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Aaron Canales | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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A few of us used the app attending a technology summit to find, interact and align our peers at other companies to promote our respective business offerings.
  • better in-conference communications between others
  • offers the ability to schedule 1:1 mtgs to advance a topic or conversation
  • connecting to others is a huge value.
  • I found it extremely annoying when looking for an attendee at a particular listed company, the app did not say who it was/is, so you never know who is going to show up. I like to be prepared, run a background LinkedIn check on them before meeting them. I couldn't do that, because you hide their names - why?
  • add a GPS feature, to track people during the event so we can meet with them if we know they are attending a specific seminar, or luncheon or which tasting event they are at
well suited for trade show events, where like-minded individual are from different companies
Score 9 out of 10
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I used the Whova app during a recent conference. It provides an easy and practical way to collaborate and share views and insights with the rest of the conference community. It seems its developers have spent a lot of time in design and customer experience :-)
  • Great for sharing 'icebreaker' statements to encourage me to approach you for networking.
  • Great for creating discussion topics and for contributing to topics other have expressed interest in.
  • Great for promoting ideas, products/services or simply giving feedback to presenters at the conference who have been generous enough to share their experiences and knowledge.
  • Lots of good features. Perhaps one idea to consider is to remove the need for scrolling when trying to access additional options, by spreading content out over multiple pages. It's easy to miss a feature because we don't know we need to scroll.
Well suited for live (face-to-face) events. I have not experienced this, but the app [may] not be well suited for virtual events because they often have networking capabilities like chat built into the platforms. I may be wrong, but just sharing my perception.
October 05, 2021

First Time Whova User

Score 10 out of 10
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I used Whova while I was attending a conference that my program sent me to. It was used by myself and one other employee to monitor conference events, interact with other attendees, and take notes on panels that were attended. Whova kept things organized as we moved around the conference. It was a great tool for this conference event.
  • The agenda part of this app was organized, easily updated, and very helpful.
  • Being able to post ice breakers and comments to other users was fun and interactive.
  • It allowed me to easily update my professional information for networking purposes.
  • The points system was a bit confusing.
  • The messages needed a more prominent notification alert system.
  • The notes should autosave every few minutes. I lost some notes because I didn't manually hit save before I accidently closed the app.
The conference that I downloaded this app for was well suited for Whova. I could see my organization using this for professional development days and retreats. I don't know if I would use this app in work environments that are more manually oriented like manufacturing. This is a much more sort of white collar app for professionals.
Score 9 out of 10
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It was used by one researcher in our organization for a conference and workshops
  • allowing 100+ people to interact together
  • easy to figure out as a first time user
  • allowing the ability to record the session
  • having the conference site available for some time after the conference so participants could continue to interact
  • advising to my email when any participant had sent me a message
  • Making the meeting entertaining by having challenges like the leadership board
  • The chat could be made easier to read or follow
  • I wasn't comfortable with the window options for viewing the participants.
  • Would be advantageous for us new users to have a short optional tutorial to watch
I can not compare Whova with other platforms as I'm fairly new to virtual conferences, but I picked up quickly on how to use the platform and was comfortable using it during the conference. All in all, it worked quite well for me and made for an enjoyable experience and a productive conference.
October 08, 2021

New User

Score 9 out of 10
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I used this at a conference to network with other attendees.
  • Networking/connecting with conference participants.
  • Keeping track of event schedules.
  • Providing technical assistance.
  • Could be more user friendly up front for new users.
Large conferences.
October 08, 2021

Whova for Conferences

Score 10 out of 10
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I use Whoova personally to attend big events that are now done virtually. It's really convenient and takes away the limitations in the number of participants allowed in online video conference platforms. Whova helps bridge the gap caused by the pandemic in terms of huge events like conferences. It also allows me to attends events that I wont normally get to attend since they are overseas.
  • Connect with other participants of the event
  • Allow huge number of people access to an online event at one time.
  • It would be great if the photos section would have a similar or optional set-up that looks like typical social media posts.
Whova is perfect for virtual events that require large attendance.
March 05, 2021

