SL Review for Direct Sales Companies
June 27, 2014

SL Review for Direct Sales Companies

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Software Version

6.5, 7.0, 7FP1, 2011, 2011FP1

Modules Used

  • Project, Financial, Orders, Inventory,

Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics SL

We use SL to manage our warehouse operations, inventory, purchasing, ordering, and shipping functions.

Additionally, we also use SL in the Accounting Department for GL, AP, AR, and Fixed Assets (this is an add on module).
  • It is very robust in the Project Modules. There are many different ways to use Project functions and many companies like the flexibility of having it be stand alone or integrated with other modules.
  • The web piece, Business Portal, is also a valuable asset to SL. While not having every function that the regular program has, BP allows users who may not need the full install to do day to day functions like time and expense entry, check reports, etc.
  • The Accounting Modules are pretty straight forward. While SL itself is lacking in many of the standard reports, there are add on pieces to make this easier. FRx in versions past, and now BI360. Both are excellent options.
  • A standard Fixed Assets module would be wonderful. While there is a piece out there as a third party, bringing that in house would be a giant step in the right direction.
  • Process Manager can be cumbersome and difficult to use. There are many mysteries as to when it's going to process records, aside from the midnight. Additional options in set up to push types of jobs at specific intervals would be an amazing option to have, as well as perhaps a process flow somewhere of what it's looking for and priority that it's processing requests. Even Microsoft hasn't been able to answer all of this very well when asked for clarification!
  • A more user friendly way to customize SL would be great. Seeing products like AX that have a more advanced customization piece in place makes me very envious. SL seems to be a little behind in keeping up with this.
  • A mobile solution for a direct sales type company. We struggle with wanting consultants to go mobile, but the foundation isn't there for it to be done easily. From what I have seen, SL is behind in moving into the mobile era for retail businesses. It's possible but again requires third parties and getting the data back into SL can be clunky and tedious.
  • We paid a partner an obscene amount of money for an upgrade almost a year ago, and almost every part of it has gone badly. We are STILL finding problems that didn't exist before the upgrade happened. Our partner has been somewhat attentive at certain issues, and not at all with others. It's been very frustrating to shell out more funds for support and still having problems that we were told would be 'fixed.'
SL is lacking in various places for a direct sales type of company plan. Currently, we are looking into other options and have decided on Microsoft Dynamics AX as a solution. The move to AX will allow us to keep ordering in one system instead of two (right now we are forcing SL and another program to speak to each other = Giant mess), and it will also be a better springboard for getting us into a mobile app position with our consultants. Unfortunately, years of SL in this environment has not proven to be a good solution at this time, and we are moving in a different direction.
We are already in the works of moving to Microsoft Dynamics AX. This is purely a company decision, as I have worked with SL for a very long time and I am familiar with many of it's positive functions. Unfortunately, for the company at this time, SL is not meeting our needs and therefore we have decided to move to a different system entirely.
It really depends on the type of business that is using SL. If it's more project heavy for say, construction, it's usually a pretty good fit. In cases such as my company, we are in direct sales. It's not really set up to be as accommodating for the retail type of environment that we need and are looking for.

If the customer is looking for mobile solutions there are better options out there. If they are looking for basic order processing, warehouse functions, and accounting, then SL may be a good fit.

Using Microsoft Dynamics SL

SL itself is relatively easy to use and most of the Help Files documentation is well kept and outstanding in the amount of information that is given. Most end users pick up the functions quickly and are off and running after some limited training. There will always be questions and research to be done, but overall SL is relatively easy to follow for a seasoned user.
Like to use
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Easy: Time and Expense Entry in Project.
  • Easy: Basic Document creation in Financial Modules
  • Easy: Running reports.
  • Knowing which order to do what step in some of these modules can be tricky for someone who is not familiar with how SL works.
  • Setting up Projects to integrate with the Financial Modules and getting all pieces in place for FTT to run properly.