Video Streaming Platforms

Best Video Streaming Platforms include:

Brightcove Video.

Video Streaming Platforms Overview

What are Video Streaming Platforms?

Video Streaming Platforms (also known as Online Video Platforms or Over-the-top Television Services) are managed end-to-end or bundled solutions that content creators, owners, and aggregators use to operate online video services.

Video Streaming Platforms should not be confused with Video hosting solutions like YouTube, for example. Whereas Video platforms focus on videos intended for social sharing, Video Streaming Platforms act as large-scale alternatives for entertainment and media companies looking to host their content such as TV shows, films, etc. online. Think platforms that give your company the ability to stream content as Hulu does for a variety of television networks. Examples of Video Streaming Platform providers include Disney Streaming Services, Comcast Technology Solutions, and Brightcove.

Features & Capabilities

A quality Video Streaming Platform should support the following:

  • Video content accessible from multiple types of devices, including those specifically designed for streaming services such as Amazon Fire sticks, Apple TVs, etc.
  • Apps particular to each type of device (website versions, mobile app versions, etc.)
  • Specific apps for users on TV (CTV)/Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), or those wishing to use your streaming service through a TV
  • Built-in subscription services for your customers/viewers
  • Support for video-on-demand, in cases where subscriptions are not desired

Video Streaming Platforms Comparison

When on the market for a Video Streaming Platform provider, consider the following tips:

  1. A Video Streaming Platform is a major investment, consider viable alternatives such as hosting and streaming your content on your own. It does require some work, which is the benefit of using Video Streaming Platforms as it reduces the labor on your end, but may be more affordable and more maneuverable in the long-term.
  2. If you're sure a Video Streaming Platform is right for you, still create a contingency plan in case workflows must be brought in-house after all. Look for a vendor that speaks to this scenario, and has documentation on how they can assist you with making the transition.
  3. Choose a Video Streaming Platform vendor with a focus on innovation and growing with the market. You want to make sure the software you choose for streaming your content can keep up with emerging trends in the space. You don't want consumers to be swayed towards content that is more accessible or simply more exciting otherwise.
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The cheapest Video Streaming Platforms start at around $200 a month and typically require an annual contract. These plans may be more suitable for non-entertainment/media companies looking to host internal videos on a secure platform. Entertainment and media companies will see higher costs associated with their video streaming services, and those agreements typically reach into the thousands of dollars. Contracts in this category are largely contingent upon the size of your media library. Narrowing down the scope of your library, as well as how you want users to interact with your video, will help you first create your shortlist, and then investigate specific pricing packages for your use case with the vendors you chose.

Video Streaming Products

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Brightcove Video
20 ratings
16 reviews
Brightcove Video is a video hosting and publishing solution. The company also provides a cloud media processing product called Zencoder.
14 ratings
8 reviews
Kaltura, headquartered in New York, offers enterprise or large scale video storage, streaming, and distribution supporting a variety of purposes such as streaming, enterprise video portal, interactive video and virtual classroom, or podcasting.
Ooyala Flex Media Platform
7 ratings
2 reviews
The vendor promises that Ooyala’s flexible and configurable video platform resolves the multi platform delivery needs of today’s content creators and distributors. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform aims to connect and power the entire content supply chain, from the initial pre-production through to d…
VIDIZMO provides enterprise video streaming, as well as digital media and evidence management solutions with AI-enabled features for specific use cases in cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployment models.
Disney Streaming Services
Disney Streaming Services is a consumer-facing digital video streaming service.
Verizon Media Platform (formerly EdgeCast)
EdgeCast was a content delivery network (CDN), acquired by Verizon in 2013. It is now the foundation of the Verizon Media Platform, an integrated platform designed to support live events and related events, with security features (e.g. DDoS protection, application firewall, etc.).
Piksel Digital Enterprise
Piksel headquartered in the UK offers Digital Enteprise, a secure online video library management, distribution, and livestreaming platform for businesses.
Endeavor Streaming
Endeavor Streaming headquartered in Plainview offers premium video distribution for live and on-demand content across the entertainment and sports industries.
MOBITV is a white-label Pay TV streaming service from the company of the same name in Emeryville, serving Pay TV operators around the world.
Comcast Technology Solutions CTSuite
CTSuite is a video streaming service from Comcast Technology Solutions for content creators, streamers, and multi-platform video providers, advertisers and agencies, or global operators and telecommunications companies.
iStreamPlanet headquartered in Seattle aims to revolutionize TV technology so customers can deliver the very best experience to the fan. They offer an end-to-end digital video workflow with the Aventus Media Processing Suite and the Orbis Direct To Consumer (DTC) Platform. Aventus helps users scale …
Hive Enterprise Video Distribution
Hive Enterprise Video Distribution provides a video streaming solutions for live and on-demand enterprise video distribution. The Hive Enterprise Video Distribution solution is 100 % software based, can be centrally managed, and requires no additional hardware. The vendor states Hive Video Experien…
PrestoSports is a software-as-a-service company providing technology to colleges and conference offices. Boasting more than 1,400 college athletic programs and 100 conferences as users, PrestoSports states they're dominant in the college athletics space. Backed by Battery Ventures, PrestoSports deli…
Genius Sports
Genius Sports headquartered in London provides digital sports content, technology and integrity services, boasting users in over 150 countries worldwide, empowering sports to capture, manage and distribute their live data and video, driving their digital transformation and enhancing their relationsh…
BlueFrame Technology is a digital video software and services company headquartered in Lexington, helping sports teams and organizations simply and cost-effectively create, manage, and distribute content to modern platforms.
SIDEARM Sports is a video streaming service from the company of the same name in Syracuse, that aims to make it possible for collegiate sports fans to follow their favorite teams no matter if they are across town, across the country, or across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Video Streaming Platforms?

Video Streaming Platforms (also known as Online Video Platforms or Over-the-top Television Services) are managed end-to-end or bundled solutions that content creators, owners, and aggregators use to operate online video services. Examples of Video Streaming Platform providers include Disney Streaming Services, Comcast Technology Solutions, and Brightcove.

What tasks associated with streaming my content do Video Streaming Platforms manage for me?

Video Streaming Platforms develop, aggregate, and administer technologies to maintain online video services. These operations include, but are not limited to: data ingestion, storage, transcoding, playout, security, monetization, analytics, delivery, advertising, recommendation, and playback.

What types of Video Streaming Platforms are there?

Vendors offering video streaming services can be split into three main categories. First are the companies born from internal technology initiatives within well-known M&E conglomerates, deemed successful enough to sell externally. This includes Comcast Technology Solutions, Disney Streaming Services, Endeavor Streaming, and Verizon Media. The second is comprised of long-established players that developed standards for video streaming solutions configuring the current market. These are Brightcove, Kaltura, and Piksel, among others. The final category is smaller, specialized, regionally-centered vendors. They provide the technologies and infrastructure powering video streaming. Larger technology vendors are absent from this space.