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TestInvite provides tools to design and deliver tailored online exams with security. TestInvite's library of pre-made hiring tests streamlines assessment creation, or users can bring their own tests. Systematic question randomization, customizable time limits, navigation restrictions,…

Top Hat

Toronto-based Top Hat offers their higher education teaching apps, comprising Top Hat Classroom supporting flipped classroom and gamified lessons, Top Hat Textbook for delivering course content, Top Hat Assignment for customizable quizzes and graded tasks or homework, and Top Hat…


ExamOnline is an online examination tool specially designed to conduct online examinations - entrance test, recruitment examination, skill assessments, certifications, corporate hiring etc. It provides end-to-end examination solutions from application management to conducting online…

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Synap is an online exam platform designed to deliver exceptional assessment experiences, helping to ensure a smooth exam-taking process for administrators and test-takers. It also presents performance data and trends with its analytics dashboards, providing insights to inform decision-…

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Janison is an online assessment platform from the company of the same name in New South Wales, providing tools for test creation, online proctoring and test delivery, test scoring, and a Statistics Dashboard that displays tests in progress, as well as past tests and a by-location…

IKM TeckChek
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IKM’s Knowledge Measurement solutions help organizations to recruit superior candidates and evaluate the impact of training and education programs through software-based assessments. IKM TeckChek is a suite of assessments to provide a comprehensive solution for measuring knowledge…

0 reviews presents a secure & non-invasive approach towards online proctoring. Its AI based automated proctoring facilitates academic administrators to create & conduct cheat-proof exams while respecting the privacy of their test takers.With it, institutions can conduct remote…

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Rosalyn is a proctoring platform for the digital education world. It helps educators provide calm, respectful and amazing proctoring experiences to their students on-demand, inside their LMS. Rosalyn reduces costs by 80%, eliminates friction, ensures strict compliance with data…

Proctortrack Pro

Proctortrack is a proctoring solution combining AI-based and blended live proctoring.

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Proctor360 is a remote proctoring service that offers the secure online exams from anywhere.

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ProctorExam is an online proctoring product.

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Wheebox is an online remote proctored testing solution from the company of the same name headquartered in India with presence across 5 countries globally. It partners mid and large size corporations to hire and develop talent and hundreds of higher education institutions to measure…

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PSI provides testing solutions to corporations, federal and state government agencies, professional associations, certifying bodies and leading academic institutions.

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ProctorU is a proctoring service that allows students to complete their exams from nearly any location

Briso Proctor
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Briso Exams, a remote proctored online examination solution blends AI- capabilities and live proctoring, with the goal of delivering accuracy, security and scalability. Its AI based solution uses latest neural network deep learning technologies to ensure accuracy and robustness for…

uxpertise LMS
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uxpertise LMS is a cloud-based learning management system for enterprises, professional associations, and training centers. Users can customize the platform with company colors and a brand logo. For enterprises looking to train employees, volunteers, and partners, uxpertise LMS…

Integrity Advocate

An identity verification, participation monitoring, and exam proctoring solution built on Privacy by Design principles. Integrity Advocate protects learner privacy and ensures assessment integrity for online learning events. Leveraging human reviewers assisted by proprietary technology…

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Talview provides mobile and video recruitment solutions which are augmented with talent engagement tools and hiring analytics. The vendor’s flagship product Automated Video Interviews helps conduct interviews without interviewers and solve issues like Poor Conversion Ratios in Face…

HirePro Proctoring

HirePro Proctoring is an online proctoring platform.

YouTestMe GetCertified

A web-based enterprise application for examination, training, survey & certification with an extensive reporting module. As a secured system that can be accessed both on the cloud or on-premise, YouTestMe GetCertifed is presented as an ideal choice for government, business &…

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Honorlock is an online proctoring solution for test-takers, instructors, institutions, and companies. Honorlock offers customer service with on-demand availability without scheduling, and states their commitment to security and privacy.

