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What is MEGA?

Launched in 2013, MEGA is a zero-knowledge cloud storage provider that delivers user-controlled end-to-end encryption, with an emphasis on easy accessibility.

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Mega, a cloud storage service, is highly recommended by users for its reliability and affordability. It has become the go-to option for …
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What is MEGA?

Launched in 2013, MEGA is a zero-knowledge cloud storage provider that delivers user-controlled end-to-end encryption, with an emphasis on easy accessibility.

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Product Details

What is MEGA?

MEGA is presented as a private, trusted and secure cloud storage and collaboration platform. Launched in 2013, MEGA is an accessible zero-knowledge cloud storage provider to deliver user-controlled end-to-end encryption. The product design is governed by the principle of not letting our no-compromise end-to-end encryption get in the way of usability.

MEGA is a privacy-focused cloud storage and chat provider with over 220 million registered users globally. Users upload over 65 million encrypted files a day. With MEGA, they are in control of who can see, access and share their data. MEGA can be used from all major devices and platforms from anywhere with the Internet.


Zero-knowledge means that not even MEGA can access the user's files, and only each user holds the key to unlock their content. MEGA also offers the ability for users to verify the credentials of contacts when sharing files, using cryptographic fingerprint technology, ensuring they are authentic before gaining access to your content.

Ease of Use

People need to send and store a lot of files, and a cloud provider should accommodate this. its generous 20 GB free offering will help users get started, and when more is needed, their competitive paid plans will support up to 16 TB for individuals or unlimited for businesses.
Using MEGA, friends, colleagues and customers can download shared files without the need to sign up, and they’ll still benefit from MEGA's transfer speeds.


Audio and video calling with messaging come with every MEGA cloud storage account. But unlike some other video calling providers, the user can know conversations are secured with MEGA’s user-controlled end-to-end encryption. Available on desktop and mobile.

MEGA Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Mega, a cloud storage service, is highly recommended by users for its reliability and affordability. It has become the go-to option for sending files with larger sizes due to its smooth and fast data transfer capabilities. Users also appreciate Mega's user-friendly interface, making it a viable alternative to Google Drive. Mega offers a massive amount of storage, making it ideal for managing large volumes of data. Customers are pleased with Mega's reasonable rates and its commitment to user satisfaction.

While some users have had poor experiences with Mega, it continues to be a preferred choice for sharing and storing big files at a lower price point. Many users rely on Mega for personal backups and consider it a trusted alternative to other cloud services. Mega's cloud messaging system allows users to keep track of their messages conveniently. However, some users may prefer other options for specific business purposes. Nevertheless, Mega receives praise for its flexible payment options, high server reliability, and fair pricing. Its end-to-end encryption system and clean interface are features that garner significant appreciation.

Mega is particularly suitable for users who need to store a large number of files, especially multimedia content. Both personal and business users find value in Mega, whether it be receiving large files from clients or securely storing important documents. Overall, Mega is considered one of the top cloud storage services available, satisfying users' needs by providing the ability to store and share large files without limitations.

Reliable and Easy-to-Use: Users have consistently found Mega to be a reliable and easy-to-use cloud storage service. Many reviewers have praised the platform for its stability and user-friendly interface, making it effortless to navigate and manage files.

Generous Free Storage Space: The amount of storage space available for free accounts is highly appreciated by users. Numerous reviewers have expressed their gratitude for the generous 16GB of free space provided by Mega, which has been particularly beneficial for organizations with limited funds.

Reasonable Pricing: The pricing for paid plans is considered reasonable by users. Several reviewers have commended Mega for offering competitive prices that provide good value for money. This affordability factor has made it an attractive option for individuals and businesses alike, allowing them to access more storage capacity without breaking the bank.

Slow synchronization and file transfer: Some users have experienced slower synchronization and file transfer processes, particularly when dealing with larger files or slow internet connections.

MEGA's encryption affects upload and download speeds: Users have reported that MEGA's encryption has resulted in slower upload and download speeds compared to other cloud storage services.

Mixed opinions on features and user interface: There are differing opinions on MEGA's features. While some users appreciate the ample storage space and the ability to play audio and video without downloading data, others believe that the user interface could be improved. Additionally, there is recognition that MEGA faces strong competition from services like Google Drive in terms of speed and transfer quota.