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Score 9 out of 10
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I attended a virtual event organized by a third party. As a program coordinator, I invited several of my program graduates to attend, too. I found Whova to be a wonderful addition to the structure of the virtual event. Whova made things so easy - everything from networking with other attendees to being able to instantly identify the agenda and workshops, at any given time. The download was simple. Navigating was easy to understand. With a little assistance, even my graduates were navigating through the program with ease. I commended my hosts for choosing Whova for the event, and suggested we make it a permanent addition to future events...even when we no longer are restricted to virtual gatherings.
  • simple download
  • easy navigation
  • attendees' listing
  • improving application for phone users
  • make app that can be downloaded to computer and entirely worked for computer
  • removing COMMUNITY notifications if not following
Well suited scenario: Helping my graduates who aren't very "platform knowledgeable" to effectively download and navigate the app with only verbal directions....and not having to be there in person to do a "hand-over-hand" approach.

less appropriate scenario: getting frequent notifications for conversations that I wasn't following or a part of. It would have been nice to delete those discussions so I wouldn't have to scroll through.
November 23, 2020

Virtual Success

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
My company is comprised of myself and one other employee, my wife, and we recently used Whova to promote our products, both new and established, and to meet virtually with clients and friends as our usual show/meeting was cancelled due to COVID which addressed the current problem of not being able to gather in person.
  • The app keeps everyone up-to-date with real-time notifications of how participants are viewing presentations, promotions and notices
  • It enables exhibitors to view participants, including competitors, before going live in order to ensure equal opportunity and better understanding of how best to operate
  • The meeting forums, such as integrated Zoom, were robust enough technology for those with cutting-edge gear as well as those less tech-savvy who might have older components as they worked for all types of hardware.
  • The app seemed to capture the "Community" feeling one gets when attending a live show with personal messages, public and private message groups, introductory procedures and an all-inclusive design suitable for any user
  • I would have liked to be able to upload documents such as pdf's and Word files from my mobile device or desktop easier.
  • When uploading photos the default was to my photo gallery on my mobile rather than being able to search deeper into Google Drive or other saved files.
  • Documents and pictures were public, which is good for more social interaction, but I would have liked to have been able to upload unlimited pics and docs on my personal booth as well instead of 5 pics and 2 docs.
Our industry, orchestral stringed instrument making, presents a particular challenge as one needs a live room with decent acoustics in order to properly evaluate the sound qualities of a given piece. Craftsmanship, appearance and other details are almost impossible to evaluate virtually. Granted this is not something that any virtual format could greatly improve upon so it is no "fault" of Whova in particular just a reality given our circumstances.
It is well-suited for commerce as one can present their merchandise, promotional opportunities and discuss ways to help clients best serve their local customers.
I only had a single issue regarding a photograph that was handled immediately and a colleague somehow ended up with two profiles which was also handled right away. Those two instances are all I have to go by. Other than that it was smooth but I did have ample information regarding who to contact if I experienced an issue
Stephanie Tyll, CPSM | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Online-only conferences and trade shows (in the time of COVID) are hard. The Whova platform did a great job of keeping attendees engaged and promoting exhibitors/sponsors - we got more engagement in our booth than we had in our last three trade shows on other platforms! Would recommend for any conference!
  • Attendee engagement
  • Exhibitor support
  • Sponsor promotion
  • Ability to reorder booth attendees
[Whova is well suited] for any conference or online trade show!
Cassandra Bides | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Whova is used to organized our first online festival. This is a company wide event. It's a great experience since Whova did a great job in providing a lot of options to be more engaging in the said event.
  • Whova has a unique way to organize events. They created a forum where we can share our ideas in the events.
  • They also have a lot of fun ice breakers that really up a notch in all participants.
  • The mobile application is super fast and user friendly.
  • Live Agenda has some latency.
  • It took longer for the video to be watched.
  • There may be a lot of steps at first to register.
Overall Whova is great. Chat feature is fast, some games required the chat part.
Support is great too. Updating me in my email that our event is coming up and give me a brief of what I can do in the mobile app.
Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
I have used Whova as the platform being used by the Challenges of Peace Operations, a partnership of countries focused on enhancing the effectiveness of peace operations. This is sponsored by Sweden's Folke Bernadotte Academy, and it has the Whova account. It has been an excellent platform. As a user, I find it easy, entertaining, and in light of the need to have virtual meetups, the best platform for these events. It truly enhances the capability to "meet" and is the next best thing to meeting in person. I also like that it allows for Zoom plug-ins - which I find an excellent way to promote its use. Though nothing will replace meeting people in person, this is a great tool for interim meetings. Well done! Kudos to your developers.
  • Features that encourage collaboration (community features).
  • Messaging feature
  • Agenda
  • Leaderboard
  • None
In the ways I have used it (conference, collaboration), there are no downsides. I suppose that if I was using it to teach, it might not work as well for asynchronous activities.
November 02, 2020

