Colleague Student is a Game Changer
Becky Lambert | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 30, 2018

Colleague Student is a Game Changer

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Overall Satisfaction with Colleague Student

Colleague Student is used across the university to hold our students' academic records and to provide registration as well as other functions, like student accounts, financial aid, etc. This system was chosen to replace our legacy system because it was much more user friendly and allowed us to offer our students a seamless experience across the university with their information and records.
  • Colleague Student allows us to integrate services across the university for students with staff in various departments able to see the information about a student that they need to serve the student well.
  • Colleague Student makes it easy to see our students current academic record as well as transfer courses (and information) and their past records here at the university. Our old system required a lot of homegrown connection points to be able to see all of this information. It was neither quick nor easy.
  • Colleague Student makes the registration process for our students much easier. Our old system was clunky and would often prevent students from registering for a class but not provide information for them about why. Colleague Student makes it easy for students to see if they are missing a pre-requisite, have a hold, etc., so they can know how to get their registration back on track.
  • For our purposes, it would help us if Colleague Student was more flexible in crossing academic terms so students who are taking classes in various entities of our university could more easily register for those courses.
  • Waitlisting is still difficult for students to understand, so easier functionality in this area would help our students tremendously.
  • The process of building class sections would be easier if we could import information from a spreadsheet. Right now, all the information has to be keyed in manually.
  • With Colleague Student, we have been able to be more efficient in our department which has given us the opportunity to take on other projects that are helpful to our students.
  • Colleague Student has enabled my department to cut down on our paper consumption which has been a huge budget savings. Our old system was so untrustworthy that we were printing many things to keep in case we couldn't get the information out of the system again. With Colleague Student we do not have to do this. We have stopped printing many things we used to print.
  • Colleague Student has also helped us have a better handle on which students are preparing for graduation each semester. This allows us to more accurately print commencement materials, etc.
Colleague Student is much more user-friendly in my opinion for both back-end users like myself and for our students. We have found that our students who were here in our transition to Colleague Student raved about how much easier this system was to use for registration and other functions they needed.
Colleague Student is a great solution for smaller schools. I'm not sure it would work well at a large university (10,000 plus students) -- I'm not sure it has capacity to handle that. It is also well suited for universities where departments communicate well with each other. There is so much cross functionality, that if departments don't communicate well, issues could arise if one department makes changes without notifying or talking with other departments about the change.