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CA Application Test

IF you are looking for api testing solution along with service virtualization, then look no further than this tool. This tool also forces you to move your testing lifecycle to much earlier phases of development which helps overall SDLC.
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  • It immensely helps to change your entire testing lifecycle approach and to implement Shift Left approach with the extensive emphasis on testing the api's.
  • This is a great tool to implement Service virtualization for your and/or third-party web services. This will ensure we have 100% environment availability and consistency for automation and performance test environments.
  • This tool also helps you with test data setup and management which is a very crucial piece of test automation.
  • It also helps us to implement performance testing for apis using the Blazemeter.
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  • This tool comes with a license cost and not free. Many open source tools offer free api testing solution and so making some functionality of this tool as open source would be good
  • Load testing piece is not integrated with in the tool and rather uses Blaze meter which is free.
  • Some integration with UI and api testing will make this tool even more attractive
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Alternatives Considered

It definitely is among the top leaders in API testing and virtualization along with the Parasoft SOA tool. Many open source API testing libraries such as Rest Assured, Karate and even Postman and SOAP UI are free which is a little bit against CA.
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Return on Investment

  • This tool gave a very positive ROI in our group. Especially with service virtualization where we minimized the downtime in our test environments significantly.
  • Also, service virtualization helps to minimize the costs of hitting third party services often in lower environments.
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CA Application Test

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