I love Whova

Score 9 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
As a user, I belong to an organization called Girls Inc. of York Region who is an affiliate of Girls Inc. National based in New York City with over 200 affiliates in Canada and the USA. Every year, there is a national in-person conference where staff from the affiliates gather for a two-day conference in a USA city with this year being Alabama. Given the COVID-19 pandemic Girls Inc. National decided to hold the conference virtually using Whova. I found it be an excellent platform with much greater flexibility than ZOOM, i.e allowing for break out sessions, the ability to search out and network with staff from other affiliates.
  • The ability to network with other participants.
  • Able to have break out sessions for learning sessions.
  • Greater flexibility than Zoom.
  • More features.
  • The only issue I had was that at times there was cut out in sound but I would log out and log back in and it was fine.
Fabulous for conferences versus a short meeting.
Not applicable.
February 18, 2021

Satisfied End User

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I participated in a national conference hosted by Oklahoma State University in which they used Whova to "manage" the conference. I was a presenter--using a prerecorded presentation followed by live interaction and discussion.<br>As an end-user, I found Whova to be easy to use/manage and full-featured. Using it was intuitive and painless!
  • Integrative of other social media/online platforms
  • Intuitive to use as an "end-user"
  • Full-featured
  • No suggestions
I recorded audio over a PPT, sent it to Oklahoma State University, and they "played it" at the appropriate time in the conference. Then, we had a live but distance discussion/question and answer session. I also participated in the day-long, national conference with other speakers, presentations, Q&A sessions, etc. Whova and the IT whiz kid at Ok State did wonderful jobs of keeping us going ...
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I used Whova as a participant in the ARSL (Association of Rural and Small Libraries) Conference which was hosted virtually September 28 - October 2, 2020. This platform allowed for all participants to engage with participants, vendors and presenters in a very user-friendly manner.
  • Ease of app navigation
  • High-quality streaming
  • Real-time updates and communication with participants/vendors/presenters
  • I had no issues all week. Some participants had trouble 'getting into' the sessions but that never happened to me, personally. They were able to leave and try again to be admitted.
This app worked very well for the conference setting. It might not work well for meetings where participants have to frequently engage in conversation.
I did not have any issues with Whova during the conference.
September 15, 2020