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Proctorio is a remote proctoring service offering identity verification and exam-proctoring services to more than 4,000 higher education, K-12, corporate, and federal institutions around the world, proctoring more than 30 million exams in 2021 alone. Proctorio boasts low bandwidth…

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Digiexam is an examination platform built to manage the entire exam workflow and drive adoption, on-campus and remote. It supports 900+ modern educators worldwide in digitalising their exam process to improve academic excellence, operational efficiency and student experience. The…

Learn More About Online Proctoring Software

What is Online Proctoring Software?

Online proctoring software is used by schools, businesses, institutions, and credentialing bodies to conduct secure exams by monitoring test takers remotely. These proctoring tools help deter and prevent dishonest behavior during testing. They verify identities, secure devices to eliminate access to restricted materials and monitor behaviors during testing. Online proctoring software offers the flexibility to conduct virtual testing with the convenience of location independence, making it possible for test-takers to complete exams at home, eliminating the need for testing centers.

Remote proctoring software observes test-takers through their webcam video, audio, and desktop. Online proctoring can take three forms:
Live Proctoring: Observing a test taker through their webcam and computer screen during testing.
Recorded Proctoring: The computer screen of the test taker is recorded for subsequent review.
Automated Proctoring: Using AI to monitor the tester and their environment for irregularities.

AI proctoring software offers the most potential in securing the testing environment. It uses voice and facial recognition to confirm the identity of the test taker, machine learning to identify anomalies in testing behavior, monitors eye movement for irregular activity, and evaluates the exam taker’s surrounding environment for suspect conditions. The software captures any concerns and prepares reports on the potential issues.

These tools will search the internet, alerting you if your exam content is discovered, detect cell phones and other voices that are present, and allow a live proctor to intervene in a test taker’s session when prompted by the tools AI. This software sanitizes the environment by disabling additional browsers, tabs, search engines, and ports to restrict access to unauthorized resources.

Online proctoring software is used for recruitment, certifications, staff training, online education, and student evaluations.

Online proctoring software tools are closed related to Assessment Software that creates exams. To facilitate the evaluation of education and training programs online proctoring software is often integrated with Learning Management Systems (LMS). Recruitment Automation Software sometimes includes online proctoring software.

Online Proctoring Software Features

Online proctoring software will offer many of these features.

  • Biometric identity verification
  • Continuous student image or voice authentication
  • Human and AI-based proctoring
  • Live, AI, record, and review proctoring options
  • Real-time intervention
  • Restricts access to prohibited resources - disabling additional tabs, browsers, and external ports, preventing access to other applications
  • Monitoring of test taker movement, behavior, and environment
  • Detection of multiple people present, voices, cell phones, devices, books, notes
  • Second camera option for 360-degree monitoring
  • Dashboard for viewing and proctoring exam takers
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Privacy Controls, Encryption
  • Multi-language support
  • LMS Integration
  • Cloud or on customer premises options

Online Proctoring Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing online proctoring software.

Use Case: Are you in the market solely for an online proctoring tool? Evaluate business needs to determine if it is more beneficial to purchase or acquire a single or compound product: Recruitment and assessment/test creation platforms sometimes include online proctoring tools as part of their products.

Integrations: Does the tool offer integrations with your LMS or hiring systems?

Scope: Consider if the proctoring software effectively conducts different types of exams, across multiple regions and time zones. Check how scalable it is to varying test group sizes.

Pricing Information

Most vendors require obtaining a price quote for their products. Pricing will vary by the features provided. Vendors offer pricing for unlimited use or may provide the option to pay per student, per test, or by the hour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Online Proctoring Software do?

Online proctoring software is used by organizations to remotely monitor test-takers during examinations. These proctoring tools identify unethical behavior and help prevent cheating. This is accomplished through observing, analyzing, and recording test takers using their webcam video, audio, and computer screens. The software restricts access to unauthorized resources and materials.

What are the benefits of using Online Proctoring Software?

  • Creates a fair testing environment - reduces cheating and dishonest behavior
  • Easy accessibility – conduct exams anytime, anywhere
  • Cost savings – eliminates the need for testing centers and in-person proctors

What are the top-rated Online Proctoring Software products?

How much does Online Proctoring Software cost?

Most vendors require obtaining a price quote for their products. Vendors offer pricing for unlimited use or may provide the option to pay per student, per test, or by the hour.