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20 Ratings
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I would not recommend Followerwonk to a company who wasn't taking their Twitter strategy seriously. If it's something that receives very little attention or something that isn't being contributed to with any regularity or consistency, there's little need to understand more about your customers and users. However, there if social media is a component that is critical in your industry or in your business, knowledge is the key to success. Followerwonk allows your social media team to have the deep insight they need to make impressions on Twitter. The Followerwonk tool also allows you to become and remain competitive against others in your space by seeing how you stack up against them, who they follow, and what authority they have on Twitter.
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  • Allows you to search for Twitter users based on a keyword or trait
  • Analyze anyone’s Twitter followers or the accounts they follow based on a variety of metrics
  • Track Twitter followers over time
  • Sort your followers or those you follow based on name, days on Twitter, tweet count, etc.
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  • I would have to use Followerwonk and other tools a lot more to find gaps and ways that Followerwonk could improve its service.
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Likelihood to Renew


Followerwonk 7.3
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We will keep using it as long as it remains part of our Moz Pro subscription. If it were separated and the price point did not rise astronomically, we would be very likely to continue using the platform.
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Alternatives Considered


Honestly, I haven't used many other services that compete specifically with Followeronk. One of the reasons for this is that the service Followerwonk offers is typically lumped into other services as additional features or buy-in options. What I like about Followerwonk is that it is easy to use, fast, and I don't have to spend hours or any additional money to get the information I need to be successful.
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Return on Investment


  • Followerwonk has allowed us to give clients a way to be much more efficient with their time online, saving them money by allocating their time much more appropriately online. What they were able to do on Followerwonk in an hour would have taken them days and frankly wouldn't have been possible without the tool.
  • Followerwonk allowed us to help a client piggyback off of competitor's users to find new business quickly and really quite easily.
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