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What is Searchspring?

Searchspring headquartered in Denver offers intelligent site search for customer facing web pages and ecommerce, providing product discvoery tools, navigation viacategory page, and other features to improve site navigation. In February 2020, Searchspring merged with Nextopia to expand its product capabilities,…

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Searchspring is a powerful tool that greatly improves site search functionality, providing users with more relevant and accurate results. …
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Product Details

What is Searchspring?

Searchspring improves the shopping experience as a search, merchandising, and personalization platform built exclusively for ecommerce. Searchspring enables brands to get the right product, to the right person, at the right time. Searchspring states they help customers such as Chubbies, Pura Vida, Moen, Fabletics, Peet’s Coffee, SKIMS, West Elm, Specialized, Wildfang, and Ripcurl to increase cart size, conversion, and repeat customers. Founded in 2007, Searchspring has offices in San Antonio, Denver, Toronto, Krakow, and Sydney.

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Screenshot of Autocomplete helps shoppers find products.Screenshot of Keep shoppers engaged by highlighting relevant promotions, sales, and content as they scroll by easily adding Inline Banners to your ecommerce site.

Searchspring Video

Searchspring is the #1 ecommerce search and merchandising platform built exclusively for retailers. We power your search results, merchandising pages, and personalized experiences. ------------------------------------------------------ Alicia Adams Alpaca is a family busines...
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Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Searchspring is a powerful tool that greatly improves site search functionality, providing users with more relevant and accurate results. Customers have found that Searchspring enhances their online storytelling capabilities, enabling them to create a more engaging and personalized user experience. The software's robust features, such as boost rules and auto-population of categories, have made merchandising easier for businesses. Users have also praised Searchspring for solving the problem of manual merchandising by allowing them to pin products for aesthetic purposes and automatically optimize on-site real estate. Furthermore, Searchspring offers personalized merchandising options, including the use of collection page banners and recommended product widgets. This has enabled businesses to easily promote their products and customize the site to meet their specific needs.

Searchspring has proven to be particularly beneficial for businesses with large catalogs. By streamlining searches and improving the search experience, it has made it easier for customers to find what they're looking for. The software's AI-powered search functionality is not only user-friendly but also delivers quicker, more accurate, and relevant search results. As a result, businesses have witnessed increased conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction levels. Additionally, Searchspring's visual merchandising tools have provided businesses with greater freedom and flexibility in customizing their sites, further enhancing the overall user experience.

In terms of value, Searchspring goes beyond just improving search relevance; it provides valuable insights and data for making informed decisions that drive business growth. Its advanced reporting capabilities have enabled businesses to leverage data in order to make better decisions about product findability and optimize merchandising strategies. Businesses with a large catalog of products have now come to expect this level of search functionality and customization capability provided by Searchspring. As a leading partner in search and merchandising solutions, Searchspring has consistently delivered impressive results in terms of increased conversion rates, sales, and overall revenue growth for its customers.

