My BigMachines CPQ Review
Updated December 18, 2014

My BigMachines CPQ Review

Eugine G Amalraj | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle CX Sales (formerly Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud)

BigMachines CPQ is the only quoting tool used in Polycom, it exists in 2 flavors, one is integrated with Salesforce which is used by internal users and the other flavor is standalone used exclusively by [our] partners (direct & indirect). The quoting tool is currently used by field sales, field service (renewals) reps, product managers, and system engineers etc.

Current Business problems:
1) Multipricebook Quotes with Salesforce opportunity, limitations in BigMachines restricts only one price book per quote we BigMachines Pricebook (very few Customers Mulitpricebook functionality), we overcome by building a custom solution in salesforce which is really time-consuming exercises for sales especially when they build quotes for Global Partners & Customers.
2) Exporting SKUs from an Excel attachment - for renewals, Service sales gets 200+ SKU in Excel. Currently, BigMachines doesn't have a standard functionality to load SKUs from an Excel sheet and create a quote.
3) WebServices Calls from external systems, BigMachines does not encourage web services calls from external systems, hence we need to bring in all operational data from other systems, stored in data tables, which is not a good practise.
4) Integration with Oracle Applications (ERP) - As Oracle acquired BigMachines, we are looking for standard ERP integration for application modules (OM, INV, TCA, etc.).
  • Fast, easy access, good user interface, not much training needed for end users.
  • SFDC Integration makes it easy for our sales people to complete the final Customer Quote & Proposal in one shot rather using different systems.
  • Ability to support complex configuration rules for various product lines.
  • Good admin features, easy customization that can be used for simple solutions as well as very advanced ones.
  • Good customer support, CSA meetings, taking feedback from customers and trying to implement in future releases.
  • Multicurrency and Multipricebook Quotes with SDFC
  • Cannot join Data tables in a single BMQL, need to write complex loops to join 3 to 4 data tables.
  • Ajax enabled options in Recommendation Rules, Recommendation Item Rules like what we have in Constraint rules (don't want full page refresh for all firing rules).
  • Configuration flow (layout) can be better, although it's drag and drop from Version 12, we'd like to have better page layouts and better error messages for users (like dialog boxes).
  • Dynamic Menu population for Single Select Menu & Multi Select Menu Attributes - the list of values can be dynamic by querying from a data table, right now it's all hard coded. For all new menu additions, we need to add them manually and deploy the whole configuration.
  • Extremely flexible and configurable platform for sales configuration, it's fast & reliable every thing at one place (Lead to quote process) for sales, reduces time
  • Easy integration to
  • Improved features for BMI admins (Drag & Drop Config flows, Migration from Test to Prod, etc.)
  • Better Customer Proposal Options (Word, Excel, PDF)
BigMachines is very customizable to support complex product configurations and [has the] ability to support price books, as we use different marketplace prices for the same product (SKU) seamless Salesforce integration, which is very good and it's easy to export and import data from BMI to SDFC.

I guess we are one of the early BigMachines users (implemented 7 years ago) [there weren't] many quoting solutions at that time.
1) Dynamic Product line - Are your products changing every other month, how easy is it to bring in the dynamic changes of new products, maintaining configuration rules
2) Item master - data integration with source systems, price change tracking, questions on data governance needs to be asked in particular
3) Customer Pricing - Understand your complex pricing rules to suit with BigMachines functionality
4) Integration with other systems (not SDFC), how to build the custom integration solutions

Understand all your business requirements and make sure whether standard BMI functionality supports them, you might end you making tons of customizations

Using Oracle CX Sales (formerly Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud)

1000 - Product Sales, Service Sales, Renewals, Sales System Engineers, Product managers
3 - BigMachines experts (Yellow & Blue Belt) implemented and built most of the configurations and enhancements.
  • Customer Pricing quotes with approvals
  • Channel Pricing direct Quotes
  • Review Quote to Order
  • Global fulfillment quotes
So far it is all good with BigMachines, looking for new features since Oracle acquisition has created a lot of expectations. We have outlined our limitations (out of box functionality) in our periodic customer successor advice meetings for a while, hope we get a resolution soon. Also, the BigMachines user license fee has increased a lot in the last three years.

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