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Vimeo Enterprise

Vimeo Enterprise
Formerly Vimeo Livestream


What is Vimeo Enterprise?

Vimeo Enterprise, based on technology acquired with Livestream in September 2017 is the company's HD livestreaming platform touting auto-archiving, simultaneous live streaming, secure sharing with password and domain-level security, and audience engagement (e.g. chat), with SLA available at the highest…

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What is Vimeo Enterprise?

Vimeo Enterprise, based on technology acquired with Livestream in September 2017 is the company's HD livestreaming platform touting auto-archiving, simultaneous live streaming, secure sharing with password and domain-level security, and audience engagement (e.g. chat), with SLA available at the…

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What is Vimeo Enterprise?

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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We needed a platform to host and stream videos for our website that was easy to use, customizable, and cost effective. We also wanted a video platform for internal training and communications that was easy for multiple users to access and use. Lastly, we use Vimeo for live-streaming. It offers an unmatchable cohesive live-streaming solution. So the scope of our use is wide and we can solve multiple video needs with one platform.
  • Live-streaming platform with multi stream social media support
  • The customizable video player and detailed options for playback
  • Cloud based easy trimming and editing tools.
  • The Livestream studio software has a ton of features and options
  • The video library management is not well designed
  • The Livestream studio software could use feature updates more frequently
  • Batch uploading and large file uploading is not reliable
  • When replacing a video file the platform does not show progress
Vimeo is much better for Live-streaming than other software or hardware based solutions. The Livestream Studio app runs on Macs and PCs with almost any hardware configuration. It allows you to have unlimited hardware HD and 4k inputs. 3 GFX channels and 3 media playback channels along with configurable outputs while streaming. The most unique tool is the remote guest feature which has a type of zoom function built in so you can have remote speakers join a livestream and easily hear, see, and interact with the program. This software can transform an iMac into a video production truck run by one person.
  • Livestream Studio software
  • Multi streaming to social media sites
  • Customizable video players for our website
  • The ROI for livestream events have been great since we can do complicated productions with very small crews
  • The charges for video storage and bandwidth are much below market rates
Vimeo is awesome because it is a seamless experience that blends software and a cloud platform and end user experience. No other competitor offers a holistic solution the way Vimeo does. With other platforms you have to piece together multiple pieces of hardware and software and even with those pieces you don't get the same ease of use and performance that Vimeo gives you with their software and cloud solution.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Vimeo as a livestream solution to our custom website & app for students to access one-way livestreams inside the classroom. We currently have about 50 students, and 4 teachers. A Vimeo login is provided to each teacher and they can start the livestream on their own without additional technical assistance, which has been helpful - but also we appreciate that Vimeo has an OBS connection for more advanced users.
  • Embed & Livestream permissions
  • Download protection
  • Advanced livestream & multi-cam options
  • User interface sorely needs more simplicity and accessibility
It's not user-friendly and takes an experienced professional to use. If someone is going to use Vimeo Enterprise, they might as well just set up their own system via private servers, they need that level of proficiency/understanding of how to get Vimeo set up.
  • It's been vital to the platform, as, without Vimeo Livestream, there'd be no classroom and thus no product
Generally Vimeo is fast to respond to support tickets with more or less the answer to the question/problem with documentation and clarity in the answer. Usually only takes on message to solve the issue.
No - volume and use case doesn't warrant a purchase for premium support
The layout is inconsistent for different parts of the platform, it takes a very long time to find specific settings. Labels aren't clear sometimes - not to the first-time/average user. They actually just changed the interface with zero warning or tooltips and had to contact support to get it back to the version our teachers are familiar with.
Kristina Green | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I am currently using Vimeo to host my videos for an online program in my business. I have seven modules within the program, each with at least one video (up to three) along with the other materials. All are hosted on Vimeo and embedded within the program's individual pages using their embed options.

