A highlevel insight on the Google Cloud Storage.
March 24, 2017

A highlevel insight on the Google Cloud Storage.

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Overall Satisfaction with Google Cloud Storage

I have used google cloud storage to (along with a few other teammates) to store research data. A cloud platform is more of an obvious choice when the data is huge and needs to be accessed by multiple people and hence we decided to use the google cloud storage. Like any cloud storage service, the reason for usage is to store data in a secure, convenient location which can be accessed by all the required personal. To make it more convenient for users, Google allows you to use an existing Google account.
  • Simple! unlike Amazon Web Services which tends to confuse users a lot, the google cloud can be used without spending a lot of time on learning how to use it. The user experience and user interface are some of the most important aspects to attract customers and by making its services easy to use Google seems to be doing pretty well in that area.
  • Trial period. Just want to try out before you make a final decision? Go for it. Google Cloud provides a free trial period without any strings attached.
  • Various options for different types of storage requirements. Pay as you grow your storage space. You can also pay less for storage that is accessed very rarely and so on.
  • Google Cloud Storage provides a sweet edge for developers, providing them with a cloud SDK, tools for Eclipse and other most used SDKs.
  • As we are strongly porting from conventional computer systems to tablet devices and smart phones, I think Google has to try and find ways for providing good access to users of these more modern devices.
  • Even though Google Cloud Storage is easy to use on many levels as we go deeper and deeper into development over the cloud, documentation is an essential factor. Google Cloud has a good amount of documentation but I would love to see a more detailed and expanded library for the documentation which can be used by pro developers.
  • Reduction in support pricing would be a sweet deal for many. It is agreeable that Google provides top-notch services and hence the high pricing, especially for the 15 minute response time but not every business can afford that.
  • As my usage was mostly for an educational purpose, I cannot really comment on the ROI. But, google cloud storage has definitely served my purpose for choosing it as a place to store data collectively for the team.
  • One of non-financial ROI that I can think of is that I now have a much better understanding on how cloud systems work due the time I spent on using google cloud storage.
  • A lot of the world's best companies are using google cloud storage to deploy their applications so I do believe that there is quite a good positive impact on their ROI.
Compared to the Amazon version of cloud services, Google's UI/UX is much easier to get used to. Even though Amazon's services are really good and more wide in range compared to that of Google's. I would prefer Google over Amazon due to the responsiveness of the customer support from Google and their ease of use. I also feel that the payment policy of Google is less mistake prone compared to Amazon.
I think that it can be well suited for storing huge amounts of data, or deploying applications over the cloud, especially the type of applications that require a lot of memory or the types of applications that have a fluctuating amount of memory usage. Few of the most common examples of popular applications that are deployed over the Google Cloud are Spotify and Snapchat. It is also very well suited for just storing information of any format as it does not cost much for a cold storage.

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