If you want a phone then Fuze is not the answer
Updated June 15, 2022

If you want a phone then Fuze is not the answer

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Modules Used

  • Voice
  • Messaging
  • Contact Center

Overall Satisfaction with Fuze

Fuze is being used by the whole organization. After we merged with WeddingWire we got stuck using it because it was cheaper. It addresses the use of a phone system for contact center users and regular users. It gave our sales team SMS capability so they can text sales leads and current customers.
  • UcaaS.
  • Browser based app ability.
  • Salesforce integration is horrible.
  • Their support team is lackluster.
  • The CSMs and account managers aren't knowledgeable about phone systems.
  • Fuze is NOT a contact center system. They need to merge with somebody like Serenova.
You have to go back and forth with the support team numerous times before you get a resolution. Most of their support team is offshore so English isn't their first language so you get the language barrier as well. Then you ask the CSM or Account Manager (AM) for assistance and they are pretty clueless as well. Fuze needs more employees who actually know how a phone system works.
Fuze is fairly easy to implement. If you are needing their help then good luck. You are better off implementing on your own unless you actually get a good project manager from Fuze that can assist. I was lucky enough to get a good one when we implemented some extra sites.
Fuze does not stack up against NVM or Five9 at all. Fuze is such an inferior product to NVM. inContact and Serenova have great platforms as well but I haven't used them first hand yet. All these other plaforms plug into Salesforce well as Fuze does not. Fuze needs to actually listen to their customers. It takes Fuze months just to do a simple release.
There are other systems in the industry like inContact or NVM that are the Cadillac while Fuze is that old beat up Ford Pinto. There are so many contact center capabilities that are missing with Fuze. Now I see why Fuze is the joke of the industry among my peers. They don't listen to the customer for product ideas or enhancements. If you need a system that can work with Salesforce then look elsewhere.

Fuze Feature Ratings

Hosted PBX
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Call reports
Answering rules
Call recording
Call park
Message alerts
Video conferencing
Audio conferencing
Mobile app for iOS
Mobile app for Android

Using Fuze

300 - sales & service
5 - We use individuals in our IT team, sales trainer is trained in Fuze troubleshooting as well. We have 1 individual who is the Fuze admin who handles all Fuze issues on the IT team. He has a vast background in contact center software. End users submit tickets internally then he deals with the end user issues. If he can't resolve them then he reaches out to Fuze support.
  • remote work
  • cloud software
  • SMS
  • Local presence dialing
  • Call routing based on Salesforce account owner
  • Call routing based on Salesforce case owner
  • Call Recording
  • Salesforce plugin
Fuze is not scalable for our organization. It doesn't work with Salesforce like other products. Their support team takes days to answer inquiries. If you call their support team they just open a ticket for you so calling is pointless. They don't have a chat option for support. Their Account Managers and CSMs don't know contact center technology but are always trying to upsell you. We've provided their senior leadership info about their lackluster performance but Fuze doesn't care to improve. We provide product enhancements that either get ignored or takes months to even be considered.

Evaluating Fuze and Competitors

Yes - We only chose Fuze due to cost. It should have never replaced what we had already in place. But then once we started using Fuze it seems to be as much if not more expensive than what we had because they way they nickel & dime you.
  • Price
Price per user was the only reason but once we went in and realized the wrong user type was being used it jumped from $30 per user to $50 per user and more for Supervisor users.
Now that I know how Fuze works with the user licenses I could show leadership that price was not as cheap as advertised.
  • Allowed us to remote work during this pandemic
  • Allowed for SMS so reps can reach customers in an alternative fashion
  • We have multiple sites using Fuze which is nice to be consolidated

Fuze Implementation

Change management was minimal
  • Lack of knowledge by Account Manager & CSM

Fuze Training

If you've used other phone software then it's pretty easy to learn. Once we figured it out then we did train the trainer so now our internal sales trainer handles the Fuze training.

Configuring Fuze

The Fuze configuration is too limited. We've had to either use Fuze developers or own in house dev team to code items that we wanted done like local presence dialing and call routing based on Salesforce account or case ownership. The IVR is very basic which may be good for some but we needed a more in depth IVR.
Set up your departments and locations then users then your queues / IVRs
No - there is no facility to customize the interface
Some - we have added small pieces of custom code - We had to add custom code for local presence dialing and call routing based on Salesforce account and case ownership. The custom code for local presence dialing we had to work with Fuze dev team which took at least a month. This was not an easy process. We had our internal dev team do custom work but had to hire an external consultant to help with coding work as well.
For call monitoring we had to set up FCC which is not an ideal solution

Fuze Support

Good followup
Problems get solved
Slow Resolution
Less knowledgeable
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
No - Fuze doesn't offer premium support
Yes - It took months for them to fix a bug we reported
Only time I've had exceptional support is when I've worked with a project manager or Tier 3 level support agent at Fuze.

Using Fuze

You have to rely on the Fuze app. Fuze needs to be able to work seamlessly in Salesforce to be able to compete with other vendors. Basically, they are great for UcaaS but less than desirable for CCaaS. It's like they are 20 years behind. Overall, Fuze is very easy to use and to get up and running. Not the best solution if you have multiple teams with complex IVRs.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Phone functions like dialing, SMS, voicemail
  • The admin interface is straight forward
  • If you want a more robust IVR it's not here
  • An agent can only be in 1 department. You can't 1 agent in multiple groups
  • Reporting needs work
Yes - The mobile interface works pretty well. We use it as a backup for when agents are working from home and are having local network issues typically due to wifi. Using the mobile interface allows them to use their data network instead so they can work.

Fuze Reliability

It's easy to get Fuze across multiple sites and departments. It's not scalable for Salesforce due to lack of functionality
We've had a few outages over the past year. More than other vendors I've used. They usually have outages fixed within an hour. The downside is they do not provide root cause of outages. If they do at takes them at least a month to get it to you.
Fuze works fine in the office but for remote users on wifi Fuze is sketchy. The Fuze app bogs down the end user PC or Mac. The app is very heavy.

Integrating Fuze

The Salesforce integration was very easy to set up
  • Salesforce
We tried to integrate Fuze with Salesforce but it was a disaster so we had to pull out their Salesforce plugin
  • Salesforce
  • ZenDesk
The vendor supports this integration. Since our Salesforce integration went so horribly we haven't attempted the ZenDesk integration.
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)
We use the API to send data to Salesforce
If you plan on integrating Fuze with Salesforce be sure to test it out in your UAT environment before rolling out to production

Relationship with Fuze

Typical company, they want your money so they sell you the stars in the sales process
After they have you sold they don't work as hard to keep your business. They say one thing but do another. They provide you an Account Manager and CSM who are typically not knowledgeable in phone systems.
Bring in the manager to the AM & CSM to conversations