My Whova Review

Michael Clouse | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have been using Whova for upcoming online events/webinars. It is designed to deliver a unified mobile app and web app experience for attendees in person or remote. In our new virtual meeting environment, Whova is headed in the right direction with great features.
  • A singular schedule/agenda used online, in app, and on your own site
  • Simple to use
  • Agenda design options are limited. There are more things you can't do than you can do to the agenda.
  • Buggy -- does not work on iPads in vertical orientation.
  • Customer support is limited.
  • Don't expect to cancel an event and get your money back. I had clients decline the application after 1 week (months before the event)-- and Whova refused to issue a refund.
  • Whova branding is overpowering. Everything has Whova branding all over it. Your brand barely exists. Not one email has your brand on it and customers/moderators/speakers do not realize who Whova is or why they got the email. These emails need the ability to be modified.
  • Customer messaging goes out without warning and most messages cannot be modified.
  • Sponsor/Exhibitors is a half-baked implementation of a beautiful idea. Unfortunately, Exhibitors cannot see what their page looks like when done, so you have to send them a screenshot, thus obliterating the promised efficiency that you hoped to gain. You have to set up all sponsors manually. This needs to be a simple checkbox in the exhibitor area.
It's an OK app, but it's like a version .08 beta release. If you have a need for an app that works for hybrid events -- and are not concerned about the limitations -- this is a great app.
Hours are limited. It seems if my event was on the weekend, I would not able to get support. Seems like a glaring issue not to be able to get support in an industry that has a large percentage of its usage on weekends. In my limited exposure to the support staff, they didn't seem to care about my issues (reporting bugs, lack of functionality, lack of customization). I may have missed the opportunity to upgrade to enhanced support, but I currently do not think it exists.
Katy Rush | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Using the Whova platform allowed me to still attend a symposium amid COVID and engage with colleagues across the country to exchange ideas and best practices. It provided networking, social engagement, and funtivities just like a real conference would (in addition to sessions and breakouts).
  • I love its community board where people can generate topics and questions for event participants to share and connect.
  • The photo section of Whova was really fun and it brought out people's personalities and broke the ice.
  • It's agenda and session registration dashboard is easy to use and provides an easy to read agenda at a snapshot.
  • It's very interactive and surprisingly fun to use when wanting to share and connect with others.
I would definitely recommend Whova for any sort of conference, symposium or forum for organizations in or outside of higher ed (for professionals or students), as well as for use by professional associations and community organizations. I would even recommend it for larger institutions who have similar units or academic groups at multiple locations/campuses. The platform could serve as an interactive way for similar units or departments with shared missions to communicate, collaborate, and learn. It's great!
It was easy to use and the platform's administrators were engaged and available if anyone had questions.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is not used by my company but I used it to have access to the GLF Bonn Conference 2020.
  • Access to live sessions in conferences.
  • Avenue for networking groups.
  • Access to event materials, documents, videos.
  • It took me awhile before I could register. Your registration code or ID is not immediately provided.
I think Whova opened to me a wide array of possibilities for organizations and people to hold conferences and events in the time of COVID, as compared to other available platforms. Its functions range from info on event schedules, redirecting you to sessions of your choice, community discussions on specialized topics and agenda, sharing of resources, among others. It somehow is the "best online events organizer."
As previously mentioned.
June 03, 2020

Whova Review

Julia Clark | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I did not use Whova for my company but attended a medical conference for Fragile X. It was amazing. I did not expect much when the conference was moved to an online format. I was pleasantly surprised. The speakers were easily able to communicate with each other and as an attendee I was easily able to hear what was discussed. So much different from my one experience with Zoom. I loved the resources available such as pictures other attendees were able to post. This was a huge success for the Fragile X Foundation!
  • The home page with the list of resources.
  • Everything was easily accessible.
  • It was easy to communicate with other attendees.
  • Not sure what I would change.
This was very well suited for a large group. Our conference had over 3,400 attendees!
It was a great experience. A last minute change for our organization that has a conference every other year. I was disappointed that the conference was not going to happen this year. Then didn't expect much when it was changed to an online conference. What a surprise. It was great! So much more than I expected.
June 03, 2020

Great event app!

Joanna Loughran | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I found the application extremely helpful in navigating a virtual event I attended. I was able to chat with participants, share information and gain great value and maximize my time. I look forward to using it again!
  • Provide scheduling outlines.
  • Access to new connections.
  • Easy to access meetings and topics.
  • An option to download a full list of attendees and their information as opposed to requesting it one by one.
If this were used for every event being hosted it would provide unlimited potential to event participants not free to attend in person as well as event organizers looking to increase participation... I loved it so much I would like to help promote it!
Didn't really need support because it's very easy to use. Great notifications and reminders to improve participation.
May 27, 2020

