overall Satisfaction with Aptean Intuitive ERP

Aptean Intuitive ERP is used by all departments. The employees in the shop use it to log their hours spent building a part. Quality uses it to check raw material coming in then issues it to stock which the warehouse guy pulls for the work order then quality inspects the final part logging the information into the ERP system. Sales Orders, Purchase Order and Shipments are all tracked in the system. The usefulness of this ERP system comes from its extensibility. We can add functionality to all business objects and forms. This becomes important in our industry because of the sensitive nature of some of our parts. If a part is classified as a "defense article" there are export regulations. I have been able to add functionality to the Sales Orders and Shipments which will stop shipments unless there is a valid export license assigned where needed. The downside is no documentation on the code base. We are granted 90% of the source code so I can look at what they do and figure out a solution, but documentation would be very helpful.
  • Easily allows adding fields to the database. The data manager reads all fields, so just adding a field automatically brings it over.
  • Optionally purchasing a tool called "Form Wizard" allows non-programmers to add new fields to a form and move around existing fields freeing up the developer to work on other things.
  • They have a wrapper for the DevXpress grid which allows individual users to add and remove columns pertinent to their specific job.
  • Documentation. The design of en extensible system works well once you figure it out. Some things can be tricky and time consuming.
  • They provide no support for customizations. I can understand not wanting to help write specific custom code, but they refuse to even tell anyone what a method on a base class does unless you pay them $200 an hour.
  • Their proprietary design can cause modifications to take longer. If you use one of their forms you can not load it, you must call their launch function and put you code in the "Execute" method. If they were more standardized the documentation issue would not be so bad.
  • Since we can customize it I would like to think it has been beneficial.
  • It is difficult to measure how well business would have done without the software.
This is the only ERP product I have used.
If you have a programmer and are willing to let them learn the system and want software to function the way you run your business this may work well. If you do not have a programmer on staff and are willing to change your business to match the software but think in the future you may wish to modify your ERP software this may work out well. If you want something you can modify quickly this is not a good choice. If you do not wish to modify the code nor your business practices an evaluation would be required. It does allow substantial modifications, but there are areas it may not fit with your business so well. It is possible that Intuitive may happen to make the options you require available in the future.

Aptean Intuitive ERP Feature Ratings

Accounts payable
Accounts receivable
Inventory tracking
Automatic reordering
Location management
Not Rated
Manufacturing module
Order entry
Credit card processing
Not Rated
Cost of goods sold
Pay calculation
Not Rated
Benefit plan administration
Not Rated
Direct deposit files
Not Rated
Salary revision and increment management
Not Rated
Reimbursement management
Not Rated
Not Rated
Standard reports
Custom reports
API for custom integration
Not Rated
Role-based user permissions
Single sign-on capability

Using Aptean Intuitive ERP

50 - Everything in the entire business from the janitor to the President. The president does president things and the janitor logs their time to an expense work order.
2 - I am the software developer and do everything from adding functionality, modifying existing things and user education. My boss handles the administrative work, backing up the database and customizing reports.
  • Track inventory
  • Track Employee hours
  • Ensure accuracy
We have a lot invested in this from user education to customizations. It would be hard to justify the cost for changing.