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Score 6 out of 10
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Kustomer is used across our Operations Department, which includes our Customer Care Team, our Daily Operations Team, our Truck Operations Team, our Recruiting Team and certain members of our Sales Team. On my team, it is primarily used for our CRM but Customer Care works closely with other teams within Kustomer to connect our bellhop movers and drivers with our customers, and it is also used for inner office communication.
  • Kustomer allows you to add multiple inboxes that can be shared and viewed across a large team. For Customer Care, we can see the "to do" list for our team but we can also easily see what other team members and users are working on in other inboxes. This provides open communication and accountability between and across departments.
  • Kustomer allows you to tag and prioritize different tasks and assign them to certain teams and users. This makes for easy organization and assigning tasks.
  • Kustomer allows us to have information unified within one space. You can see all interactions from and to a customer, as well as all inner office communication about that customer in the same place.
  • For our team, the feature that defaults all notes to begin in "done" status is difficult. Throughout each day we need to have notes open and assigned back and forth to different teams, and we have to remember to manually "open" each note. There is too much room for human error with this setting, and it is easy for important notes to be missed if a user forgets to open the note.
  • Similarly, it can be hard to remember to assign emails/notes to a particular team in addition to a user. We almost exclusively work out of team inboxes, and if someone on Care writes an email to a customer, the email will automatically be "done" when it is created, and it will be assigned to the user who wrote it, but not also to the user's team. There are instances where an email needs to be snoozed for several days/hours with further action needed, and unless the user remembers to assign the email to their team it may "awake" from the snooze and not be visible to anyone except the user who created it. Similarly to my first comment, this leaves a lot of room for human error and is not very intuitive.
  • Personally, I do not love that all tickets/emails/notes are jumbled together in the same inbox. While this gives visibility to everything on the "to do" list at the same time, it can be visually overwhelming. We have created unique folders for certain types of projects or categories of work, but have experienced tech glitches or just the awkwardness of another step to manually read the note, determine what type of category it is, and then manually assign it to another folder. Would love to have things auto-sort and take out this manual lift.
  • I love the idea of the autopilot setting, but we have not been able to use this for our work because it sorts items based on time, and not based on priority. In our line of work, we may have an urgent situation arise that needs attention before an email that was sent in 60 minutes ago. The autopilot feature would push the email to my associates sooner than it would the urgent situation from 5 minutes ago. Due to this, we manually monitor inboxes and assign work to ourselves and others.
In general, Kustomer is a nice way to organize information in the right place and have team-wide visibility and accountability. The downside is that we have found it needs a lot of manual work and memory to use the functions correctly and this not only makes training new users somewhat complicated but leaves room for human error with tools like the user assignments, snoozing and marking items as done.
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Noelis Ciriaco profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Kustomer is being used across the board at my company. The online customer service team mainly uses this platform to handle all customer inquiries, complaints, returns/exchanges, etc. With the new updates, store employees and the online customer service team can now cross-reference and assist customers with their inquiries regarding in-store purchases. The platform is super interactive and allows our job to run smoothly in terms of operations.

Kustomer allows customers to contact us via text, live chat, email and phone, and the platform records all customer interactions so that if there's ever an issue we have all of the proof on the platform. The platform is accessible anywhere as long as you have wifi, and it can also be accessed on mobile. I recommend this platform to all retail companies.
  • If a customer registers an email address with your company, anytime the customer reaches out to customer service using that email address Kustomer creates a profile for the client and records every time the customer reaches out, whether it's by SMS, email, live chat or phone call.
  • In my company, Kustomer is linked with our Shopify page which allows us to see order details from the Kustomer app without having to go to Shopify.
  • The customer information tab is helpful, it allows us to see how much money the customer has spent overall and also lists all the orders the customer has made with the dates purchased.
  • Allow representatives to include images (embed) within an email without having to provide the URL for the image.
  • Include autocorrect in the platform.
Kustomer works well for scenarios when clients don't remember what they've ordered in the past, and you are able to tell them whether the order was made in-store or online. Representatives are able to visualize how many times a customer has reached out regarding the same inquiry since it is all kept under the customer profile.
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Rachel Blankenship profile photo
October 04, 2019