I'm a Whova fan

Chris Piekarski, CLSSMBB | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I attended the Medtech Virtual Showcase event by the UCSD Institute of Global Entrepreneurs. The Whova app helped me understand who was attending, allowed me to share my professional credentials, enabled me to attend a general ZOOM session for all attendees, and then break out into rooms where I could chat with founders and other interested parties about their entrepreneurial technologies. It was really cool and a terrific way to network in our new world. I really liked it! I also run a non-profit that gets rare cancer patients to care, and am seriously considering using the app to manage a patient conference.
  • Could easily see attendees and credentials.
  • Could easily understand how to join the breakouts.
  • Enjoyed the group presentation to begin.
  • Perhaps integrate with LinkedIn? I was running 3 screens, and it worked great: main web portal, breakout room, and LinkedIn where I sent invites and notes in real time.
  • The login emails, the difference between the app, and getting the web portal open was tricky and delayed my entry into the meeting. I had to search too many emails to find the right passwords, etc. Figure out how to make this a push of a button once I register for the event in advance.
Well suited for San Diego startup networking events.
I didn't try to access support.
Khyati Desai-Seltzer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As a business owner, I used it to showcase my services at a virtual event. It solves the problem of direct to consumer communication.
  • Customer communication
  • Responsive to client questions and concerns
  • Lots of functionality
  • You may get messages in multiple areas and not know or get alerts
It is great for big events with multiple tracks and workshops. It would be overkill for a small event.
Lots of features and functionality; easy to use
Tracy Tanner, M.B.A. | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I used Whova for the first time at 2020 CEEC. For just releasing the version for virtual conferences, the app did a fantastic job of staying on track. Thank you to the team in making this happen. There were a few glitchy features but overall fantastic for the first time around. It would be interesting to have a feature allowing the attendee to connect in LinkedIn.

Overall, great job!
  • Track the agenda.
  • Allows for speaker coordination.
  • Introductions to attendees via messaging.
  • One of the issues I experienced was that while in the middle of typing into the chat feature I would be kicked out if somebody talked.
  • Would like to see a feature that connects you and the attendee to LinkedIn or other social media platforms.
The 2020 CEEC event was well attended at over 1100. Whova was great for this large, worldwide conference.
Haven't utilized.
Hannelore Richter | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
To help scheduling, conferences, workshops, mentoring meetings, helping - facilitating and promoting communication on on a big variety of subjects. It addresses very different interests, helps organizing your time, during the event and creating network for the whole year. Actually it is not a business, but it addresses issues that help to increase knowledge, organization and improve your personal and community work. It is used across the whole organization.
  • Excellent assistance and feedback for user issues.
  • Easy to use, the menu is neatly arranged.
  • Facilitates communication.
  • In the agenda application to stay in the date where you left it.
The menu is very good.
Because I was totally satisfied with this facility for this event, everything was easy to find.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Whova was used as an online environment for a learning conference. It addressed a social distancing problem during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Immediate dissemination of materials.
  • Opportunities for feedback in time or afterward.
  • N/A
Whova was well suited for the e-learning environment. It would be less appropriate for movement type activities in a conference setting.
The other participants seemed to be able to easily navigate the software with minimal instruction. There were few if any problems during the duration of the conference.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I used Whova as participant in the 2020 California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference Online. The use of Whova enhanced my conference attendance experience exponentially.
  • Excellent organization of conference sessions through the Agenda functions.
  • Live-streaming capabilities produced a near-flawless online attendance experience.
  • The community and communication support made it possible to connect with other attendees.
  • Community engagement was hard to organize - nearly 6,000 opportunities at this conference with no organization beyond "All Topics," "Followed," and "New Topics" made the feature essentially unusable.
  • Creating a profile could be more robust. I had some but not enough control over what was in the profile and the links Whova created for me.
Whova worked great for the 2020 California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference, which had attendees from all over he world. It fits large scale conferences well.
It is difficult to know how other attendees used Whova in this instance as we were all virtual. My experience is that it enhanced the conference and made attending easier.

Whova Scorecard Summary

What is Whova?

Whova is an event management solution that aims to make events modern and trendy, attract and engage attendees, and help event organizers save time when managing event logistics. Whova’s platform consists of an event app, online registration, event marketing, and event management tools for in-person, virtual or hybrid events.

Whova's customers include American Express, US Bank, HSBC, PwC, Oracle, Hilton, Lego, IKEA, L'Oreal, Honda, American Heart Association, Harvard University, Rockefeller Foundation, and others in over 100 countries.

Whova helps different kinds of events such as conferences, trade shows, expos, summits, conventions, business meetings, corporate events, association events, and community gatherings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Whova?

Whova, headquartered in San Diego, provides what they describe as Intelligent Event Technology Solutions by creating authentic audience participation and engagement and simplifying the entire event process from planning to registration, networking, and follow-up. Whova's mobile engagement apps support both on-location events and virtual events.

What is Whova's best feature?

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.1.

Who uses Whova?

The most common users of Whova are from Small Businesses and the Education Management industry.