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Google Backup and Sync (discontinued), Axcient x360Sync, Datto Workplace, ActiveWords, Allway Sync, Resilio Sync, OpenText Core Share, Transmit 5, and netDocShare Sync.

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Dropbox is a cloud storage solution, equipped with features that help users to save time, improve productivity, and collaborate with others. Users can edit PDFs, share videos, sign documents, and collaborate with stakeholders without leaving Dropbox.

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Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business expands on the company's cloud storage service by providing additional features, such as lost file recovery for an extended period, integration with popular office suites (e.g. Office 365), the Dropbox Paper collaboration extension, two-factor authentication (2FA)…

IDrive Online Backup and Object Storage e2

IDrive allows users to back up an unlimited number of devices into one account, including PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and servers. IDrive offers backup plans for consumers, small businesses, and enterprises of any size. IDrive offers many different plans for cloud or on-site backup…

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Egnyte provides a unified content security and governance solution for collaboration, data security, compliance, and threat detection for multicloud businesses. More than 16,000 organizations trust Egnyte to reduce risks and IT complexity, prevent ransomware and IP theft, and boost…


SugarSync is a cloud storage and backup solution designed for small businesses.


pCloud is a cloud- based digital asset management platform that provides access to all digital content including images,video, audio, documents, and more, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Users can keep important files safe and centralized in one place, and share with team members,…

iManage Work

iManage Work is a document management solution formerly known as HP Worksite. iManage was divested from Hewlett-Packard in 2015 and is now an independent company, headquartered in Chicago.


JSCAPE is a platform-independent managed file transfer server that centralizes all of your file transfer processes into a single easy-to-use application. JSCAPE secure MFT Server supports all major file transfer protocols including AS2, OFTP2, FTP/S, SFTP, SCP, HTTP/S, WebDAV and…

Progress MOVEit

Progress MOVEit offers a range of solutions to help companies: Securely transfer files between applications, internal users, external customers or business partners.Automate and administer tasks without advanced programming.Consolidate costs and management while establishing a documented…

Google Backup and Sync (discontinued)

Google backup and sync was used to copy files from their computer to Google Drive's cloud services. Google Backup and sync includes file versioning and collaboration tools. Google Backup and Sync functionality is being replaced by the Drive for Desktop client, a feature of Google…


MyWorkDrive Secure Remote File AccessMyWorkDrive aims to make file share remote access easy, safe and fast. MyWorkDrive provides file share remote access by eliminating the need to support users with VPN. Install server software in just a few minutes. Configure file shares. Access…


GoodSync for Business provides complete enterprise data backup and synchronization across data sources, destinations, and systems. The GoodSync for Business Control Center is specifically designed to minimize user interaction and increase management control by deploying pre-created…


Launched in 2013, MEGA is a zero-knowledge cloud storage provider that delivers user-controlled end-to-end encryption, with an emphasis on easy accessibility.

Sugar Connect

SugarCRM’s Sugar Connect (formerly Collabspot) is a sales email tracking tool specifically targeting Gmail’s integration with SugarCRM. Sugar Connect offers email syncing, archiving, and tracking to help sales reps track and manage customer data. It also provides some automation…


The Nasuni File Data Platform is a cloud-native suite of services offering user productivity, business continuity, data intelligence, cloud choice, and simplified global infrastructure. The platform and its add-on services replace traditional file infrastructure, including network…

Thomson Reuters HighQ

HighQ Collaborate, now from Thomson Reuters (acquired 2019) is a cloud-based enterprise collaboration platform, featuring secure file sharing but also means for sharing documents with users outside the enterprise, as well as a user-interface optimized for mobile devices and intuitive…

Axcient x360Sync

Axcient Anchor allows businesses to maintain an on-premise file server for performance and reliability, while also accessing the same files in the cloud. Axcient Anchor continuously backs up all your files for any point-in-time restore, in the case of accidental deletion or malware.…


Tresorit offers end-to-end encrypted file sync & sharing. The vendor promises an ultra-secure place in the cloud to store, sync and share files easily from anywhere, anytime. The vendor says Tresorit is powered by end-to-end encryption and enhanced with a flexible permission…

19 is a cloud storage provider that allows businesses to sync and backup files for versioning and collaboration. includes a suite of features for managing backup and syncing settings.