Kustomer and Customers

Score 8 out of 10
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Kustomer is currently used through one department: our Customer Experience department. It is used daily for conversations with our customers. The business problem it would address is customer questions or concerns. We help our customers through Kustomer from pre-sale to shopping questions to returns and exchanges. We also use Kustomer for Datta purposes to see how many times our customers are reaching out to us in regards to particular issues or questions.
  • Cohesiveness: all the information we need is in one spot, from customer information, order information, feedback opportunities and the actual conversation(s) with the customers.
  • Stability: compared to other CRM tools, Kustomer has been the most stable and has crashed less than other tools.
  • Troubleshooting: any issues that we have are typically resolved immediately.
  • Flexibility: were often told from Kustomer reps that certain functionalities are unachievable, though there could be an easy solution.
  • Team Member Specifics: For our different channels of support, we are only able to change the entire team setting. For example, for chats, everyone who is on that team can receive up to 2 chats. For training purposes, it’s typically easier to allow our trainees to take just one at a time, but we do not have control over that.
  • Routing: no matter how many workarounds or troubleshooting we do, we find that the system just does not route contacts efficiently.
Kustomer allows for all the information you need to be in one place, which assists in active research, troubleshooting, and overall problem solving. With this in mind, it’s incredibly easy for our trainees to become confused or overwhelmed with how much is presented at one time. It is also helpful as they won’t have to travel to multiple different tools or sites to find the answer that they need.
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Score 9 out of 10
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Kustomer is being used by our Customer Care Team, Facility Communications Team, and Dispatch Team. It is used across several departments, but not the entire organization. It allows us to efficiently communicate with customers, vendors, and some employees while also tracking and keeping a record of every point of contact. Kustomer also allows seamless integration with other services like Facebook Messenger.
  • User management - Kustomer allows you to define different users in different roles.
  • Record keeping - Kustomer keeps detailed timestamps of communication and actions taken by users.
  • Organization - Kustomer allows your to personalize how you organize your searches and information.
  • Lack of scheduling - It would be nice if Kustomer had an option to schedule text messages or emails to be sent. This would allow users to be more proactive.
  • Over-complication - Some features can be overcomplicated and hard to use for some users, such as custom search.
  • Idle time - Kustomer automatically logs you out after a short period of time.
Kustomer is well suited for communication via email, phone, SMS, or chat between customers and Customer Care Agents. It's also well suited for conversations between employees and vendors/facilities. It keeps everyone accountable by time-stamping every single message and action. Sometimes it is less appropriate for things that require very quick communication and answers. People requiring communication multiple times a day can be tedious due to having to tag and close every conversation.
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Score 8 out of 10
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It's used across a couple different departments in our organization. Primarily used as our CRM but it also helps us collaborate across departments and assists with quickly problem solving. We also use this as a way to interact with our customers and sellers by sending proactive & reactive messaging. All of our communication with customers is done through Kustomer in SMS, email, phone channels.
  • Excellent customer support
  • The platform is very easy to use at the user level
  • excellent collaboration tools
  • From a manager and admin perspective, it can be complicated to use
  • Relies too heavily on workflows which are over complicated and time consuming
Very good if you are looking for an omnichannel platform. It's great for a growing organization because onboarding new people is very easy. Perfect for those who need to collaborate across departments and within the team because customer conversations are organized in a very reader friendly format. It also integrates nicely with other software.
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September 19, 2019

