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Updated November 02, 2022

Qlik Replicate

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Overall Satisfaction with Qlik Replicate

Qlik Replicate is used in IT to replicate on-prem data to off-prem Cloud solutions.
  • Replicates data across disparate platforms.
  • Pretty easy to maintain and update
  • Troubleshooting issues can be difficult as errors are not very clear.
  • Logging is minimal and not terribly helpful by default unless you increase the logging levels.
  • Qlik Replicate has allowed us to leverage better-suited, cloud-based BI OLAP solutions by replicating data from less suitable, on-prem OLTP platforms.
We have not evaluated any other products in the last 3 years.
Certain aspects of Qlik Replicate are very easy to setup, for example a Source and Target systems. The most basic replication tasks are pretty easy to realize, but more complex setups can be more difficult and finnicky. Troubleshooting issues can be very difficult. Errors are not always clear in nature or clearly presented. It is clear enough when Qlik Replicate cannot connect to a source or target system. It is significantly less clear when a working replication task fails for reasons not related to connectivity. The logging is minimal by default which is fine when everything is working but insufficient when issues arise. You can ratchet up the level of logging for various aspects of a given replication task, but it isn't always clear for which aspect you should do this. Ratchet up the wrong aspect and you will only have more noise through which to sort; ratchet up too many at once and then it creates far too much logging of which to make any sense.

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It is well suited for replicating data across disparate data platforms. If your environment only uses one data platform (i.e. only SQL Server, only Oracle, etc.) then you can probably rely upon replication solutions provided by said products.

Using Qlik Replicate

10 - Mostly Business Intelligence and Development.
10 - 
  • Experience in the respective database platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Experience in Linux administration
  • Experience in Windows Server administration if you also use the Qlik Enterprise Manager option
  • Experience in Networking and Firewalls depending on your setup
  • Distribution of data to disparate platforms
  • Replicating in a timely fashion
  • Reliable performance
  • None, we use it purely for data replication
  • None, we use it purely for data replication
The availability of the replicated data in disparate environments has is now crucial. Replacing a product like Qlik Replicate would require significant time, investments, and work. In addition, Qlik Replicate is reasonably reliable with few failures.

Evaluating Qlik Replicate and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
We required a product that could replicate across disparate database platforms like Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, Google Big Query, and Google Storage.
I don't think we would change anything. Our needs for replicating across disparate environments results in a limited number of available products. Qlik Replicate works and has been reasonably reliable so far, so it would be difficult to find another product that does this.

Qlik Replicate Implementation

Follow the directions from the Qlik documentation. They are pretty straight forward and easy enough to follow. If you follow these, then you are not likely to have issues on implementation.
Change management was minimal
  • When replicating to/from Google Cloud, Qlik is very specific about the supported versions of the GCP SDK and Big Query Simba drivers. Maintaining this can be a bit of a hassle and making sure that neither is accidentally upgraded is very important.

Qlik Replicate Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Quick Initial Response
Qlik Support is currently working to evaluate what I believe is a typo in their documentation regarding a very specific part of the upgrade process. They responded to my note about the typo in a timely fashion, took it seriously, and are evaluating if my thoughts are correct and the documentation needs to be updated. I appreciate the fact that Qlik Support was attentive and NOT dismissive of my discovery.
Support is responsive and friendly. For issues specifically limited to Qlik Replicate, support tends to be quick and knowledgeable.

If the issue is deeply technical - for example very specific to a given database platform - then it can take a little longer to speak with someone that is knowledgeable enough about Qlik Replicate AND the affected database platform. The amount of time is not unbearable and I think is general reasonable given the level of unique expertise that can be required.

Using Qlik Replicate

Relatively simple
Technical support not required
Feel confident using
  • Overall maintenance and upgrades are pretty easy, especially in Linux
  • Creating and maintaining replication tasks
  • Stopping a replication task can take a very long time
  • The logging of errors is not always helpful. By default, logging is set to a minimum so it is not always clear what the issue might be.