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File Sync Software

File Sync Software Overview

What is File Sync Software?

File sync software is to allow multiple users to work on documents simultaneously from different locations. File sync software updates files in real time ensuring that users always have up to date versions of documents or data they are working with. Most file sync software is cloud based, make it easy for users to sync and update documents from any location and using any device.

In addition to providing users with up to date documents, file sync software also includes security protocols and user permissions that can be set by administrators. These features ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data. Additionally, users can be given access to files but not access to edit them, this makes file sync software an excellent way to host training resources or documentation.

File Sync Software Features & Capabilities

All file sync software options include essential features such as file syncing and user permissions. Many file sync solutions also include data backup features and collaboration features. Below are features that are present in at least two of the top file sync software options.
  • Real time file syncing

  • User Roles and Permissions

  • File and data security

  • File version control

  • Cloud access to files through multiple devices


Pricing for file sync software is dependent on the features offered by the product as well as the size of the business. Most file sync vendors offer free trials that are either time limited or offer limited features or storage. Some file sync solutions start as low as $29.99 per month, while more feature rich options can reach as high as $3,000 annually.

File Sync Products

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GoodSync for Business provides complete enterprise data backup and synchronization across data sources, destinations, and systems. The GoodSync for Business Control Center is specifically designed to minimize user interaction and increase management control by deploying pre-created GoodSync backup a…

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Resilio Sync is a file sync and sharing solution that relies on peer to peer technology to increase speed and privacy of file transfers.

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score. is a cloud storage provider that allows businesses to sync and backup files for versioning and collaboration. includes a suite of features for managing backup and syncing settings.

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Cloud Sync from NetApp is presented as an easy to use cloud replication and synchronization service for transferring NAS data between on-premises and cloud object stores.