Vision Critical -- A great resource for any market research department
March 11, 2014

Vision Critical -- A great resource for any market research department

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We use Vision Critical's Sparq platform across the organization to manage a consumer insights community and survey our viewers about a variety of topics (programming, marketing, advertising, etc.) We also use it for forum discussions to create deeper insights. The tool is managed by our corporate research team, but many other researchers have access to program surveys and reports for their own departments.
  • Sparq is great as a single tool to manage relationships with some of our most avid fans. It allows us to survey them, send emails, and provide information about how their feedback is being used.
  • The survey programming platform has a little bit of a learning curve but is quite flexible and provides a good respondent experience.
  • Vision Critical has greatly improved the reporting capabilities of the tool. It is quite easy to quickly generate custom cross-tab reports.
  • The customer support, and the collaboration from our account team has been very good.
  • I wish the product was more friendly to video surveys. It does support video, but there are restrictions on file size, and you can't maximize the size of the screen when watching a video.
  • I wish the product was more customizable. We have taken several measures to make changes to customize the product for our specific needs. It has turned out well, but it hasn't always been a smooth process.
  • I wish all of the reporting capabilities were rolled into one master reporting module. Within the tool, there are several different report areas. Each has its advantages, and like I said earlier, it is easy to generate quick reports. However, for more in-depth analysis, I sometimes want to use features from each of those report areas, and it would be very helpful if all the features I want were in one place.
  • Our use of Vision Critical's software has allowed us to dramatically increase the amount of research that we do, at a much lower cost. Since there is no incremental cost for each survey we field, we can ask many questions we wouldn't have been able to otherwise.
  • Our use of an insights community has also sped up the research process, allowing us to write, program, field and report on a survey within only a few days.
  • Because of the two advantages listed above, we have been able to listen closer to our customers' opinions.
  • Qualtrics,Vovici,SurveyMonkey
As described earlier in the review, I believe Vision Critical provides a fantastic survey tool. However, I think that some other tools are just as good for simply programming and deploying surveys. The thing that makes Vision Critical stand above the rest is the opportunity it provides for you to easily engage with the same customers on an ongoing basis and tie their responses together over time. I love that we can manage our insight community's home page, emails to panelists, surveys, reports, and much more all from the same tool.
We have built a lot of value with our insight community internally. Many departments trust and rely on the results we get from the panel, and we have long made it past the initial learning curve, so individuals throughout the company already feel comfortable with the tool. It gives us an ability to field much more research than we would ever be able to otherwise, and that has made a significant positive impact on our business.
From my experience, I believe that Vision Critical offers the best software to manage an insights community. They are great to work with, and my opinion has only improved over time. However, that doesn't mean it is the best survey software overall. If someone simply needs to program and distribute surveys, this may or may not be the right solution. There are some other really great survey tools on the market that are competitively priced and offer very intuitive interfaces (like Qualtrics).

If you are going to recruit people to answer surveys or provide feedback on an ongoing basis (re-contacting and engaging with the same people repeatedly), though, Vision Critical would be my #1 recommendation.