Sublime Text gets the job done.
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December 13, 2018

Sublime Text gets the job done.

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Overall Satisfaction with Sublime Text

It's a good, extensible text editor. I don't use it as a primary editor, but often as a scratch pad to do tasks that it does well. Especially the multiline editing, which is great when taking text that isn't very well-formatted, and then morphing it into something that is. Other things it does well are automatically formatting structured text, and working with the syntax of a language.
  • Multiline editing. You haven't lived until you edit multiple lines! Stick your cursor on a word. With a keystroke, you stick your cursor in the same exact spot in every instance of that word in the file, then you can edit away. All of them. At once. Other editors try, but I think Sublime does it best.
  • Plugins. People with more time on their hands than me wrote plugins to make my life easier. One in particular that I like is the "select in quotes" plugin. Similar to doing `vi'` in Vim. I use that along with "replace in selection" a lot to do things like replacing underscores with spaces, and then setting the selection to title case.
  • It's pretty lightweight. Again, not as lightweight as Vim. But it gives a good environment to get things done in without being a huge memory hog.
  • Sometimes if you load up a pretty large file, it can get bogged down and take a while. It's not that big of a deal, because it still makes the edits.
  • I'm not a huge fan of the git integration. I wish it was a little better. I also use JetBrains productions, and I'm a big fan of their git integration.
  • Sometimes I wish that browsing plugins was a little bit more helpful. I feel like it lacks really good descriptions, and I end up installing plugins and then just uninstalling them.
  • It mostly saves me time when doing repetitive tasks. Not sure if I've got any particular impact to speak of, though.
It's similar to Atom, but I feel like it's more polished. I don't have any specific examples, but I tend to like the way Sublime Text does things over Atom. I feel like the plugins available are better, too. Again, no real examples here. I mean, they are similar. I just tend to like Sublime Text, that's all.
Sublime Text is great for editing text. But thanks to plugins, it's often good at doing many other things, too. Formatting text, etc. I often just use it as a scratch pad to do little tasks in, but it makes those tasks way quicker. My main editor is a full-fledged IDE. I understand many use it for programming, but it is missing some things I like from an IDE.