Product Configuration Software


Product Configuration Software Overview

What is Product Configuration Software?

Product configuration software, also known as a product configurator, allows customers and businesses to design or personalize products to better meet the needs of the customer. It gives the buyer a better understanding of a product, its customizable options, and related costs. It gives the seller the ability to showcase all a product’s features. It is usually a part of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software, which provides quotes for complex and highly customizable product offerings.

This software is an especially valuable tool for businesses whose products require buyer input prior to the manufacturing process. It supports dynamic updating of any element of a product and sale: base options, add-ons, upgrades, pricing, and discounts.

Cloud-based software makes it convenient for sales reps, distributors, and buyers to customize a product. Rule-based configurations define all possible variations for a given product. As the options are explored, real-time product visualizations are presented along with their associated pricing.

Product Configuration Software Features

A basic product configurator will automatically configure product models based upon the options selected.

Key product configuration software features include:

  • Business Rules Processing

    • Configuration Rules

    • Pricing Rules

  • Real-Time Product Visualization

    • 2D Drawing

    • 3D Imaging

    • CAD Automation

  • Real-Time Cost Calculations and Pricing

  • Website Embedding

Product Configuration Software Comparison

Before purchasing product configuration software, it is important to consider whether a basic product configurator will meet your needs or whether you require that it be part of a CPQ solution.

Determining the extent of your needs for the following capabilities will help you choose the right software.

  • Rules Engine: How complex is your product’s customizable features?

  • Visual Product Configuration: What impact do options have on the appearance of your product?

  • Automated Price and Quoting: How complex are your pricing structures?

  • Ease of Use: How easy is it for the business to set up and maintain? How intuitive and friendly is the interface for buyers to use?

  • Cloud-Based: What are your access needs? Do you need to be able to access the platform from anywhere with an internet connection?

Review your decision to make sure that it will be satisfactory for both internal users and external customers.

Pricing Information

There is a broad range of price points based upon the features included in the software. Most vendors use a pay per user, monthly pricing structure that ranges from $25 to $500 per user. This pricing is often combined with a required minimum number of purchased licenses. A few vendors offer one-time purchases that can range from $1,000 to over $60,000.

Some vendors offer free trials, while others provide limited free versions. Many CPQ vendors recommend you reach out to them to review your requirements, so they can come up with an optimal solution and a custom quote.

Customer support is provided in the pricing; however, some vendors limit the time for their free support. In those cases, an additional fee is required for ongoing support.

Product Configuration Products

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Starting Price $0

SketchUp is 3D modeling software with an emphasis on usability. SketchUp is a Trimble product.

Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick)

Salesforce CPQ

Top Rated
Starting Price $30

Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick) is built and delivered on the Salesforce Platform and Salesforce1 Mobile App which enables users to create accurate sales quotes quickly and submit error-free orders on the fly from any device.

Key Features

  • Quote sharing/sending (27)
  • Price adjustment (26)
  • Product configuration (27)
CIS Configurator

CIS Configurator

Starting Price $6,000

CIS Configurator is software that designed to help sales reps; re-sellers and customers create accurate quotes for custom products.

Verenia CPQ

EosCPQ is a cloud-based configuration, pricing, and quoting software solution offered by Verenia. EosCPQ includes features such as a powerful rules engine, dynamic product visualization options, and web lead generation with product configuration / quote forms.

Experlogix CPQ

The Experlogix Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution enables your sales team to customize complex quotes and orders with 100 percent accuracy, leading to gains in revenue and profitability. With unique capabilities such as guided selling, rapid line-item creation and automated bill-…

Configure One

Configure One is a CPQ and e-catalog tool that allows users to visualize complex product configurations in 2D and/or 3D, and generate quotes and orders based on valid configurations. Configure One integrates with ERP, CRM, and CAD systems. It also includes features for manufacturers,…

KBMax, from Epicor

KBMax is an interactive 3D UI CPQ solution that enables customers and sales users to configure simple or complex products on any device, now from Epicor since the May, 2021 acquisition.

Powertrak CPQ

Powertrak CPQ

Starting Price $300

Axonom is the developer of cloud-based configure, price, quote CPQ software with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences for the high-tech, manufacturing, and services industries. Powertrak Visual CPQ and VR suite enables sales, channel partners, and customers around the…



Starting Price $59

Prisync is pricing optimization software from the company of the same name in Istanbul.


XaitCPQ, a software solution from Xait, is designed to enable users to quickly and accurately price combinations of interdependent products and services.


ATLATL Software headquartered in Charleston offers their eponymous product configuration software solution.

GenAlpha Equip

Equip, from GenAlpha Technologies headquartered in Brookfield, is a B2B eCommerce Platform and eCatalog solution designed to improve the customer buying experience, expand market reach, and boost operational efficiencies.

Partfiniti Partinator

Partfiniti is an online resource for product specifiction based on the manufacturer's part numbers, from the company of the same name in Haymarket. The information in the database is generated by the user community ("participants"​). Any participant, once singed in with a valid…

M1 Manufacturing ERP Software

M1, from ECI Software Solutions headquartered in Ft. Worth, is an all-in-one manufacturing ERP software solution, built for small and medium-sized discrete manufacturers.

eRep CPQ

eRep CPQ

Starting Price $50

eRep CPQ, from ERP specialist BCA Technologies headquartered in Maitland, is a CPQ and product configuration tool.


ShapeDiver is a self-service, cloud-native, SaaS platform designed to help individuals and businesses build applications based on parametric CAD models made with Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper, from the company of the same name in Wien.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Product Configuration Software do?

Product configuration software makes it possible for a customer to select options for a product they wish to purchase, visualize the results, and obtain its cost. It gives a sales rep the ability to display the options, features, and pricing of a product to a buyer in real-time.

It can be part of a CPQ solution that provides complex rule-based options, 3D presentations, dynamic pricing, and enterprise integration, or just offer a basic visual representation of product options.

What are the benefits of using Product Configuration Software?

There are several important benefits in using product configuration software:

  • Enhances the buying experience for customers - higher customer satisfaction.
  • Increases conversions - reduces returns – customer can see the final product.
  • A faster sales cycle. This allows the sales rep to focus on the customer and their needs rather than having to retain complex buying options and pricing information. It also helps my automating custom quoting - eliminating quoting delays.
  • Minimizes pricing risk by preventing invalid product options/combinations and ensuring correct cost calculations.
  • Accelerates order processing - makes for more efficient manufacturing, production process.

How much does Product Configuration Software cost?

Pricing is dependent upon the range of features provided. Monthly licensing ranges from $25 to $500 per user, per month, payable on a monthly or yearly basis. Usually, a minimum of users is required as well. One-time costs can range from $1,000 to over $60,000.