OpenText Core Share

OpenText Core Share is an cloud-based file sync and share solution supporting collaboration, featuring Office 365 integration, and 2FA. The product integrates with OpenText's ECM solutions.

Datto Workplace

Datto Workplace is a security-focused enterprise file sync and share (EFSS), delivered by managed service providers, to enable secure and efficient collaboration.ts in documents and securely share files to facilitate collaboration.


NordLocker is an encrypted cloud for files, compatible with all file types and boasting a zero-knowledge architecture with admininstrative access control to protect enterprises from file and data leaks. 3GB is available free. Nordlocker can sync files from endpoints running Windows,…

Panzura Smart Apps

Smart Apps to Access, Enhance, Protect, & Monitor Data Panzura’s Smart App layer provides data management capabilities, enabling consolidation, simplification, and advanced ransomware protection eliminating the need for insecure 3rd party applications and services. Sync Securely…

Woelkli Cloud Storage
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wölkli Cloud Storage, from in Switzerland, is a service that allows individuals and businesses to securely save, back up, synchronise and share their precious files via a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet device, making them accessible from all around the world,…

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Learn More About File Sync Software

What is File Sync Software?

File sync software permits multiple users to edit and share files simultaneously. Changes are synchronized across all instances of a file or document, ensuring that all users have the most recent version. It is also commonly used for backup and mobile access to files.

Dedicated file sync software has been mostly replaced by cloud storage and collaboration tools, which include file synchronization as part of their core offering. However, some file sync products focus primarily on restoring old versions of files that may have been lost, or restoring a version of a file to an older version if needed. This can be beneficial for businesses that may need to recall data and files that were changed or overwritten during collaboration.

Many different kinds of products include file sync features, so file synchronization is used by a variety of businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and governmental agencies to share, sync, secure, backup, and recover files. However, since dedicated file sync software focuses on individual files and documents, it’s not the best choice for enterprise data backup.

File Sync Software Features

Platforms that include file sync software commonly include the following features:

  • Real-time file synchronization
  • File storage, backup, and recovery
  • Version control
  • Audit trails
  • Editing and presentation tools
  • AI-assisted document indexing and search
  • Drag and drop uploading
  • Security, access permissions, and encryption
  • Collaboration and communication tools
  • Mobile and desktop access
  • Cloud-based file storage

File Sync Software Comparison

Businesses should consider the following factors when purchasing software with file sync features.

Integrations: Selecting a platform that is designed to integrate with a businesses’ current software solutions adds convenience and promotes productivity. For example, employing Google Drive when their activities are supported by Google Workspace, or OneDrive when using Microsoft 365 can make for a more seamless experience.

Data security: Businesses often use platforms with file sync features to store most of their files, including files with sensitive data. Because of this, businesses need to understand the data security features available in their platform. For instance, the software should encrypt data during transit and at rest, especially if the platform uses cloud-based storage. Some vendors provide additional security layers, such as multifactor authentication and single sign-on.

Remote data wipes: As remote work becomes more and more popular, businesses should consider a platform that allows them to conduct remote data wipes. If a remote or traveling worker loses a device, the data on that device could be accessed or stolen by a malicious party. Remote deletion capability allows administrators to remotely delete sensitive business files from employee devices wherever they’re located. If your organization works with sensitive data on mobile or remote devices, make sure you choose a platform with security features for lost devices.

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Pricing Information

Pricing plans for file sync software are typically offered as a monthly subscription ranging from $5 to $20 per user. For larger enterprise-level organizations, vendors offer personalized quotes. There are free versions with limited capabilities available as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does file sync software do?

File sync software enables the secure sharing and editing of documents by multiple users across separate locations. This synchronization ensures that all users have the current version of a file or document. These features are common in cloud storage systems and collaboration tools.

What are the benefits of using file sync software?

File sync software secures and maintains file integrity, facilitates efficient and convenient team collaboration, and enhances productivity. Cloud-based systems and browser-based accessibility support file access, updates, synchronization, and storage anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

What is the best file sync software?

How much does file sync software cost?

Monthly pricing for systems that include file sync features ranges from $5 to $20 per user. Vendors offer price quotes for enterprise-scale operations. Limited free versions are available.