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We needed free cloud storage of more than 20 GB, and we found MEGA with 50 GB for free. I was impressed to use it with this big of a size and the ability to share it with others and ability to access it through mobile apps. this promotion was the biggest trigger to skip to MEGA.
  • Biggest free size.
  • Availability of multible copy or versions.
  • Many client access web, app and desktop application.
  • How many used my shared files
  • More features to control shared files
  • Options to backup files on local pc and mobile.
Hi there We were looking for high capacity free cloud storage, and we discovered it at MEGA. Its large size and sharing capabilities amazed me when I used it. However, we were unaware of how many people downloaded the shared data or how other people used the shared link or didn't use it.
File Sharing & Management (7)
Video files
Audio files
Document collaboration
Access control
File search
Device sync
Cloud Storage Security & Administration (3)
User and role management
File organization
Device management
Cloud Storage Platform (3)
Storage Reports
  • More trust in storing my data on the cloud
  • Raise my reliability of cloud solution
  • Plan to migrate my data to cloud
The two apps Google Drive and MEGA provided free cloud storage but Google Drive grants just 15 GB not more as free to try, At that time MEGA granted us 50 GB at the beginning of use, which gave us a chance to use it with high capacity.
🐿 Matthew Karsten | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Mega is a secure cloud storage with lots of free space and encrypted security measures. Mega is a great alternative or addition to other major cloud storage providers, even offering additional useful business tools and integrations. Mega has a solid referral program for acquiring more storage as you use the services and grow your network.
  • Mega is very easy to use
  • Mega has a solid referral program unlike others
  • Mega is very secure
  • Mega does not have a large suite of apps compared to competitors
  • Mega could offer more and best competition
  • Mega has few integrations
Mega is well suited for expanding cloud storage with advanced encryption, while still being the easiest to use of all the cloud storage apps. It’s Mega’s substantial free tier and solid referral program it’s a great addition to any growing business utilizing cloud storage. I’d recommend mega to my colleagues to backup, share, messages, videos, documents, anything!
  • Mega offers substation free tier cloud storage
  • Mega is very easy to use and install
  • Mega has a great referral program for additional free storage
  • Positive ROI
  • Easy to implement
  • Substantial additional free storage with referral program
Mega is a must go to first when expanding cloud storage capabilities and security. Mega can store any file types beyond that of Google Drive and iCloud. Mega is competitively priced to be a suitable option to replace or augment other cloud storage options depending on your business needs. Mega is a must download addition for cloud storage.
Jonah Dempcy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I've used MEGA in a personal capacity for years, and in a business capacity on occasion when clients prefer it for sending and receiving files. Most recently I used it to receive 40 GB of documents, audio and video files sent from a client. I use the web client, as well as the desktop and mobile clients.
  • Sync across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Great user interface.
  • Takes a long time to log in using the web interface, upwards of 15 or 20 seconds.
  • User Interface affordances can get in the way (popup hints).
MEGA is great for storing and syncing files across devices. It has a great web interface, as well as a sync tool for desktop and a mobile app that works very well on iPhone. (I have not used the Android version of the app.) I like the overall usability, as well as some of the features like the QR code and contact list functionality. I like the file versioning and file management features as well.

What works less well for me is collaboration with other users, and file sharing among users. I have not been able to find a way to view all files shared with me from other users in the same view as my own files. In fact, when files are shared with me, the only way I have been able to locate them is through Notifications, which is sub-par. I would much prefer to see all shared folders alongside my files, without having to make a copy of the shared folder, thus losing the ability to sync with another user's changes, as well as using up my storage space.
  • MEGA has had a positive impact in being able to send and receive files with clients who prefer it.
  • MEGA has also had a positive impact in allowing us to receive files without paying for a premium plan.
MEGA has a great user interface that I prefer to some of its competitors, although it is mostly par for the course, modeled after conventional file explorers such as you would find in the Windows Explorer, classic File Manager application, or OS X Finder. I do prefer some of its user interface decisions and clean, sleek design, and I find it more user-friendly than Google Drive, iCloud, or OneDrive. However, I feel that it lacks capabilities in the file sharing department because some of its sharing features are hidden in different tabs.
While I have never contacted customer support, there is a large user community that has posted solutions on third party websites to a number of common questions like how to share files, and how to access files that have been shared with you. When I received a 40 GB shared file, I was not able to find how to access it until I searched on Google to find a solution, which was easy to find. The large user community helps with support tremendously.
Adobe Photoshop, Apple iCloud, Android Studio, Microsoft Office 365, 1Password, Evernote, FileZilla, Final Cut Pro X, VEGAS Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Ableton Live, Sound Forge, WaveLab, iMovie, Postman, Signal, Slack, VMware Fusion, Zoom, GoToMeeting
  • Sync across devices.
  • New user onboarding.
  • Sharing files with other people.
  • Seeing files that have been shared with you.
It works great! I am a big fan of their mobile app and found it very easy to use, and to choose exactly what files I want to sync to my device. It is really nice to be able to tell it to only sync a single folder and then be able to easily drop files into that folder and know they will show up on your device.
Clean, contemporary UI that is heavily polished and works great. You can tell they did a lot of user testing with this, and have a top notch UI design team that really cares about the customer. A highly user-friendly service across platforms and form factors, I found their web, desktop and mobile apps to all be impeccably designed and consistent.
antonio lopez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
MEGA is one of the best cloud storage services that exist at the moment. I usually use it to store and share information and files with users of certain forums, as well as with my FB contacts. I like to use this option since I do not have to limit myself in the size of files that I upload and share, I just have find/create the file I want and simply upload it to share it with the world.

With respect to my work, I have also uses MEGA for that, especially when the created video files are very large to share via email. With MEGA, I can email a download link and also keep the file stored in my cloud if I want to share it again later, or if I accidentally delete it from my PC.
  • Very fast upload and download rate.
  • Lots of space for little money. Even in the free version, they give you more space than other clouds (50GB)
  • It has an encryption system so your files cannot be published by third parties.
  • Has mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phone
  • Sometimes the download rate drops by a lot, so the downloads take much longer.
If what you want is to share your files on the web, in forums or only among friends, MEGA is a great tool for you because you can upload, share and download large file at fast speeds. Now if what you want is not to share, but only to make a backup of your files, MEGA is equally good and functional, since it provides more than enough space (50GB) so you can store all your files and documents.
The only bad thing is the download and upload speeds are variable and are not always the best; on many occasions you will find that it is very slow, but luckily, from my experience this only lasts a few minutes and then it will return to being as fast as ever.
  • You can create backups without needing to occupy the cloud you share with other workers.
  • You can share large files quite quickly. Also, those who receive the link can access the file in just a few minutes.
From my experience both are very good, but they are also very different. MediaFire has managed to survive regardless of all the problems that it's had, but at some point it fell short, not in speed because it is really fast, but in the space that provides. That's where MEGA totally wins, since almost no one can compete with its free 50GB and the 200GB you get in the cheapest paid version.
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