Reverse Integration of Verizon's Business Solutions into Terremark's BigMachine leads to the 2011 Big Innovations Award
Updated February 04, 2015

Reverse Integration of Verizon's Business Solutions into Terremark's BigMachine leads to the 2011 Big Innovations Award

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle CX Sales (formerly Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud)

Verizon uses it as our Enterprise Solutions (Cloud, Colocation, Managed Solutions, etc) quote to order sales tool.
  • BigMachines allows Verizon Sales Engineers to configure very complicated solutions across multiple product families (Cloud, Colocation, Network, Managed Services, Data Backup and Restore) while ensuring our companies with 60+ data centers can provision the services using our own provisioning processes and applications.
  • BigMachines allows us to have multiple lines of business within the same application such as Partners, Public Sector, Commercial and internal business quoting.
  • The BigMachine SaaS engine is pliable enough for us to reverse integrate Verizon legacy products and services into Terremark's portfolio, while adhering to the large company nuances that had to be added for a successful implementation.
  • BMI has a segregated process and permssions for quoting the Public Sector services and Partner programs using different rates and discounting schemes.
  • A migration of parts and data tables to multiple environments (Dev, Test, Prod) along with the ability to track changes at a granular level.
  • BigMachines works best in Firefox but not as stellar in Microsoft Explorer. Our company compliant browser is MS IE and not all users can install Firefox.
  • A New User Access process that will forward approval to a group of users. Managing a user list of 300+ is nearly impossible. BMI lists users by first name or last name, in a long, arduous listing like the old DOS days. NO ATTEMPT to update the user management portion has been addressed. Just missed promises.
  • More advanced and granular discount and customer engineering approval processes and stages.
  • Discouting works great and we segregate on 5 different layers.
  • NOT Improved automated report generation interface and tools. It has rudimentary reporting capabilities that cannot be used during working hours or site speed/use is hampered. No changes to the reporting tool have ever been delivered since our initial use 5 years ago.
  • Ever since Oracle purchased BigMachines they no longer keep in contact with us. Our issues are tickets that repeat (printing queue issues) and we have limited, very very very limited interaction with humans as we use to.
  • BigIdeas!? No more BigIdea conferences to interact with the BMI development team, managers and service groups that service our Verizon account. Oracle dropped this off the map and inserted it into some other "Oracle" event that no longer has any meaning. Upset as a long time 5+ year customer on this issue.
  • Verizon's legacy services were integrated into Terremark's portfolio less than a year after Verizon's acquisition of Terremark. Having one quote to order system reduced the need for manual swivel chair processes that would lead to longer provisioning.
  • BigMachines was able to handle an influx of 300+ users after the Sales Engineers merged into one quoting system.
  • Salesforce was Verizon's and Terremark's CRM, having BigMachines already integrated allow the migration decision to be logical and affordable so our 2000+ Salesforce user base can quickly track their pipeline for a global public company.
  • Due to our user base our license needs have bloated, making contracting a long term, large scale license a bit harder then the older Terremark initial contract days when 50 users left us with room to add.
  • Adding a new service or product line can be done in as soon as two weeks as we have a proven Dev-Test-Production process in BMI where our only long pole in the project is waiting for legal to give us their information to add to the new service.
  • Changes occur on a weekly cycle compared to the older one month cadence legacy Verizon users were use to.
Have all of your processes, needs and provisioning aspects in place prior to developing your configuration and data tables. If your products, services or processes are complicated have a BigMachines engineer live with your group for a short while so they fully understand your business needs. We had many weekly, closed sessions to ensure all business group needs were met.

We (Verizon) still use BigMachines to process large business orders of our Verizon Enterprise Solutions but ever since Oracle has purchased the product/company we have lost our 1:1 busness relationship with trying to fix/update the tool to support a Fortune 50 company. We continuously have service interuptions (reboots) needed for the Printable solutions when too many, lage quotes go to contract. We receive quarterly fixes that break items in use and Oracle does not seem to give us the "care" we received when it was just BigMachines. Also there is no longer a Big Ideas summit to meet with the support team to vet our issues/needs.

Using Oracle CX Sales (formerly Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud)

Verizon Terremark uses BigMachines to quote and order globally our multiple lines of business: Cloud, Colocation, Managed Services, Data Backup and Restore for commercial and public sector customers.
5 - We have one director overseeing the financial and legal aspects of BigMachines who plans the support roadmap for the entire functionality. Two in house experienced programmers who integrate and control the BMI coding aspect needed for changes to support business processes. One other person controls the product catalog who interfaces with the Verizon Product Managers to add/edit and control their product, services and parts using an internal business process.
  • Quoting multiple lines of business on one quote to offer the customer a global solution in one bill.
  • Quoting products in multiple countries, attaching specific SLA's per region and performing a currency conversion.
  • Sales Engineers can hand off quotes or saved favorites to other Engineers to enhance or shorten an RFP.
  • Terremark can quickly expand or add new services and have them implemented in BigMachines before legal is finished with their needs.
  • Automatically sending order data to our provisioning systems allowed us to stream line the back end architecture reducing costs and time.
  • Integrating public sector into BigMachines in a secured user role method allows the segregation of business units while maintaining one report, product catalog and quoting system.
  • Allow outside vendors and partners to quote our products using a segregated BMI user group.
  • Localization of our product catalog and BMI interface for our APAC and EU sales divisions.
We just renewed for 2 more years last month.

Evaluating Oracle CX Sales (formerly Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud) and Competitors

Yes - 
  • Home grown application that required too many resources.
  • SalesForce was limited on quote to order applications that could handle complex business needs.
  • Company system that was created for limited product family, not capable of adding new products or services.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Third-party Reviews
BigMachines allowed Sales to carry over all the important CRM information collected into an order with 100% accuracy. That limited mistakes due to poor data entry to eliminate customer issues during the provisioning state. BMI also gave SalesForce the ability to track and maintain a pipeline forecast which was created manually before the two systems merged into our quote to order process. Furthermore, the strength that Verizon brought with their SalesForce user and admin base easily allowed a large Sales and Engineering group to use the same quote to order system we developed in BigMachines.
We would put all three vendors in a room with a time limit to create a demo from our requirements. At the time BigMachines was the only real application that could support our needs using the SaaS platform.