Cozyroc SSIS+ makes Microsoft SSIS a proper ETL tool
December 07, 2021

Cozyroc SSIS+ makes Microsoft SSIS a proper ETL tool

Mika Itkonen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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About a year ago we were faced with a need to change ETL tools. We had been using IBM tools for a few decades and our plan was now to move to Microsoft SSIS. The first looks of SSIS made us feel that the product was lacking basic ETL functionality that we were used to. A lot of this was due to us having most of our source/destination databases outside of SQL Server, mainly DB2. I felt that SSIS is not really a good choice when having a DB2 destination database but there were other factors supporting the selection of SSIS so we went on to look for solutions that would enable SSIS to work in our case. This is where we found COZYROC SSIS+ to be a big asset that effectively allowed us to use SSIS as a proper ETL tool even though our main target is DB2.
  • Database Destination Component.
  • Support.
  • Rest components.
  • Documentation.
  • Database Destination component.
  • Support.
  • Simplified data flows.
  • Faster data operations.
We tested several other SSIS add-on packages as well. Only a few had DB2 support. And from those few COZYROC's support was the most responsive and helpful. They practically added the functionality we needed if it was not already there.

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The single most important use case for us is the Database Destination component. Nearly all ETL data flows usually have some sort of insert / update / delete database operation at the end and with all the new functionality added to Database Destination during the past year we can now use this single component to do 99,5% of all our inserts / updates / deletes and most importantly merge operations. The same functionality can be achieved using only standard Microsoft SSIS components, but it can be complicated or very slow (one row at a time). If I want to insert new rows and update existing rows to the DB2 table and to do it fast. Microsoft SSIS does not really offer me any components for that. I can of course use SQL to create a temp table, move data there, create indexes, use SQL again to run the actual insert / update, clear the temp tables and finally run statistics but it requires a lot of SQL knowledge and will end up needing 6-8 steps. With COZYROC's Database Destination component it is just 1 step and it is easy and fast.

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Support is fast and after they understand our needs they are willing to implement new features.
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A few times I have suggested improvements to components and after support has understood my use cases they have been very helpfull and went on to develop their product ahead in order for it to work even better for our needs.