Scrappy supportive CRM

Score 8 out of 10
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Multiple departments use Kustomer at our company. We use it as our CRM solution. It helps us pass customer contacts across departments and respond to them quickly and effectively.
  • Customer timelines and information about the customer
  • Communication
  • Support building out your instance
  • Seems like most features that are released are MVPs (most viable product) and not a full solution
  • You have to pay more and more for different functionality
It's very well suited for people who are supporting a customer base where the relationship with the customer is important.
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Meagan McKinnon profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
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We use Kustomer for our entire Operations department - so 90%+ of the daily tasks multiple departments do are handled in there. We have shared inboxes for our support teams and other incoming tasks like location builds are measured in Kustomer. We also utilize many "collaborator" accounts to give read-only access to the rest of our org, so that they can click in and see exactly the case/details we're referencing in conversations, bug tickets, etc.
  • Workflows - create webhooks, API endpoints, etc and build out triggers, condition steps and actions. With workflows we pull in user activity, automate some casework (like keeping OOO replies out of the shared inbox) and assign teams/datapoints .
  • Releasing new features - since we signed with Kustomer they're iterated on a number of features and frankly, release so many new things that we can't even keep up with the advancements. Really impressive work.
  • The idea of viewing a customer as a whole entity and not just their individual support tickets. In a timeline, you can see purchases made, conversations, NPSS scores, etc. Really bolsters our confidence in judging their value as a consumer when you look at all those datapoints in one place
  • Navigation for Admins / in Settings - the navigation area of the admin panel has gotten a lot of new additions but they're always just a static list. I'd prefer seeing collapsible categories or items organized alphabetically as a short-term solution
  • Seemingly untraceable glitches, which require frequent refreshing. It's very odd, but my team has always noticed a certain amount of blank screens or inaccuracies on pages, whcih causes us to not have as much trust in the product and spend our days refreshing a lot. Each time I've submitted support tickets about this, the issue magically disappears and "can't be recreated"
  • There was definitely a big faux pas recently with them when negotiating a service be added to our suite. The communication from Kustomer was vague & unclear, and rather than letting us feel confident with another solution, they kept biding for our interests until the last possible second - all so that they could pull out in the end and leave us begging to stay on with our current provider with only 15 days' notice
Great omnichannel solution (voice, chat, sms, email). Collaborate across multiple teams and throughout the org. Set custom business rules and get fairly decent reporting (although reporting could honestly be better). If you adopt Kustomer, be prepared to have someone on your team that knows Javascript as many of the best uses for the product require some heavy lifting with JSON/workflows. They integrate with a decent number of other apps for surveying, analytics, etc.
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Score 8 out of 10
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At my company, Kustomer is used to track all communication with our clients. We use it for texting and emailing clients. We also use it to keep all interdepartmental communication in one place. It is used across multiple departments like Marketing to release text campaigns, Finance and Sales.
  • Tracking interdepartmental communication
  • Keeping all client information in one place
  • Allowing templates for customer service purposes
  • Has a tendency to crash or have small bugs that prevent opening tickets
  • It has a 20 ticket limit for visibility
I feel that Kustomer is great for any company looking for one place to manage all customer service inquiries. Because of its communication functionality, it makes tracking all inbound and outbound communication easy. However, I would say it is not great for a large scale company mainly because it still has a few bugs that need to be figured out.
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About Kustomer

Kustomer is an omnichannel customer management platform for enterprises focused on delivering standout experiences - not resolving tickets. Using automation, Kustomer is designed to scale to meet the needs of contact centers and businesses by unifying data from multiple sources and enabling companies to deliver consistent and personalized service, and support through a single timeline view.

Today, Kustomer boasts that they provide the core platform for leading people-first brands like Ring, Rent the Runway, Glossier, Away, Glovo, Slice, Stella & Dot, and UNTUCKit. Headquartered in NYC, Kustomer was founded in 2015 by Brad Birnbaum and Jeremy Suriel, and state they have raised over $113.5M in venture funding, and that they are backed by leading VCs including: Tiger Global Management, Battery Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Cisco Investments, Canaan Partners, Boldstart Ventures, and Social Leverage.

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