The Time-Saving Powers of Get Satisfaction are More Than Satisfactory
August 04, 2014

The Time-Saving Powers of Get Satisfaction are More Than Satisfactory

Alexandra Gambardella | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Sprinklr Modern Care

Sprinklr Modern Care serves as the main customer support forum for my company's network of entertainment websites, and provides a direct line of communication between the people working on our sites (us!) and the people visiting and using the sites. While our Sprinklr Modern Care communities are managed and maintained by just a handful of employees (myself included), everyone at the company receives and reads the notification emails about what's being posted, ensuring that all employees are up-to-speed on what sort of features our users are requesting, which questions are being asked, and what sort of bugs are being reported. It not only serves as a home for our websites' FAQs — where new users can find tips and pointers on how to use the sites most effectively — but it also gives users the opportunity to directly submit their own ideas for new improvements to the site, many of which are ultimately implemented by our Product team. In the past, users' posts to our forum have often alerted our team of important site issues or bugs that may have otherwise been overlooked until much later.
  • Merge topics: I work for a TV show website and TV fans often write in asking the same questions (ie: How do I watch a show? Has ____ been canceled? etc). The ability to merge duplicate questions to one master FAQ topic allows managers to keep our community organized, keep track of how many people have the same question, and save time that would otherwise be spent replying to each person individually.
  • Multiple management seats/levels: Sprinklr Modern Care allows managers to delegate community management tasks to interns and moderators by giving them access to certain features of our forum without giving them "full control" of our account.
  • Official responses: We're able to make sure our employee responses don't get lost in the shuffle of busy conversation on our forums by marking certain responses as "official." This adds a special badge to important replies and pins them to the top, so users can more easily access the most relevant/accurate response to the issue they're reporting or question they're asking.
  • Easy moderator sorting/view: The manager console allows community managers to customize the way they view the forum, and therefore more easily spot high-priority items. Sort by post date, number of replies on a topic, or filter posts to view topics that have not yet been addressed by an employee to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Topic search: The search functionality leaves something to be desired. Sometimes I need to reference a topic that has already been posted, or find a pre-existing topic in order to merge it with a new one, and the search function fails to find the right topic for me, even when I know I'm searching for the correct topic title. I find myself keeping a doc of URLs of my most-referenced topics just in case I need the URL and the Get Satisfaction search fails me.
  • Sign-ups: In most cases, users must sign up for a Get Satisfaction account in order to post a question or problem, instead of being able to use their existing credentials for our own websites. Many of our users don't appreciate needing to sign up for an additional service in order to provide feedback on our site(s), or become confused and think they can log in with the credentials from our own service. I believe there is an option to incorporate your site's logins and use a single sign-in feature (at least there used to be), but it was too costly for us.
  • No way to turn off comments: I get that it's a community and the point is to offer a place for users to communicate with us, but some company updates invite commentary that we'd rather keep private. It would be nice to have the option of turning off user replies for certain company-sponsored posts and FAQs.
  • Increased employee efficiency: Having a clear, one-stop "shop" where users can leave feedback, ask questions, and find bug fixes or workarounds has saved me (and other community managers at my company) loads of time that was once spent responding to numerous emails on an individual basis.
  • Better customer service: Since everyone in the company is alerted of what's being written on our forum, it's easy to spot a high-priority issue, delegate to the person in charge, resolve it, and respond as soon as possible.
I've never used any Sprinklr Modern Care alternatives, but when it comes to communicating directly with customers, I much prefer using Sprinklr Modern Care over contact form and email interaction.
Sprinklr Modern Care is well-suited for a company with multiple community managers — or multiple employees interacting with the customers/users of your service. It's also well-suited for a company that has a high volume of user interaction, ie: many users writing in with the same or similar questions/requests, as it's a helpful tool for consolidating duplicate questions into one organized topic.

Using Sprinklr Modern Care

Not only is Sprinklr Modern Care reasonably priced and easy to use, but it also has years worth of FAQ topics and user feedback that we've acquired over the years that we continue to reference today.