Positive review of Advanced PDF
Updated July 21, 2023

Positive review of Advanced PDF

Rick Phillips | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Power PDF Advanced

Overall Satisfaction with Kofax Power PDF

I use it to store, process, and send documents. I use it in most dmm sensitive documents and legal documents so if I have to send legal contract I always scan it then store it in pdf for retrieval. I also work on modifying pdfs for instance when I have to store a document.
  • Modify pdfs.
  • Store pdf.
  • Send pdfs.
  • Read pdfs others send me.
  • The help function is limited.
  • Its transfer to Word is wonky.
  • The menu [isn't] intuitive.
  • Title savings for certain.
  • Less storage needed.
  • Connectivity with other users, everyone can read PDFs.
It is terribly complicated and not intuitive. I like the functions but I often hunt for what I need. I do like how I can arrange a document page, and adding pages to documents. For me I see the benefit out weighing the complexity however I think it could be much better if someone would work on making it more intuitive.
I have not used other Kofax software. However Kofax Power PDF is far more useful than the Xerox PDF. I suggest the menu system and help functions be improved, the jewels system is virtually non existent. Again it is much too complicated. I suggest improvements in making help more intuitive.
When call I seem to be bothering those I talk too. They have so little concern for my projects it is not funny, I would basically never call. One time I tried to work out the scan function. Yeah, no luck. So screw it. I so dislike the tech support, it is awful; however, I still use it.

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Not sure

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RoboForm, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)
I like that I can assemble documents. I take a large document as a PDF and I can insert or delete pages. I can see the assembly happen in real time. I hate inserting pages in Word. It is so confusing to insert a chart or graph but with advanced PDF it is simple.
I like it for saving final documents. I know if my resume is in Kofax it was the most current. For me it is a great way to know this is the one to use. Also I love it for transmitting contracts or anything I sign. I know it is in Kofax it is official and I can send it without issue.

Using Kofax Power PDF

1 - Just me, I am owner and chief cook and bottle washer.
  • It is useable
  • I am pretarined
  • It interfaces with office 365
  • I have lots of PDF's
  • Ii do not know about innovative but I maintain a library of over 1000 PDF's for my references in EndNote.
  • Ithink I could store all word documents and spreadsheets as PDF files
It is an essential software at my place

Evaluating Kofax Power PDF and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Prior Experience with the Product
I would not. I have been with Nuance products forever, I just kept using it

Kofax Power PDF Implementation

Configuring Kofax Power PDF

No not at all, it has an infinite number of configurations and possibilities.
Honestly I use it straight out of the package. But one thing I wish I had done is change my work directory for saving to a common one on the same work directory as where I do most of my work. It would have been more convenient
Some - we have done small customizations to the interface - Again I changed my work director to the same drive as where I normally work. It was a simple to step process. Find the directory and then set it.
No - we have not done any custom code
No, it is so versatile that I cannot imagine the number of configurations one might have.

Kofax Power PDF Support

Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Support cares about my success
Not kept informed
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
No, I am a one man shop
Yes when I had to decide if I was going to upgrade to 4.2 the agent said look this is a minor upgrade unless you intend to use the upgrade do not purchase it. I really appreciated the information

Using Kofax Power PDF

Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Unnecessarily complex
Difficult to use
Lots to learn
  • editing in PDF, if you can find the menu item
  • all of them,, I do not find the presentation logical or intuitive
  • help sucks
it is so darn complicated to do even simple tasks

Kofax Power PDF Reliability

It is so scalable that it is just seamless. I would call it a natural process, as I use it it expands to offer more things.
There are no availability issues.
It is located on my local drive, never a problem.

Integrating Kofax Power PDF

for PDF integration I rate it great.
  • word
  • excell
I find it able to save and read word and excel files. It could not be easier.
  • endnote
They do and do not. I can load PDF's into endnote but that is as far a it goes I think.
  • File import/export
none that i can think of
I cannot think of other integration possibilities.

Relationship with Kofax

I have not needed to contact Kofax.
I have not needed to contact Kofax and that is the easiest possible outcome.
I bought it straight off the shelf.
nope, I suggest just buying it and going forward

Upgrading Kofax Power PDF

Yes - no down time, maybe a total of 15 minutes
  • none really it is just up to date and I know it is secure