My Kustomer Review
September 29, 2020

My Kustomer Review

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Overall Satisfaction with Kustomer

Our company uses Kustomer to communicate issues by sending tickets to appropriate departments and yes it is being used by most of the departments. Since we work in the restaurant industry, Kustomer is quintessential to our ability to address problems as soon as we can. In other words, Kustomer helps us provide a better service for our partners by being the solution to official means of communication in business settings.
  • Speed--it's a very quick program and does not require any extra RAM or processing power.
  • Balance--between being easy to use and also staying formal with colleagues
  • Communication, because businesses depend on it and Kustomer allows for ease when communicating
  • Color--Kustomer can look very bland with just two themes to choose from.
  • B2B communication--I'm not sure if this is possible to be honest.
  • Sometimes it gets buggy and crashes and that can be a pain.
  • Faster issue resolution is definitely a thing. Previously, we didn't have any system besides a Google spreadsheet.
  • Connecting Amazon Connect to it so that we can call our partners via the internet instead of actual physical phones.
  • Ability to track ticket resolution time in order to evaluate agents on their ability to solve problems in a quick manner
Since we work in the restaurant industry, accountability is of utmost importance. The ability to track and go back to a customers' history and being able to provide proof of an account change in cases when it is questioned whether the customer (or a restaurant partner) has authorized such a change, it builds trust between our company and all of our associates. Also, if an agent makes a mistake, we can look that up and fix it.
We can communicate with our restaurant partners and customers using any communication method available to us, phoning them, sending them an SMS or even an e-mail. We store their information, their previous complaints or compliments, any issues they had, whether they were resolved or not, and like I mentioned before, accountability, the pillar of trust.
Our company structure on Kustomer is set in a way that every agent has certain customer profiles assigned to them, and they rarely change. So, maintaining SLAs is almost never a problem unless an agent is slacking off, which is not a problem within Kustomer, but rather, the agent. Kustomer has almost never been an issue in our company except for when its servers crash. That is possibly the biggest problem with it.
I, as well as my department, rarely use the order side of things, and most of the work we do on Kustomer seems manual, not automated, like sending tickets to other departments or other agents within a department.
Kustomer is quick, easy to use, and makes up for all inconveniences of having to text or e-mail colleagues and business partners from a personal e-mail, or a personal cell-phone for that matter. I have not used any other similar solution, so I would not know any better, but Kustomer is as good as it gets. Kustomer cannot be improved upon much, could be decorated but not improved.

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