Users have commonly recommended Searchspring for its comprehensive suite of products and tools. They praise the range of features available and the support provided by Searchspring. Users emphasize the usefulness of the tools and recommend it to other ecommerce sites. The tools have been found to be helpful in improving search functionality and enhancing the overall user experience on ecommerce platforms. Additionally, users appreciate the responsive customer support from Searchspring, which helps them resolve any issues or questions they may have. Overall, Searchspring is highly regarded for its robust offerings and excellent customer service.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The Ecommerce Team utilizes Search Spring for site search, merchandising, filtering, and product recommendations.
  • Site Search: Very fast, easy to use, redirects, synonyms, etc.
  • Merchandising: Super easy to use. Love the visual merchandising tool.
  • Product recommendations: Love the product recs from 4-tell. Nice acquisition!
  • Would like to see 4-Tell and Search Spring in one dashboard.
  • Dream: Using customer demographic data plus past purchases plus browsing history to recommend products (machine learning), ability to easily manually connect specific products that the algorithm may not catch, for example, earrings and necklaces in the same style, accessory type products, etc. We would want this to work so that relating a product to another automatically works in reverse (currently it has to be done for both items).
  • Ability to create custom landing page results that do not show "search results for ____" at the top
  • A/B testing
  • Exempting campaigns from global rules/banners.
  • Advanced facet ordering logic.
  • Advanced/dynamic facet labeling.
Search Spring offers strong options for search customizations: synonyms, redirects, query replacements, spell corrections, etc. We enjoy the ability to boost and unique product display options. We were 4Tell customers prior to the Search Spring acquisition and we're looking forward to both being part of one console. Search Spring is a really solid, stable search/merch platform that I would recommend for any mid-market business.
  • Advanced search functionality.
  • Boosting and unique product display options.
  • Product recommendations through 4-Tell.
  • In-line banners.
  • Scheduling campaigns.
  • Increased our site search speed.
  • Increased conversion rate.
  • Increase in sales by boosting best sellers and relevant items throughout the year.
We reviewed multiple providers 5 years ago before making the switch to Search Spring. While I can't recall the providers we reviewed we have been very happy with Search Spring. We appreciate the transparency to their product roadmap and their acquisition of 4-Tell to improve their product recommendations engine.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SearchSpring is currently being used for our BigCommerce website. It is not being used across the whole business, BigCommerce is the only selling channel that we use this software for at the moment. It helps us simplify the searching functions on our website and create a more user-friendly experience for our customers.
  • SearchSpring can pull in products that match specific terms according to your customizations in their dashboard.
  • SearchSpring can change the main image of products to reflect what is being searched for, such as a specific color.
  • SearchSpring can account for misspellings and typos in the search bar by using search customizations.
  • It takes time for results to be obvious.
  • Only a few changes can be made at a time since gathering data takes time.
SearchSpring has improved our conversion rate on our website in just the few weeks we've had them on the site. It is obvious that the improvements will continue over time with the incremental increases in traffic every week.
  • Our conversion rate on our website has increased from below 1% to over 1.5% in just a few weeks.
  • SearchSpring is affordable.
  • In the beginning, it was hard to see results, but it just takes time to see the results. After about a months time we began to get actionable data.
Considering SearchSpring is the only software I've used like this, I don't really have a frame of reference to go against. I know that in relation to other integrations we have they are affordable and we get a good amount of actionable data from them to make incremental changes to our website.
We have a monthly phone call with our account manager, and she is available for calls in between as well. She has always been accessible. Working with her has been easy and she has provided training where needed. She is proactive in making sure we have everything we need and feel comfortable with the platform.
Ryan Dahlstrom | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Implemented as our main site search tool on DTC website. It was procured and implemented as a replacement for out of box search tool.
  • Customize search results pages - ability to add banners or other visual creative for search results pages based on specific queries.
  • Easily badge products - set thumbnail badges to show specific messages on search results pages; allows for easy identification of items on sale, featured items, or items that may be eligible for free shipping.
  • Easily merchandise search results pages - can be done on a per-query basis.
  • Reporting is very basic.
It’s a great product. It does all of what I’d expect a site search tool to do - auto-suggest, customizable search results pages, basic reporting. I’ve never felt limited nor come into a situation where the tool wasn’t appropriate for our use.
  • Improved customer experience has led to fewer abandons on search pages.
  • Improved search results make key products more readily found.
  • Search results are actually relevant to search query.
Nextopia’s features were on par or better than consideration set at a lower cost and with an easier implementation. Contract terms were also more favorable.
January 24, 2018

Searching for utopia

Chris Wood | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Nextopia to facilitate onsite search. This enables our customers to find the products they are after.
  • Reporting
  • Supporting the integration with our product feed
  • Being able to quickly make changes through the back office
  • Developing 'cocktails' of different ranking criteria. At the moment we can only serve results based on either 'relevancy' or 'sales performance'. It would be great to not only have the ability to blend these two options (by search term), but also add additional facets into the mix, such as stock quantity, margin, sponsorship factor etc...
  • Provide financing reporting on results - so we know how much revenue/conversion has been driven from specific search terms. For example, "Baby Milk" drove 50 searches, 6 direct conversions (customers that searched went on to buy an item(s) that were recommended), 16 indirect conversions (customers that searched went on to buy other item(s) not severed).
Onsite search is how we use it.
  • We lost CVR when we first moved to Nextopia, however we have steadily recovered this over time
  • SLI system
We used a bespoke inhouse system before
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