I'd attempted to use several other services for this purpose. The issues I ran into with the competitors included allowing users to open the video in a new window (and therefore to share it with people who had not paid for the program) and poor streaming quality of the embedded video. Some even would block the users from viewing the video! I tested all of this before completing the program for sale, but wow - it was difficult to find a service that truly delivered a quality experience and was budget-friendly for a small business.
  • Quality streaming of video - few if any hiccups.
  • Embed options that allow for customization of video.
  • Option to limit viewing to just one domain, so users can't share the video link with others who have not paid for the content.
  • Easy upload process.
  • I'd like the ability to adjust the sizing of the progress bar for the videos. I recorded my videos with a profile photo that could only display in the lower left corner but when I attempted to add Vimeo's progress bar (showing how much time is left in the video) it covered the profile photo. If I'd kept that progress bar, the result would have looked unprofessional.
  • I'd like the "optimization" time after the video is uploaded to be faster. However, I realize this may depend on the speed of my internet connection.
  • I'd like more features in the Plus version of the service such as custom branding and lead generation options. This was included in another competitor that I tried before moving to Vimeo.
Although there is room for improvement, it is a fantastic service and I would suggest this to many clients. In fact, I already have and overall they're happy with it.

It does what is needed, has impressive features in the free version as well as the Plus version, and they seem to truly listen to what their clients want for features. They're head and shoulders above the competition with delivering a service that works (unlike other mentioned) along with having a slick end product. I'm so happy that I moved over to Vimeo!
  • Embed options for videos after recording.
  • Playback that's smooth.
  • Disabling of the ability of my users to share the video links with others.
  • Positive ROI - the pricing is better than other comparable services with a better end result. So, the return on investment is significant since it is an inexpensive way to deliver what I need to my program users.
  • Positive - their 30 day trial period is so helpful to be able to determine if this is truly a good investment for you/your business. I was able to do all that I needed to within the first 30 days for live video, then continue with keeping the embed links with the continuing monthly subscription.
  • Positive - good analytics within the account (not Google Analytics with my level of subscription) so I can see how many users are viewing my videos, what devices they're on, and where they are in the world. This is all important for my business.
Screencast-O-Matic isn't listed as an option in the similar products I've used, but their features are similar. I found that they didn't allow enough customization of display for my use within my program.

I had initially used Google Drive to host the videos but found that the quality was seriously lacked and there is no live option.

I had tried YouTube for recording and hosting my videos but their options were similar to Screencast-O-Matic in that the options for embeds did not match my needs, so I had to move on.

I'd also tried which allows me to record my screen but the live option wasn't what I needed AND the embed options were very limited compared to Vimeo, so this also didn't work out well.
Dylan Costa, CTS-D, DMC-E | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a university and we use Vimeo Live for three primary purposes. One is to expand our events to other venues on campus. With no space large enough on campus to host our larger events we often have overflow sites and we stream to these sites enabling us to involve more of the community. We also have an engaged alumni community and Vimeo Live allows us to keep them connected to the campus. Our largest streaming event is our commencement, with students and families from around the world Vimeo Live includes the extended family without requiring travel. Our entire organization has access to use the service and so it sees a variety of uses from studio art demonstrations, lectures, and panel speaking events.
  • We use the hardware based Broadcaster which makes for very easy set up. It is so easy we can loan the equipment to smaller events that do not require our on site technical assistance.
  • Ease of integration and embedding in our Facebook page and website give our followers many options to join the stream.
  • Real time statistics on viewership and chat provide up to the minute understanding of our viewers needs and issues should they arise.
  • The editing features are very basic for an archived event, work for us most of the time but can be clunky.
Perfect for the "one to many" steaming scenarios. We sometimes struggle with choosing the right platform when we may need two way communication and establishing if the chat feature is sufficient or if we need to move to a true web conferencing platform. We love the simplicity of the one way stream and really try to make the presenting department justify any move to two way communication. We are so confident in Vimeo Live because we have all the control, if we go to any platform that relies on the far end having equipment of technical expertise the chances of a successful event diminish greatly.
  • As a University we view this as way to include a larger community in our events and ROI is not direct.
  • We moved from a pay per event streaming service to a yearly subscription with Vimeo Live and our usage has increased as departments don't have to consider the cost of each event.
We chose Vimeo Live over StreamGuys as the yearly subscription model is much more flexible for our budget situation. The ease of use of the Broadcaster in Vimeo Live also reduced the amount of technical assistance required during events. The flexibility of embedding Vimeo Live streams into web and other social media with our own branding make it a better choice that Facebook and GoToMeeting.
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